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The common Mistakes of Hiring Packers and Movers Company

The difficult setting

It is in our DNA to predetermine the expectations we ought to have from any service provider. While it is necessarily a good trait, quite a few times, it eventually leads to a series of issues – just hiring a packers and movers company that talks high on its claims is not the solutions availed. You need to be sure that expectations need to be balanced with reality, and that a company that you want to hire stands firm on your objectives – before, while, and after relocation. Read on, as we try to cover some of the commonly made mistakes people usually do when it comes to hiring a relocation company.

Committing to a decision in a hurry – Relocation is often a seldom-made decision, so for availing corrective variety of solutions, people to relocate often stoop to commit mistakes. The first being, making a decision in a hurry and thereby creating a set of issues. Experts say relocation is a crucially vital decision, and in order to ensure you do it rightly, you need to take your time in understanding the setting; which include hiring a good company, calculating your budget, comparing your necessities with the to-hire company etc.

Thinking a cheap service is a great service – A cheap relocation company sounds good, since it equal to saving in money, but be careful of claims and cheap deals. Anything that is cheap need to be dealt with cautions. There are companies who have history of attracting clients with improved set of affordable service, but in realty have something else to offer. Relocation package be determined in terms of mile, relocation distance, goods and services to relocate etc. You can not necessarily avail an affordable set of solutions if you are travelling long distance and from a company that is professional, provides reasonable rate because if it is too cheap on the invoice, the company would either hike the price in invoice when the service is served

Not comparing on the quotations of the service providers – One of the often-done mistakes from people to relocate is that they do not feel the necessity to compare the quotations of the service providers. Although it is true that a bargaining is done, but instead of the availability of service providers who provide quotations pre-service, they need not necessarily dwell into the basic and once a good quotations is given, they stick to it. The good news is with online marketplaces you now can literally compare, choose and hire from a list of service providers who provide quotations and you can even see their listed ratings, reviews and feedback from customers. You need not to even leave your home. Virtual packers and movers comparison websites provide you a chance to pick a service provider based on its record.

Not asking for all-inclusive quotations – Packers and movers companies should provide you a quote that include almost everything starting from initial packing to service. But quote often, their initial invoice is not included with tentative costs, resulting in a hike in the invoice when you pay. So, it is a good idea to ask the service provider that the invoice would not have any hidden cost, if your packers and movers company insists in providing a quotation and invoice once the service is done, stay out of it. And instead, stick to the service of a company that provides a formal quotations in the beginning and assures that there will be nothing to be included as additional cost

Not stressing enough about the importance of insurance – Insurance is one thing that people from the Western countries stress too much, but in Indian relocation setting, people are relatively little conscious about its importance. The packers and movers companies should provide you a ready to be corrected insurance plan. If your company does not have any insurance plan, as it to arrange for you. Insurance safeguards your valued property and goods and valuable.

Not researching on the company to hire – People to relocate necessarily stay busier and in the hurry, they are in need of an awesome quotations from a company that assures quick service. Doing it is naturally an inclusive decision, but if you are not sure about the type of service and company, you stay at risk of getting worst serviced. So, it is Important that you stay informed about your packers and movers company before hiring it. To do it well, you need to ensure that your service provider has a trusted record of providing professional variety of affordable yet great service. With online packers and movers India companies you can virtually compare the reputations of a company

Not Ensuring you have everything written – It is necessarily important to ensure that you ask the company to provide you a written document stating whatever service is being provided. The company need to be honest and anything starting from rates, insurance, services etc. It actually works as a written testament to your type of solutions availed. The written documents need to be originally verified by the company


Your step-by-step guide to avoid moving Frauds

In India, moving industry is moving at a quick speed – amounting its total yearly turnover more than billions, according to estimate. But, the industry till date is highly unorganized, and as a result of which it has set of aligned issues – finally turning end users or customers the ultimate sufferers. One of the issues with the industry is presence of moving frauds in India.

Why moving Frauds are on the rise in India

Simple office set-up: It is easy to set up independent offices by anyone, the resource availability is not a problem and most importantly the offices can be run using a simplistic work model – Set up an office anywhere, give it a name, employ some local unemployed folks, train them with basic stuffs and start operation. Minimal investment, maximum returns!

Rise of nuclear family – The transition of people from villages to cities and forming family to live and work alone has given a boost in the development of packers and movers companies in India. People are regularly in the need to relocate and hence they need relocation companies who can assit them move quickly

Besides, the absence of a systemic way to hire moving companies, the need to urgently relocate, the ignorance on the part of consumers, and lack of awareness programs initiated to check the moving frauds result in the rise of regularized moving frauds

Types of moving frauds in India

Moving frauds can be of different types and any types; depending on the nature of relocation, the company responsible for frauds and awareness of consumers who hired the moving service. However, the usual types of moving frauds are –

Hostage frauds – Convincing customers to hire a company and then taking hostage of the belongings of the customers till the latter decides to pay double the amount decided initially

Hidden cost frauds – Companies lure customers providing a great to sound invoice and then hikes the price before delivery saying these are hidden cost unmentioned in the initial estimate

Collecting deposit and vanishing – Companies keep deposit before providing a certain solution but do not come up to provide the service. As a consumer, you should not provide any upfront since it is enough to understand for the moving company that your items are with them, so why they need any cash in advance

Taking someone else’s name – There are companies who sound like familiar companies and people trust them. But later come to know these are actually fake companies who tried to manipulate a customer by masking

How to avoid moving frauds in India

Investigate the moving and packers and movers company in India

  • Ask for an estimate
  • Compare quotations
  • Ask for testimonial
  • Go to online comparison sites to compare reputation of the companies

Choose a company that sounds honest, does not provide any guarantee, provide logical quotation, has a reputed history and has been recommended by people who you know personally.

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Smart Pack And Move Tips – Do garbage bags provide useful alternative to conventional packing bags?

One of the little discussed, seldom-thought about and often-ignored topics of moving relevance is packing boxes. People to relocate would invest most of their valued time articulating to-dos, comparing and hiring a reliable packers and movers and adjusting with accommodations and articles to bring down quoted price. But then, however you move- whatever you move; packing boxes literally is the centre topic of your relocation.

Relocation boxes, packing boxes can be availed from online classified sites, grocery stores, wine stores or from your friend or neighbor who relocated recently. Moreover, if your packers and movers company is hired based on complete solutions model, they would themselves bring up with professional boxes. But even then you would still need some of such boxes pre-arranged for yourself to pack your valuable.


Hard, durable, cartoons with solid base are believed to withstand your relocation woes. Depending on the type of goods or article to be moved, the nature and format of your packing box differ. Some people still want to simplify all the tasks and prefer to move with garbage bag.

Does such bags are preferable than packing boxes


  • Garbage bags are easily available
  • These bags can be flexible
  • Such bags can be folded, balanced and easily stored


  • Garbage bags are not good to pack selective variety of items
  • You can pack only simple items; not fragile ones
  • Garbage bags can be broken, and do not provide good solutions for distance travel

So, garbage bags are not always preferable than conventional packing boxes. If you are moving far away with precious items, you should arrange for good-based boxes and label these accordingly.

So, opt for packing boxes, for smarter relocation than opting for garbage bags