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Top places for the New Year party in your city!

Everyone is busy making big plans to bring in the New Year!  In case you haven’t planned out your party spot, here in a list of the hottest New Year party spots across cities!

Mumbai: The most glamorous way to party is in Mumbai! With many high profile events in the city, Mumbai is unofficially the party capital of India!


Hakkasan is glamour meets elegance! You can party in sophistication while enjoying their amazing menu! Entries begin at Rs 5500.



Celebrate New Year’s Eve with the theme of Casino Royale! Dress code is black tie and evening gown. Unlimited food and beverages all through the night and music by DJ Shiva should definitely make it a night to remember! Entries begin from Rs 4500 to Rs 9000.


Goa: If it’s New Years the place to be is undoubtedly Goa! Goa is the holiday hot spot for party freaks!


If you do happen to be in Goa do stop by Vh1’s Supersonic – their five-day music festival!  The five day pass comes at Rs 5,500. Day passes come for Rs 1,000 for entry on day one, Rs 2,000 on the day two, three and four and Rs 3,000 for the final day.

Super-Sonic Goa


Sunburn’s three day pass will cost you Rs 9,250, while the day passes cost Rs 4,500 for day one and two, and Rs 6,000 for the final day.

Sunburn goa


Pune:  Pune has an amazing nightlife scene, but on 31st it is a whole new game! From amongst the many, many, many spots to break a leg following are the two main must visit.


Celebrate the end of the year 2013 with DJ Aaron and DJ Sid and the hottest tracks at KueBar!  Couple entries begin at Rs 9000 including taxes. Yes, we agree the cost maybe on the higher side, but then its New Year’s Eve!



Raise a toast to the New Year 2014 at Miami as it brings you the hottest party in town with international hits played by DJ Olly Esse. Entries are Rs 9500 onwards.


Delhi: Being the capital of India, Delhi does boast of many good party spots!


This much awarded bar is known for its elegant ambiance and great food. This New Year’s Eve has a Masquerade theme party! Entries are Rs 7500 for stags and Rs 15000 for couples!

shiro delhi


Pangaea an international chain of boasts of suave sex appeal and trendsetting music!  Celebrating New Year’s here could cost you anything between Rs 8000 to Rs 10,000.

pangaea delhi

Bangalore: If you do happen to be in Bangalore on New Year’s Eve, you can celebrate in a variety of ways

Premier Inn

Premier Inn is UK’s biggest hotel chain and takes special care of the number of people attending the party. If you’re on the lookout for a party place that enforces security then drop by Premier Inn. Entries begin from Rs. 2499 to Rs. 6999 depending on whether you’re single or a couple.



Skyye, as the name suggests has an amazing ambience and mind-blowing view! Bringing in the New Year 2014 with a bang, Skyye has DJ Relvero and laser lighting to set the mood! Entry charges range between Rs 4500 to Rs 7000.



So, whichever city you are partying in, we hope you have a good one!

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Top 10 tips for settling down in Bangalore

Bangalore or Bengaluru is one of the most popular cities for people looking to settle down – be it NRIs returning home after a long stint abroad, or young IT professionals’ campus placed!

If you have just landed in the city courtesy a job change or for your professional or personal commitments, here are some amazing tips that will help you settle right in!

Enjoy the weather
Bangalore has the best weather in India. Unlike the metros of Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai, summers in Bangalore are short and pleasant and winters are not too harsh. Rains make this beautiful Garden City even greener! This is one of those few lovely cities that are pleasant all the year round.

Cosmopolitan culture
If you are coming from a smaller town, be ready for a city that is cosmopolitan in nature. The pluses are that you can get by without knowing the local language. Here vegetable vendors and auto-drivers can speak in a language of your choice Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and even sometimes a bit of broken English.


Photo Credit Flickr

Take advantage of the job opportunities

The Silicon Valley of the East houses every major software giant, finance and healthcare majors, and virtually every kind of business. It has also slowly become the startup capital of India. You can keep look for a new job or switch jobs without ever having to relocate to another city! It’s also easy for a couple to find jobs in the same city.

Educational hub
With scores of educational institutions including an IIM, an IIIT an NLSlU opportunities in higher studies and academics also abound. A plethora of international schools will provide the best education for your toddler.

