You will love doing these 7 things in Coimbatore

Often acknowledged as the Manchester of the South, Coimbatore is one of the largest metropolis of South India and second largest city of the state. Situated at the Western Ghats on the banks of the Noyyal River, the city is home to abundance of flora and fauna and an impressive range of natural sights.

Regardless of the time you arrive in the city, weather is mostly pleasant year-round. If you are going to visit Coimbatore, a fast growing economic hub with rich history and cultural heritage, we have got you 7 best things you must do while in the city and you are sure to lose your heart for the place.

Mingle with the dwellers: The people here are adorable and friendly. Grab a chance if you can visit the locals’ houses and experience the best of hospitality. Or you can always chit-chat with the natives at a local café, store or mall.

Tuck into the south Indian cuisine at Annapoorna restaurant: Shree Annapoorna restaurant chain is famous for their lip-smacking sambhar and coffee. Here you will find the best of south Indian meals cooked from century-old recipes.

Go for a walk at the race course: If you are an active traveler looking for a dynamic place where you can take a walk, socialize with new people and feel one with the nature, head down to the race course.

Channel to your spiritual soul at Isha Yoga Center: Situated in the hills of the Velliangiri Mountains, about 40 kms from the city of Coimbatore, Isha Yoga Center is a place for self-transformation to experience inner peace and well-being. Surrounded by complete tranquility, the place attracts people from all across the world who want to walk the spiritual path, practice yoga and feel relaxed. Or you can enjoy trekking the Vellingiri hills.

Ride the most famous streets of the city in a bus: If you are travelling on a shoestring budget, get on board the No.7 bus that offers a round-trip to Gandhi Park and takes the passengers to some of the most famous streets of the city in merely an hour and a half time.

Feel electrified at Kari Speedway: It’s a racing circuit! It is one-of-a-kind place in the country and thus makes the locals proud of it.  If you are a racing fan or a one dream to be the next Narain Karthikaeyan, you have got to visit this place. Watching the racing track is an enthralling experience for speed lovers.

Drive to the heavenly beautiful hillstation of Valparai: Situated above 3500 feet above the sea level, Valparai hill station is a magnificent place to soak in the best of nature’s beauty, breath in purest of air and enjoy the uphill adventure. Located 104 Km away from the Coimbatore city, the place is surrounded by Green Spread Mountain ranges and lush green forests. Plan a road trip Valparai via Pollachi to make a stop-over at the Anamalai Tiger Reserve Sanctuary and enjoy a dream road trip!

Coimbatore offers endless opportunities to feel amazed, relaxed and enthralled. Try these 7 exclusive experiences of the city!


5 Places You Should Definitely Visit while in Jaipur

Nicknamed as the pink city, Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan state in India, is home to magnificent lakes, palaces, forts and gardens. The royal legacy and its rich culture proudly reflect in the architecture and lifestyle of the city locals. Jaipur is arguably the first planned city of India.

If you have planned to arrive in Jaipur, below are five places you must visit.

Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal, meaning a water palace, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city.  Situated in Lake Man Sagar, the 5-storey palace is an architecture wonder. Its 4 storey are built below water surface offering amazing vistas to visitors. The palace architecture is a spectacular fusion of Rajput and Mughal styles. The palace looks at its best at evening.

Amer Fort

It is one of the best forts of the state. You might have spotted it in a recent bollywood blockbuster movie named Bajirao Mastani. Acclaimed for its spell-binding mirror work, the fort poses its best in evening light and sound show. Beautifully designed chowks and mahals in the fort bring a glimpse of its royal past and wealthy culture to its visitors.

Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal, meaning the palace of winds, offers panoramic views of the city and a relaxing experience with enormously breezy environment. Built with pink and red sand stones, Hawa Mahal was originally constructed with a motive to provide royal women with a tall screen they can watch street festivals without being visible from outside. Sounds interesting, right?

Johari Bazaar

No tourist to Jaipur returns home without paying a visit to this oldest and largest street-side shopping bazaar in the city. Traditional clothes, jewelry, gemstones, textiles are a few of the items you will find in this local bazaar.

1135 AD

Located in Jaleb Chowk, this royal theme restaurant serves mouth-watering dishes from Rajasthani, Mughlai and North Indian cuisines. You must try the Lal Mass and Sula Biryani while here; the taste of the food will bring you to the place again and again. Food in the city is as rich as its culture and history. From road side stalls to budget restaurant and luxury dinning, you will find it all in the city!

Amidst spectacular forts and Mahals, charming bazaars and vividly colorful streets, the flamboyant city still manage to evoke peace in visitors. So, are you ready to explore the fairy-tale land of Jaipur?


