Top DIY projects to do around the house on your day off!

Our homes are our safe place, where we would love to spend a day lazing around. But what could you around the house on a day off? So many things! Here are a few DIY projects you could pick and choose from.

Be creative

You could grab seemingly useless things from around the house and do them up to look beautiful! For example instead of throwing don’t throw away that old cabinet door you could turn it into a serving tray. Using paint and a pair of drawer pulls, a cabinet door can make a tray. Paint the entire surface; decorate with stickers and glitter to make into a beautiful tray!

Dress up the walls

You could experiment with your walls and reinvent this personal space. Grab a brush, pull on some overalls and paint away. Using strokes or wires you can create beautiful patterns and add your own personal touch.


Unclog your sinks

Tired of waiting for the plumber? You could try unblocking the sink yourself! Just pour two to three tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda mixed with a portion of vinegar —and then simply pour two to three mugs of hot water.

Make a batch of jams

With supermarkets selling everything ready to eat, it’s easy to be mistaken that jam wasn’t always bought at stores. Homemade jams always taste fresher and better than any readymade stuff and make the perfect thoughtful gift. Just bring out that cookbook and apron and don your chef hat.

Make a beautiful container garden

Using old wine or beer bottles and old containers you can make a beautiful container garden for your balcony.

Make a Patchwork quilt

Grab those left over patches and stitch them together to make beautiful upholstery like a quilt, or a tablecloth or a cushion.


Creative candle holders

Cut wine bottles below the neck to make beautiful candle holders. These come really handy when entertaining.

Make Jewelry

Making jewelry at home isn’t difficult at all. There are a variety of resources on the internet that teach you how to make beautiful earrings, necklaces and anklets. Make a quick visit your local stationary or craft store and purchase some tools and essential supplies like beads, stings and glue. Handmade jewelry makes beautiful presents to give away -That is, if you can bear the pain to part with what you have so painstakingly made.

So did you like our ideas for these beautiful DIY projects at home? Do share your favorite ones.

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Top Tips when relocating or settling down in Pune

Pune is a wonderful city with amazingly pleasant weather. Pune is a city that makes you fall in love with it – it has evolved with all the amenities of a metro, but still retains its old world charm of a small city.

Are you among the scores you relocate to Pune for work or education? If yes, we have some handy tips that will help you settle down quickly and comfortably in Pune.

Rent a house

While many brand new apartments are available throughout Pune, the rental price will vary with the locality you choose to live in and vary anything between Rs. 10,000 to 30,000 depending upon the size of the place. While deposits for flats can range from 60,000 to 1 lakh, many housing societies do not prefer students or bachelors as tenants, so it might be slightly tough finding a house.

The Beautiful Climate

One of the many benefits Pune has is the pleasant weather the year round. Though it gets hot in summers, the evenings are always cool. Winters are mild, and light sweaters do the trick. Rainy seasons are also moderate, with drizzle throughout the year.


Photo Credit Wiki

Transport services

Pune does not have very good public transport system. Though PMC runs a bus service throughout the city, you have to wait quite some time before you get a bus. Metered rickshaws are expensive and the six-seater shared ones only ply on specific routes. Hence it is advisable to have your own vehicle ad it is convenient. Most IT companies ply their own buses and cab services for to provide pick up and drop facilities to employees.


Pune has plentiful of multiplexes and shopping malls which have the biggest brands in the world. Pune is also the cultural capital and a renowned centre for Marathi art, culture and literature. Proximity to Mumbai has also played a role in the growth of Pune. The OSHO Ashram, in Koregoan Park, attracts devotees from around the world to meditate and find spirituality. 5 Star Hotels, world cuisine restaurants, pubs and discs are also present in abundance.

Around Pune

Once you have settled down in, you might like to explore the many places. Sinhagad is “Chhatrapati Shivaji’s” fortress, which is an hour’s drive from Pune. Many popular hill stations like Lonavala, Khandala and Matheran are just 70 Km from Pune, which are ideal for a weekend gateway. Mahabaleshwar also a popular hill station is located 120 km from Pune is also famous for its strawberries.


Photo credit Wiki


Marathi is the local language of the city, but this does not create any communication barrier as you will find people speaking Hindi quite fluently. Shop keepers and auto rickshaws are known to speak English to accommodate their clients.


Finding a school for your wards will not be difficult as there are a number of good schools and colleges. From NDA and AFMC for people who want to enter the armed forces to Symbiosis School and College for all pursuits and professions – are all located in and around Pune.


Even if you are accompanying someone when moving to Pune, it is quite easy to find a job for yourself in Pune. Automobile manufacturing units of Bajaj and Tata, IT companies like Infoysys and Accenture – all have their offices in Pune. IT parks such as the Hinjewadi IT Park, Magarpatta IT Park and Kharadi IT Park – to name a few are scattered all over Pune.

