Moving to Delhi? 5 questions to ask you Packers and movers in Delhi before relocating

Moving house from one place to another is not an easy task- whatever be the reason. There are a lot of complex processes involved in the relatively simple term “moving”. While budget may not be a constraint for you, making sure that you have made the right choice will. Ask yourself how you are going to make sure that the packers and movers you have identified are reliable enough? This question itself sums up the major problem faced when searching for reliable packers and movers.

Asking are five important questions to packers and movers and the answers will help you to choose the best as per you requirements. Following are some important questions you should ask your packers and movers.

Ask your packers and movers all their criteria for billing work and also if there are going to be any extra charges besides the estimate that they have put forward. You may like to compare all the quotes put forward by packers and movers and then try to judge who is providing all the services within your budget.

Ask your packers and movers if they have transit insurance for the goods that they are moving or if they have any collaboration with insurance companies who can provide this service. This will help you to make sure about their recovery process in case of any mishap.
Ask your packers and movers about the time they will take in delivering the consignment to the required destination. Will any additional charge be made for unloading and unpacking? Be sure to that the required time taken by the packers and movers is within the time you will take to reach your new house.

packers and movers in Delhi

Ask your packers and movers about their previous clients and reconfirm to validate the information the best you can. Be sure to read the feedback available on their website to acquainting yourself with them. Search on popular review websites know the on ground feedback of the packers and movers.

Many packers and movers in Delhi are reliable and expert professionals having specially designed carriers. They use the best quality packing material and shoulder all the problems that may happen during a move making you feel as stress-free.
In case you are looking for reliable packers and movers in Delhi, you should visit for the best packers and movers in town.

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How to Pack For a Move – Great Moving Advice from Packers and Movers

We find packing for family vacation difficult, let alone packing for a move from one house to another! Today we bring you some amazing advice from expert packers and movers, so that even though you don’t look forward to moving, you won’t be horrified!
Before you plan a move, packers and movers suggest that you make a list of some packing supplies. Following is a list you could refer from.
• Moving boxes of different sizes
• Padding supplies
• Bubble wraps
• Wrapping sheets
• Newspapers
• Scissors
• Heavy duty packaging tape
• Labeling stickers
• Marking pens

packers and movers
Packing everything that belongs in a particular room together, into labeled boxes helps. Packers and movers advise that you should start packing one room at a time. Start packing smaller items first, so that you can get them out of your way. Be sure to carefully mark and tape every box so you can find everything when unpacking.

Packers and movers always advise packing a “Handy” box. This should probably include the items, which you would need till the final days of the move and right when you begin unpacking. It is advisable to keep stuff like some washing soap, paper towels, pens, scissors, plates and spoons, bath towels for everyone, some pots and pans and an induction cooker.

Keep in mind small handy items you may require access to. Factor in the fact that your family will need to wash their hands, eat and also take a shower. After you are done unpacking after the move, it is going to leave you tired and hungry! It is also good to stock up on some chocolates and biscuits in case anyone gets hungry and you have not set up the kitchen yet.
It is also good to pack a suitcase for each member of the family in advance, so that you are prepared. You might want to include soap, a toothbrush, a towel, change of undergarments, and some extra sets of clothes. Expert packers and movers advise keeping these suitcases in a place where they do not get mixed up with everything else. Remember to bring them with you only when you are ready to travel.
So did you like our advice on how to pack for a move? In case you are still looking for reliable packers and movers, you should visit for the best packers and movers in town.

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Case Study – Packers and Movers in Hyderabad, Priya Avirineni on using EZMove

At EZMove, we are always attempting to better your experience at using our service. For this purpose we keep taking feedback from our clients about their experience regarding the packers and movers we recommend via a thorough a questionnaire. One of our clients Priya Avirineni shares her entire experience of moving and how EZMove helped her and her suggestions on how it could be improved.


Can you tell us something about what your relocation plans were? Which city were you planning to move to? What was the time span you had? What all were you planning to move?

I planned to shift my home to Bangalore from Hyderabad in Feb last week. I started searching for the packers and movers in Hyderabad on the website 2 to 3 weeks before the move was planned.

How did you go about looking for suitable packers and movers? Did you consult anybody? How did you chance upon

On the very first day of my search, I found some reviews (positive) about on some help & search website and then I quickly jumped into your site.

How was our platform to use? Did you find it difficult or easy?

Frankly speaking, has the best UI to say. It is simple, useful and informative. I have logged in all my details and details about my move in the site. And the very next minute I have submitted my info, I got a call from Anand. He was helping me in every possible way and literally saying EZMove team made things simpler for relocating.

Did you find the quality of quotes you received to be fair?

Within a day i have received 3 quotes which seem to be somewhat fair. I choose one of them and i got a call from that packers and movers asking for the details of the move.

What features/attributes of EZMove did you find most useful or helpful?

The best thing which i like about the site is selecting the articles to be moved. The list seems huge but it was the best ‘coz every small thing was listed in there and there was no pain of remembering things.

How can we improve EZMove? What are your ideas and suggestions?

My suggestion is it would be great if the site provides option to pay the relocating bills online.

