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Compare prices of packers and movers in Bangalore

Looking for suitable movers and packers service’s in Bangalore? Planning to relocate safely and without much hassle? Looking for a professional packing and moving team in Bangalore that will promise safe and efficient packing and moving of all your precious household items? Throughout India and in Bangalore itself there are many packing and moving companies that will promise the heaven but at the time of providing movers and packers Bangalore, you will be in for an unpleasant surprise!

Usually, when you are planning a move, you search online, or look up some classified services and call them. Once you have registered on these platforms, you will be unnecessarily spammed with large number of unsolicited calls and emails. Without, any means to verify the credibility of such packers and movers, all you can do is take a blind leap of faith and accept their terms and conditions.

While moving from one place to another, following are the major problems faced by consumers:
1. Budget: while there may be numerous packers and movers in Bangalore, not all of them will provide good services within your budget.
2. Reliability: People may be ready to raise their budget slightly, but cannot compromise on reliability of packers and movers.
3. Quality of Material used: Many packers and movers service provider in Bangalore use rehashed or inferior quality packing material which may collapse during the transit itself!
4. Professionalism: Many packers and movers in Bangalore lack the professionalism required to execute a move flawlessly. Workers will be laidback, working as per their convenience, without taking into account your concerns.

Movers and packers services is where EZMove is known for. We can help you to choose amongst all the best packers and movers in Bangalore and make the right choice. EZMove is your online relocation one stop solution where people looking up packers and movers services in Bangalore can find suitable ones as per their requirements.

The EZMove platform allows you to enter the complete list of items you want moved and get suitable quotes from verified packers and movers in Bangalore. Ratings of each of these packers and movers service provider in Banglore are based on a stringent combination of positive customer experience and EZMove’s own screening and vetting process. Thus EZMove becomes your sole point of contact during the whole moving process, helping you every step of the way.

packers and movers Bangalore

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The EZMove platform has partnered with over 60 movers and packers in Bangalore and across India and successfully completed many movers and packers services. Our customers in the past have been IT and MNC professionals, who keep getting transferred on short notice and require a reliable helping hand who can oversee their entire movers and packers process.

In case you are hunting for suitable packers and movers in Bangalore, you can help you to find one that fits right in your budget and criteria. Visit us today at Packers and Movers Bangalore for a hassle free movers and packers experience in Bangalore and across India.

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Top ten handy tips for keeping your house clean and fresh!

No matter how much you clean the house, it is bound to get dirty or messy again! Here are some handy home tips that will help you in good housekeeping!

Cleaning the house -a boring yet essential and repetitive task, isn’t it? With our hectic lifestyle, we need our homes to be soothing and relaxing, to help us relieve the stress. Bad odor from smoking, dampness, and kitchen can put a dampener on your mood. Here’s our top ten tips on how to get that clean and fresh home!


• Cleaning your house regularly – it preventsmicro organisms, such as fungi, bacteria and virus from infecting your kitchen and bathroom areas.
• Don’t attempt to clean the whole house every time. Prioritize and clean those rooms based on the usage of that particular room. For example, guest rooms can be cleaned every alternate week, but your children’s room –every single day!
• Try delegating one particular day to clean the whole house. In case, you are unable to do this, then do it daily, cleaning one room each day.
• Do take time out to clean those spills on the refrigerator, stoves and microwave ovens once in a while – it prevents harmful germs from growing.
• Burn incense, once in a while, inside the house. Incense, with its fresh and florid fragrance combats bad odor and has a calming effect on your mind as well.


• Essential oils are also a great way to keep your house smelling good throughout the day. You can use diffusers or pop-puri to disperse the aroma of essential oils in the house!
• Lighting scented candles for 30 minutes in a day can make your room smell great or you do it the natural way by growing herbs in your kitchen. This is a win-win as you get some delicious fresh ingredients!
• When having a get together, you could spray some of your favorite perfume on an unlit light bulb. When you switch on the bulb, the wonderful fragrance will gradually spread.
• Use baking soda in the kitchen to prevent bad odor. Known for its odor absorption properties, it can clear the kitchen of bad smells.
• Don’t allow smoking inside the house – as tobacco has a very strong smell, no matter how much air freshener you use, you will not be able to get rid of the smell.


So, how do you keep your home clean, tidy and fresh? Do share your secrets in the comment box. Liked our tips? Do visit again for more such wonderful tips.

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work from home

Working from home? Have a home that works!

The trendiest and most hip offices in town are the ones where your desk overlooks a garden with fresh coffee brewing whenever you want it, personalized washrooms, and lunch time gossip means school talk with your kid! You guessed it right! It’s the new-come-of-age office – your Home Sweet Home!
With WFH (Work From Home) and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) becoming the trend – with dual benefits of getting work done well and maintaining a healthy work life balance – home offices are the new trend! So, today we bring you the complete checklist that will make a home office work for you!