These were our tips to settling down in Pune. We hope you fall in love with the city like we have! Have a wonderful and memorable stay!

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Top 10 Packing materials used by Packers and Movers – A must have list!

As the relocation day comes closer, nerves begin to fray and tempers begin to rise! Don’t let this happen to you, just walk into a supermarket and purchase the following essential packing materials recommended by most packers and movers!

  1. Markers
  2. Box Cutters
  3. Paper Wrapping
  4. Bubble Wrap
  5. Carton Boxes
  6. Packaging Tapes
  7. Masking Tapes
  8. Colored Stickers
  9. Foam & Thermocol
  10. Inflatable Bags


When packing and moving markers – a whole bunch of them, to write not only on packing boxes but also on different surfaces like glass, metal and plastics. You might want to stock up on them, because you will keep running out of them!

Box Cutters

Like markers, box cutters are also extremely handy! They come in different blade sizes which are good tools to cut edges of the packing boxes and untie packages quickly.


Photo Credit Wiki

Paper Wrapping

An essential packing material, paper wrapping is quite handy when packing and moving.  Finish off the first layer of wrapping with newspapers to ensure that there is no room for scratches and dirt to enter during moving!

Bubble Wraps

Bubble wraps are the most popular packing materials. Fragile products and electronic goods are best packed with bubble wraps. They are good in protecting goods from damages due to jerks during transit.

Carton Boxes

Carton packing boxes are perhaps the most essential packing material on this list. Boxes of all sizes of packing boxes are always in need!  Remember to pack your heavy stuff in small boxes and your lighter ones in the big boxes to make it easier to move.


Packing Tapes

Packing supplies always include packing tapes as they are essential to seal the packing boxes after they have been packed.

Masking Tapes

Masking tapes are different from the normal cello tapes used. These tapes can be used to seal packing boxes as well as label them.

Foam and Thermocol

Almost as essential as packing boxes, foam and thermocol supplies are good gap fillers when transporting fragile items.  Sometimes people prefer thermocol packing to normal carton packing boxes as they offer more stability during transit. Foam and Thermocol can also be used as a gap filler to prevent internal movement of objects during transit of goods.


Photo Credit Wiki

 Colored Stickers

Tough colored stickers are not a must have, they are quite helpful for labeling purposes. They help to differentiate between boxes of each room, the boxes carrying fragile items and so on and so forth.

Inflatable Bags

Inflatable bags though expensive, will protect breakable and fragile products from cracks and damages in a way no other packing material can. Though these are desirable, its best to use them only for your very delicate items.

We hope you found out Top 10 Packing materials used by Packers and Movers useful. Could use a helping hand during your moving process? Connect with us today at EzMove.in

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Top things to do around the house to just celebrate

Valentine’s Day is about much more than just flowers and candy…it’s about celebrating a special togetherness of being  a couple. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than in your very own abode of love – Your Home!

So today we present you the top things to do around the house this Valentine’s Day. You could start off the day with making breakfast together. After that you could watch your wedding video together or do something romantic like give each other massages and finish it off by taking a dip in the bathtub together. If you are the creative type you could create a one-of-a-kind work of art together and hang it up in a special place.

For lunch you could have a home picnic in your backyard on your balcony. For dinner you could try to recreate your first date at home, putting a whole different spin on it. You could also cook and plan a special candlelight dinner.

So, these were the ideas we had to make this Valentine’s Day extra special!  Do let us know how you are planning to celebrate yours!

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Transit insurance – Recommended by Packers and movers

Now-a -days, packing and moving has been made extremely easy by packers and movers, who are more than happy to do it for you. Availing the insurance provided by good packers and movers is always good, as it will help you in recovering money in case of any mishap. While goods, are usually safe while in transit having insurance never hurts. Selecting good packers and movers will help you to shift your goods safely and without any hassles.


Photo Credit Flickr

Important points to remember on transit insurance while Packing and Moving

  • Simply put, transit insurance is the insurance amount that can be claimed by a person if the goods in transit get damaged or lost.
  • While most good packers and movers are extremely careful during relocation, there are always chances of a natural calamity or accident happening, while packing and moving.
  • Good packers and movers provide various other insurances also like moving insurance, transport insurance and storage insurance. While moving insurance, packing insurance and storage insurances are valid only for specific process of the entire moving process. While goods in transit insurance are covered for the entire process of packing and moving. All in all, transit insurance covers all these insurance services in a single package.
  • From consumer point of view, transit insurance has got better documentation unlike other insurance services which are not as secured.
  • While goods in transit insurance will help you to avoid any replacement costs. In case of a mishap, if all your goods are lost during relocation, it may cause heavy loss for you. In case you have got transit insurance, you will not spend the replacement amount from your own pocket.
  • While insurance policy of most packers and movers doesn’t cover loss of goods against theft, a claim on missing goods can be made if you have availed complete transit insurance for your relocation.
  • Always remember to ask your packers and movers for the complete details on goods in transit insurance. While many packers and movers provide insurance coverage, it is not that user friendly, so make sure you choose the best insurance policy as well!

packers and movers

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In case you are planning a move, and need good credible packers and movers, head over to EzMove.in for the best packers and movers in town!