Did you finally end up choosing EZMove?

Yes I did.

Were you satisfied with the service quality of the packers and movers?

Coming to the packers and movers, I was satisfied with them too. The packing and unpacking was good. I was not informed about the movement of the truck, which would be better if it was improved.

Did you receive all your goods safely?

Nothing was damaged or missed, everything was safe. The packing of small things in the almirah was done a bit carelessly. I had to be back of them for that but that was alright since nothing was damaged. The furniture and Kitchen articles were taken utmost care which was appreciable. Overall the service was good.

If you were to review EZMove what score would you give it out of 10 in terms of usability?

Answer to this question, I would give a 10 on 10 to EZMove.

Would you recommend the EZMove platform to a friend?

I would definitely refer EZMove to my friends who plan to relocate.

Overall, Priya was extremely satisfied with her experience at EZMove. Her suggestion that the payment option should also be included online is something we are already working on. We are also working on an online tracker, which gives you exact location and route of your truck. This we believe should help overcome the problem Priya faced regarding tracking the movements of her truck.

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Packers and Movers can make your relocation simpler and why you should use their service

Moving from your home to a whole new place besides being worrying – is just no fun. This is where packers and movers come in; packing all your household goods into containers and safely transporting to your new home. This service frees you from this cumbersome task which is burdensome and complex enough to make you really feel exhausted and stressed.

Moving house is often one of the most back breaking work you will ever need to do in life. However, if you will employ the service of good packers and movers, they are sure to your relocation much smoother.


Following are the few reasons why you should use packers and movers to help you move:

Less Tension

Employing good packers and movers can reduce your stress levels greatly.  All the heavy lifting can be completed by their skilled workers. Your items get efficiently packed using good quality packing materials. Your goods will be transported to your new house on time, with minimum damage.

Good Packing

Almost all good packers and movers have professionally skilled staff who crude up to manages even the most heavy loads. All goods are perfectly packed using the best quality packing to avoid ensure minimum damage. The right packing is essential to ensure safe and easy relocation of items. Packers and movers have good materials of many sizes and shapes to protect even the most delicate and fragile goods. Goods maybe large, heavy or bulky things – it is no problem for experienced packers and movers.


Incident Free Shifting

Proficient packers and movers ensure that you experience a complete incident free moving experience. They guarantee their safe and punctual transportation and handling to ensure there is no untoward incident that can become cause for worry.

Complete Service

Reliable packers and movers offer support and service throughout whole shifting process. They help you right from planning to packing, to unpacking to re-arranging your things at your new home.

Considering these many pros with hardly any cons, it is always advisable to hire reputable packers and movers to have painless and hassle free relocating experience.

In case you are hunting for suitable packers and movers, you might like to try We can help you to find one that fits right in your budget and criteria. Do connect with us today at for a hassle free moving experience.

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Things unique to the city of Mumbai – An Infographic

Every city has its own unique landscape that defines it. Mumbai, the commercial capital of India is famous for many things! Mumbaikars or the local Mumbai residents, see these things every day, hence find them mundane; however there are many things that really surprise new migrants and tourists about this wonderful city.
mumbai infographic

Take for example the Mumbai locals – the lifeline of Mumbai. It is legendary that the number of people per square meter in a train at peak hour is so high that it has developed its own term. Yes, indeed it is called a “super-dense-crush-load”, with an average Mumbaikar spending about 2 hours daily in this situation!

For Mumbaikars, used to this body crushing density, even a 8′ x 10′ clustered room is as good as a Hall! Living is pigeon sized apartments, overlooking a rare patch of park; they awaken to the sounds of laughter with elderly people doing a stress busting exercise called “Laughter Yoga”.

In case you are planning to move to Mumbai, be ready for “canoodling”. “Canoodling” is officially Mumbai’s PDA (Public Display of Affection)! If you were to take a walk down Bandra Bandstand or Carter Road—the two most public promenades known as Lovers’ Lane—you will witness couples publicly smooching and “canoodling”. This PDA is a result of the lack of space or a crash pad being readily available to youngsters!

The typical Mumbaikar’s day begins with Wada pav for breakfast, grabbed hurriedly on the way to catch a train. The Mumbai’s famous dabbawallas, are 5,000 illiterate delivery men that ensure that 200,000 identical steel lunch “dabbas” are transported piping hot to hungry office goers at lunch time. This amazing feat ensures that you never go hungry, with hardly an error in every six million deliveries.

Besides the legendary local trains and the spanking new monorail, what are also famous as modes of transport are the Mumbai’s vintage black and yellow cabs and the Double Decker buses! The cabs may be just cobbled together, but will be brightly decked with ceiling mirrors and chandeliers, red velvet seat covers with animal print trimmings, incense sticks and religious art arranged at the dashboard; they are a trip in more ways than one! The Double Decker buses will chug along huffing and puffing – but a ride on the top can be gleeful!

And if you do ever get tired from the din of this otherwise mesmerizing city, a cup of “cutting chai” is available almost every nook and corner to refresh you!

So, does this wonderful city excite you? Are you planning to move to Mumbai? Reach out to us at and we can help you make a hassle free move!

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