One Desk
While this may seem a given, you would be surprised, how many people don’t have a proper dedicated space, even when regularly working from home. Aside from the fact it helps you to concentrate, become organized, having a desk with storage space to secure office documents is also essential. This goes a long way in creating a formal work environment – in whichever corner of your home you choose – but choose one and demarcate it only for office work!



Files and folders
While these were a given, before the digital era dawned on us, no office can function well without these! The modern day version is getting your e-folders and e-files in place. Ensure that the little ones don’t hammer away on your keyboard, messing up an important presentation. Being organized, will help you save considerable time and prevent loss of data.

Laptop or Tablet
Having a hand held device – equipped with applications for time management – notepads, apps for project management and tasks – the works. Having them on a mobile device ensures you never miss an appointment.


Laptop phone

Print-Scan-Copy – An all in one machine
A no-brainer, really! Imagine running to the local stationary store or cyber café (do they even exist now?) to take one lousy printout! Even if your work is completely online, some documentation processes due require hard copies, so it’s best to be prepared!

Considering the fact that you have managed to save on the daily commute, don’t be stingy in diverting a little bit of money on these few helpful accessories which will allow you to perform well at work – even when working from home!


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Obtaining NOC and what you need to know about moving your vehicle when relocating in India

Indian states sometimes behave like separate countries – this is most evident when attempting to transfer a vehicle – car or bike from one state to another. The first NOC (No Objection Certificate) is required from the RTO of where the vehicle was originally registered. To register the car or bike under the RTO of the new state you will have to pay the road tax besides a list of documents.


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Let us now describe the process of getting a NOC in the following 4 steps:

Step 1. The Documents

Make sure you have these documents the following list of document ready when applying for a NOC.

List of documents required for the No Objection Certificate (NOC) are as follows:

  • Application on Form 28
  • Original RC (RC Book/ RC Card)
  • Up to date payment of Road tax receipt
  • Valid Vehicle Insurance Policy
  • Crime  Report of N.C.R.B(National Crime Records Bureau)
  • Copy of local address proof
  • Clearance letter from the Financier (only in case you had bought your vehicle on loan).

Step 2. Police or Crime Records Bureau clearance.

You will be required to pay a visit to the Assistant Commissioner of Police’s office and apply for a clearance. Majority of cities have an enquiry form with your personal details, vehicle number, chassis no, engine no. and other details along with a copy of the following documents:

List of documents required for vehicle enquiry report.

  • Request or application letter addressed to the ACP
  • Completed enquiry form
  • Copy of the RC book
  • Copy Valid Vehicle Insurance Policy
  • Copy of Driving License of the vehicle owner
  • Copy of Local Residential proof (Letter from HR (original along with company identity card)/Bank Pass book).
  • Copy of Vehicle purchase invoice (may or may not be mandatory)
  • Clearance letter from the Bank in case vehicle has been bought on loan.

Do carry the original of all these documents when going for this verification. Once all these documents have been submitted, you will be provided with a receipt and asked to visit again to collect your clearance certificate – this is the vehicle enquiry report.

Getting an NOC from Police

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Step 3. PUC Certificate

Getting a PUC Certificate (Pollution under control) can be done while you are waiting for ACP’s office to call you back. This can be done at major petrol pumps in the city and doesn’t take much time. Even some garages provide this service.

Step 4. The RTO Office

The moment of truth – is the RTO office. This is the last leg, and the most tiring.

Obtain a Form 28 – either from the RTO or download it from the internet. Fill up the complete Form 28 –which requires you to provide the name of the RTO you are relocating to –name of city, state and other particulars. Make three copies and fill up all of them. You also need to affix a court fee stamp in one of the filled Forms which can be obtained from people who sell these forms or near the RTO.

Make a pencil tracing of the chassis number on all three forms. You can trace it on any corner of the form or better still take the trace on a strip of paper and paste it onto the form.

Go over the following checklist and ensure you have all the documents:

  • Form 28 in triplicate, completed with one of them affixed with a court fee stamp. Ensure the chassis pencil tracing on all three of the forms.
  • Vehicle enquiry report (From Step 2 form the ACP’s office).
  • Copy of RC book/card.
  • Copy Valid Vehicle Insurance Policy
  • Original RC book/card (This needs to be submitted which will be returned when you collect the completed NOC)
  • Copy of the PUC Certificate ( From step 3)
  • Reason for moving to another state (Though not mandatory, some RTO’s do ask for this now)

Once these documents have been submitted at the RTO office, pay the requisite fees and collect the receipt.  Visit the RTO again as directed by the officials and collect you NOC.

Ideally it takes two trips to ACP’s Office and two trips to RTO. It is not advisable to involve an agent, as they will charge you heavily you will anyways be required to make these trips. Happy Moving!

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