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Top 10 Tips for Labeling Packing Boxes from Packers and Movers

Experienced Packers and Movers will always tell you that labeling boxes is an extremely important part of the relocation process. When you have labeled your packing boxes correctly, it makes it easier for packers and movers when moving them to different rooms. Right labeling can help you as well as the packers and movers involved to ease up the task of packing as well as unpackingthe luggage.

By labeling boxes which have fragile items, you will make the task of the packers and movers easier. They will also know which boxes to treat with extra amount of care. When planning a move, always keep enough amounts of, box labels, tape, and permanent markers handy

packers and movers

Photo Credit Pixbay

So, here we go with our top tips for labeling packing boxes

  • When labeling, always label at the top as well as the sides of the packing boxes.
  • Preferably write the labels with bold and capital letters making it easier to read. Avoid scribbling and cancellations.
  • Remember to label the packing boxes according to which room they belong to. This makes it easier for the packers and movers to know in which room to place the boxes post unloading at the new house.
  • Always, always, always, number your moving boxes. While this also helps you in keeping track of how many packing boxes you have, it also helps you in organizing.
  • Keep a list wherein you jot down all the items placed inside of each numbered packing box. This helps you to know which box to unpack, without unpacking all of them!
  • Labeling boxes with tags of ‘Fragile’ or ‘Handle with Care” are preferred for delicate items. Also try using another color so that it stands out, making it difficult to miss out on.
  • Remember to mark the right side up on the boxes, to avoid it being placed on the wrong side during transit.
  • In case you are planning to keep stuff to take with you on your journey, be sure to carefully label that box label as ‘Do not move’ so as to not confuse the packers and movers.
  • In case you have a preference to load some boxes at the last minute, label the box clearly as ‘Move Last’ so that the packers and movers understand.
  • While using tapes to make labels, be sure to use durable tape, as box labels sometimes, tend to come off during the transit.

packers and movers

Photo Credit Pixbay

Labeling can really help to clear up a lot of confusion, make moving easier for you as well as your packers and movers! Looking to move house? Make it an EzMove by logging onto EzMove.in

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How to spot a Delhiitie – An Infographic

With job opportunities spread across metro cities, people from all walks of life keep moving from one city to another. Many times it happens that people from Bangalore move to Mumbai, or people from Delhi move to Mumbai in search of better job opportunities.

When having lived in a place too long, it tends to rub off on us, and we carry these mannerisms with us to every city we go! When it comes to mannerisms, Delhiites are quite easy to spot!

Delhiites, as widely known have the complete license to show off. They try drinking only on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays evenings. They try really hard not to drink on Tuesdays. For Delhiites treating a friend means only one thing! – “Daaru Shaaru te kabbab shabaab.”

The word “setting” or “jugaad” is a permanent fixture in their dictionary! They can be spotted using the word once or twice a day! They believe visiting the Qutub Minar, Red Fort and the Lotus Temple is only for tourists! Delhiiites are offended and look down at people who call Gol Guppas as Pani Puri! It’s Gol Guppa – Period!

Delhiites take pride in calling the waiter in the restaurant “Boss” or “Pappey”. They also tend to tack on the word “yaar” and “bhai” to almost every other sentence. They know where to find butter chicken better than the one served at the Taj.
Delhiites special friends are addressed as “Vellas” or “Nikambas” while strangers are called ‘Bhaiyya’. Pretty girls on the other hand are called as Totta, Maal or Bomb (pronounced Baamb)

They know that a farmhouse has nothing to do with cattle or farming for that matter. Farmhouses for them are a luxurious hangout for whole night, without the fear of police!

Every Delhiite will brag about the Anda parantha outside Vikram hotel, the Bun Omlette at Dhaula Kuan, the Kulfi at Karol Bagh, the Gol Gappe at India Gate, the Dosa at Madras Hotel, the Chana/Kulcha at Scindia House and the Gol Gappe and Chaat at UPSC.
Whichever city they go to, they expect no less than 10 FM STATIONS!

So today we bring you an amazing infographic which teaches you how to spot a Delhiitie!

delhiite Delhi infographic

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