The Top Cuisines of Kolkata

When it comes to the food of Bengal, Kolkata tops the list. From street food to sweet dishes, Kolkata has a plethora of delicacies to offer everyone. If you are visiting the city for the first time you must acquaint yourself with the top Bengali cuisines of Kolkata. The article presents a compilation of some of the best delicacies of Kolkata:

Chelo Kebab
Chelo kebab is a popular dish of Kolkata which comprises chicken kebabs and mutton seekhs which is served along with veggies and steamed rice. You can satiate your taste buds with this scrumptious dish at the Peter Cat restaurant of Kolkata.

Mishti Doi
Treat yourself with this popular Bengali dessert called “Mishti Doi” which is a sweetened yoghurt. You can enjoy this tempting delicacy at Ganguram’s, Jadav Chandra Das or at Bheem Nag.

If you are in Kolkata you can’t think of leaving the place without enjoying the spongy, syrupy and enticing “Roshogollas”. You can relish these at Ganguram’s, K. C. Das or Balram Mallick-Radharaman Mallick.

“Puchka” is one of the most sought-after foods of Kolkata which is a spicy variation of “Chaat”. If you have a sweet tooth you can try out the sweet puchkas(with sweet syrup inside) or the dahi puchkas(filled with dahi or curd). You can savor these puchkas at various street food joints of New Market, Dharamtala or Vivekananda Park.

Kolkata is famous for the discovery of “Kathi Rolls”. Nowadays, these are available in several other cities as well but it originated in Kolkata. Kathi rolls come in various forms- egg rolls, paneer rolls and chicken rolls etc. You can hit Nizam’s or Bawarchi to gorge on these lip smacking rolls.

Mughlai Parotha
These parothas are stuffed with minced meat and egg mixture and then deep fried in oil. These finger-licking mughlai parothas can be best savored at Basanta Cabin.

Chicken Kabiraji
This is a matchless chicken preparation of Kolkata. This filling snack is prepared with minced chicken, ginger-garlic paste, bread crumbs and egg. To enjoy this yummy snack you can grab a bite at Mitra Café.

Kolkata’s Biryani
If you are a Biryani lover and you are already a fan of Lucknow and Hyderabad’s biryani, you should not underestimate the biryani of Kolkata. When desi ghee is blended with rich spices with the soft &juicy pieces of chicken or mutton in rice, it gives a unique aroma which tempts you to gorge on it. To grab a bite you can check out Royal and Arsalan.

Planning to Move to Kolkata, You will have much more cuisine option to explore.


5 Destinations You Must Visit in Green City Bhopal for Awesome Experiences

Bhopal, the capital of Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, has got many nicknames – the city of lakes, the city of heritage, the city of museums and of course the green city. Home to many natural attractions and historical marvels, this Indian city features an enthralling blend of past with the modern world.

If you have spared some free time out of your busy lifestyle and looking for some must-see places in Bhopal, we have got you covered. Following are 5 destinations in Bhopal worth a visit once and again.

Van Vihar National Park: Get closer to the enchanting wildlife scenes

Spread across a vast area of 445.21 hectare almost in the middle of the city, this national park is a perfect destination for family weekend gateway. It is home to a large range of animal and bird species. You will also get to see wild animals like lion, chital, tiger and leopard in closer view. Sounds exciting right? You can either take a walk all yourself or hire a cycle to watch everything the park has on offer for its visitors.

Upper and Lower Lake: Boat in the lap of the nature

Bhopal has many nature-made and man-made lakes. Upper Lake and Lower Lake, which are also known as Bada Talab and Chota Talab respectively, are a must-see sight while in the city. The lakes are separated by an over bridge, nicknamed as Pul Pukhta by locals. Head down to Upper Lake and you can enjoy fun-time activities like boating, kayaking, water skiing, canoeing and parasailing. Or you can simply relax and watch the panoramic vistas of the place.

Taj ul Masajid: Explore a Crown Jewel of All Mosques

Taj ul Masajid, meaning the crown of all mosques, is indeed one of the best and largest mosques in Asia. Covering a huge area of 23312 square feet and standing high up to 206 feet from the ground, this Bhopal based mosque is an architect masterpiece.

Bhimbetka: Take a step back in time

Drive your wheels just 46km from the city and you reach the World Heritage Site of Bhimbetka. Originally discovered by the archaeologist Dr. Vishnu Wakankar in mid 19’s, the historical site will give you insight into the living style of the medieval-age mankind through its rock caves and wall paintings.

Raisen Fort: A relaxing weekend gateway!

This 6th century Fort is situated on hilltop, which is just 45km away from Bhopal. The place is home to 15 picturesque lakes and ponds. You will also find many houses and temples flaunting its great history.

Bhopal’s unrivalled nature’s wonders and rich history will surely keep you fascinated!