Awesome places to visit in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is post-Independent India’s first planned city. The city is joy venue for many unique awesomeness including its low crime rate, organized structure, favorable climate, urban planning etc. It has been a preferred tourist spot and hosts a number of great limelights. This article briefly covers some of the most amazing things Chandigarh has in its credit.

Rock Garden

A secret project of an ace artist Mr. Nek Chand, The Rock Garden is a sculpture garden located near Sukhna lake. Mr. Chand was a govt official who secretly cultivated this garden in his spare time. This garden was hidden from public for 18 years. Thoughtful placement of strategically built rock structures, interlinked causeways along the waterfalls of lake, pottery and sculptures of dancers, animals and other substances and creatures make this place a heaven for artists.

Rose Garden

Actually named after the former President of India, Zakir Hussain, the Zakir Hussain Rose Garden is the largest botanical garden in Asia. You can find a variety of beautiful rose species here, other than many medicinal herbs. The landscape dotted with colorful flowers, the greenery and the freshness is a unique experience for anyone in need of peace.

International Dolls Museum

Dolls, dolls everywhere. The International dolls museum is maintained by The Indian council of child welfare. Established in 1985, the museum hosts dolls and puppets from different countries around the world; with its special focus on the Indian section and toy train.

Terraced garden

This well-maintained botanical garden is strategically nestled at the foothills of Himalyan Shivalik range. Spread over 10 acres of land, it was established in the year 1979. The garden has been a preferred picnic spot and an awesome get away for those who want to spend some restful moment in the lapse of nature.

Cactus Garden

Spread over 7 acres of land it is the largest succulent botanical garden in Asia and hosts more than 3500 species of cactus. Anyone who is in love with Cactus, and want to study their unique traits finds this garden a heaven.

Other awesomeness in Chandigarh

  • Museum and Art Gallery
  • Mohali Cricket Stadium
  • ChattBir Zoo

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Great things to do and see in Chennai

Every Indian city is special on its own for sharing a unique personality and trait, for being standalone on something wonderful. Talking about Chennai, we must say, you will never get bored during your stay here. The southern welcoming door to the Indian subcontinent has many interesting and thoughtful things that keep a curious soul fully fed. Food, culture, adventure, nature, entertainment, fun – name whatever you are interested to indulge in and Chennai would have something to offer that you can cherish for life. A list of things to do in Chennai is literally incomplete in single article coverage. So, we are highlighting only a few today. If you have had your share of sweet memories of stay in Chennai, do not forget we are waiting for your comments.

See alligators in their natural habitat, see them in action, take classes to learn them closely

A wide variety of reptiles, specially alligators wait for your footfall in this very thoughtfully and strategically protected Madras Crocodile Bank Trust and Centre for Herpetology (MCBT); CrocBank in short. If you a wildlife passionate and want to take classes on reptiles to expand your info bank, this is a good place to be wise.

Unleash the bookworm in you at Anna Centenary Library

Located at Kotturpuram, Chennai, this is built at a cost of ₹172 crores and the largest library in South Asia. Great place to be with books and a have a cup of coffee.

Discover the history, culture and thoughts at Cholamandal Artists Village

If you have always wanted to learn and see the rich traditional South Indian art and cultural works, this is perhaps the finest place to be.

See South India in one place – Daksinchitra

This is one of a kind limelight in Chennai. Highlights the cultural lifestyle of five major southern states of the Indian sub-continent. It This living-history museum is dedicated to South Indian heritage and culture. Shop the traditional stuffs, arts and crafts products at actually good price.

Explore the rich folk dance and music at Kalashetra

It is an arts and cultural academy dedicated to the restoration of traditional values in Indian art and crafts, most importantly Bharatanatyam dance and Gandharvaveda music. Great place to hang out if you are love music and live music.

Live the serenity of Thiruvanmiyur Beach

This is perhaps one of the best beaches in India to closely watch a great sunset calmly. No hustle and bustle. Only you, and the company of silence.

Other great things to do and see in Chennai

  • Visit the legendary The Royal Enfield Factory
  • Enjoy the elegance ecosystem around as you have your afternoon Tea At Café Amethyst
  • Enjoy your weekends at 10 Downing Street with beer and music
  • Get your kids all the fun they need at amusement park Dizzee World
  • enjoy a great cuisine in Malgudi restaurant

Other meaningful places to see

  • Gangaikondaan temple
  • Theosophical Society Gardens

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A traveler’s guide to top things to do in Kolkata

Think Kolkata. Think culture, arts, entertainment, traffic jam, sweets, and hangouts The city is a hard subject. It is an incredible mix of tradition and modernity; sound and serenity and as a traveler, you would never have any dull and boring moment if you step out to explore it. The city has many things to do to keep you occupied and engaged. We cover only a few. Your comments and suggestions that might make this article even more authentic are welcome.

Rosogulla and misti Doi 

If you miss to taste the traditionally prepared rosogulla and misti doi during your stay in Kolkata, you miss the true essence of the city. Available at any local sweet shop, rosogulla is a ball of cottage cheese dipped in sugar syrup and misti doi is sweet curd. Bengalis are fond of sweets and to start your fun-filled adventure in the city, you should begin tasting these two historically traditional treats.


The only operating tram network in India and the oldest operating electric tram in Asia, running since 1902. If you need to experience the charm of riding a different carriage, and want to see the beautiful and busy town travelling on wheel on its middle, book your seat for a ride.

Street food – Rolls, chowmein and more

Just like any other metropolis, Kolkata too has a very vibrant and lively street food culture. Rolls – veg and non-veg, chowmein are a total hit here, available at temporary food kiosks near hangout centres and limelights. You can not necessarily expect high level of hygiene but you can get the taste of truly filling foods.

College street

Great for bookworms, the place is simply a nice source of spending some quality time among the literature and thoughts. Situated strategically near to many educational institutes, you can get a variety of thoughtful reads – ask the subject and get it. Old and new books, literature across generations, and a constant influx of knowledge seeking folks make the place truly awesome.

Hand-pulled rickshaw

Although the practice is banned, but you can still get to see the traditional hand-pulled rickshaws around the city. The poor pullers do not necessarily have means of livelihood other than rickshaw. Using the mode of transport s somehow inhuman, so you can avoid it altogether. However, you can always donate money to the pullers without asking them for a ride.


Literally translated as Clay artisan’s place – this is where the wonderful clay idols of Gods and Goddesses are made for festive worshipping. A great place to see the vibrancy of the town and devotion in the making, Kumortuli offers you awesome opportunities to click great pictures.

Other places to see in Kolkata

  • Marble Palace
  • Victoria Memorial Garden
  • Science City
  • Nicco Park
  • New market
  • Holy Dakshineswar Kali Temple
  • Belur Math

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