Indulge yourself
Dance, tennis or skating your kids can sign up for all of these classes present in every locality. Explore new cuisines like Japanese, Italian, Mexican or Thai. There is the omnipresent “Sagars” too, with mouthwatering South Indian dishes.

Shop till you drop
Multiplexes, shopping malls, factory outlets, designer boutiques and offbeat stuff – Bangalore has it all! So don’t hold back the shopaholic in you!

Expand your horizons
Whether you are a foodie or a shopaholic, an environment conscious citizen or a Free Mason, you will not find it hard to find likeminded group of people in Bangalore to get together with. There is a group for everything – starting from baking to terrace gardening to recycling to kid’s books! So go out and make some new friends!

Be prepared for the maddening traffic
A city with no mass transport system in place and the Metro still in the construction stages, traffic is surely Bangalore’s biggest problem. The daily commute to and fro from work will be a nightmare, which a rain can make worse!


Photo Credit Flickr

Curb your expenses
Cost of living in Bangalore is on the higher side. Salaries don’t go up as fast as the rent! With groceries and eating out be prepared to for shocking bills!

Be prepared for allergies
Many people complain about Bangalore being a capital for allergies. Sinus, wheezing, and all kinds of allergies flare up between June and February which is a major part of the year. Food and water allergies are not uncommon.
Punctuality or the lack of it!

From electricians to plumbers to carpenters and cabs – none of them will turn up on time. The laidback relaxed pace of the city coupled with traffic woes make sure you never stick to your schedule.

While there are both pros and cons of living in this city the balance clearly tilts in favor of being in Bangalore! If you have been contemplating a move, it’s time to pack your bags and jump on the next bus, train or plane!

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6 easy steps to get your voter id

6 Easy Steps to get your Voter Id

We all have cribbed about the sad state of affairs in our country! But how many of us have taken the pain and effort to actually do something about it? Voting responsibly is an important step in helping with the development of our nation.

If you haven’t voted yet there is no better time to start than now! If you haven’t got yourself registered as a voter, you should think about getting it done soon. With the national elections 2014 around the corner, it would be a good opportunity to exercise your universal adult franchise as a voter.

Confused with where to start? Don’t worry, follow the simple step by step process, to apply for your voter’s card, and become a responsible citizen of India.

For those issuing voter cards for the first time you simply need to fill in the application Form-6. Once your form gets accepted your name is included in the Electoral Roll as a voter. The form is available online, which is the easiest and fastest process.

Step 1: Go to the Election Commission website http://eci-citizenservices.nic.in/

Step 2: New users can click on the New User Registration link can you will be prompted to sign up.  You will also be allotted with a new id and password.

Step 3: The form 6 will then appear, having some mandatory information that needs to be filled like your name, age, ate of birth, sex, address, etc.

Step 4: Upload a coloured passport size picture in the space given in the form.

Step 5: Then upload the scanned copies of required documents in the space mentioned in the form. These include:

  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • Bank pass book
  • Birth certificate
  • School leaving certificate

Step 6: Make sure all the details mentioned on the page have been filled. Then you can click on the submit button. You will be notified immediately if you haven’t filled anyone of the columns provided. Recheck, and fill up any pending items and then try submitting again.

Once you have successfully submitted the form, you will receive an application ID Number.  This number can be saved for further enquires and to track your application status.

Another option one can go for is to download the Form-6 from the website, and complete the form manually, attach the passport size photograph on the space given. Attach the required documents like your residence proof and your age proof and send the form and documents to the “Voters Registration and the EPIC Centre” of the Assembly Constitution in your area.

In case you have already registered but require some correction in your voter ID card, you can fill in the following forms to rectify it.

  • For changes in name – Form 6
  • For any objection on inclusion of name- Form 7
  • For correction of entries in the electoral rolls- Form 8
  • For the transposition of entry in electoral Roll- Form 8A

If you have shifted to a new location you need not be worried about enrolling at the new place of residence and deleting your name from the old place.

  • If your new residence is in the same constituency, fill in the form 8A.
  • If your new residence has been relocated to some other state then you are supposed to fill Form 6 to the ERO of the area of your new residence.

Don’t you take pains to find out the nearest gas dealer and get your connection shifted? Then why be lethargic when it comes to your voter id card? Do accord the same importance to your voter’s id card when moving, as you do to your gas connection and be a part of India’s growth story.

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