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Always On The Move – Army Wife Aditi Mathur Kumar

Aditi Mathur Kumar is an author, blogger, traveler, digital media girl and an army wife all rolled into one! Juggling a corporate job and an army husband just didn’t seem worth it, so Aditi decided to take the unbeaten path! And ain’t she glad she did! Enjoying the company of her hubby, while typing away on her laptop – Aditi is now able to enjoy the best of both worlds and the perfect work life balance! Every working woman’s dream come true!

Today, she chit chats with us about what army life has to offer for those married to the olive green.

Is the army life all you hoped it would be? Did you have any exposure to army life before you got married?

Before getting married, I had very little information or exposure to the army wife life, so I did not know what to hope for exactly. According to my very limited and superficial knowledge based purely on Bollywood movies and a couple of army wife teachers in my school, I hoped it would be very opposite of boring, and that it defiantly is. The army wife life is exciting, and it keeps you on your toes – which is a good thing. The army ingrains a certain strength and courage in the wives as well, just by association and it is a beautiful thing for me. Also, the pride that comes with it is unmatched.   

Was leaving behind a fast moving career in advertising for the quintessential life in cant tough? How did you adjust? 

Quitting my job wasn’t tough at all, and I haven’t regretted it ever. Advertising was super fun and I had big career plans, but when it came to picking one out of the two, I chose staying with the husband. It helped that I was in the Digital Advertising field and had plenty of opportunities to work from home on project basis, and honestly I am not sure how I’d feel about leaving behind a career I worked so hard for, if I did not have this advantage. I know I am not fit to teach, and most other corporate jobs require you to be stationed in one city which I can’t commit to. So already being in the internet advertising world was a blessing for me. Also, I took to writing in my free time and it is working out good so far, haha.

What you miss most about your life before army? What are things about army life that you enjoy the most?

I sometimes miss living in Delhi/Gurgaon because of the exposure, opportunities, access and quality of life (my kind of life, that is – fast, fun and productive with friends close by, good schools for my kid etc. Might not be everyone’s idea of a quality life, I understand).  The things about Army life that I enjoy the most are the green cantt area and the opportunity to explore India with every new station.

What are some things about army life that you love to hate?

The recent outbursts about the functioning of the Army on all news channels and social media upset me a lot. I read somewhere that if we as a nation, sincerely want to extend our support for the Armed Forces, the best way to start is by ensuring our soldiers have the wherewithal to do what our nation asks them to do. And by assuring the soldier who goes to safeguard our borders in extreme conditions that he doesn’t have to worry also about watching his back. The Indian Army is constantly fighting a battle against terrorism and can do without this dirty name calling and blame games.

You wrote your first book when you were pregnant and your husband was deployed. Most women would have been anxious and unhappy. How did you manage to stay motivated and write a best selling novel at the same time?

This question makes me feel so good about myself, ha! The thing is, I had stopped all my freelance work as soon as my second trimester started – mostly because my family didn’t want me working all day. But then my husband urged me to write the book I always wanted to write, saying this was the best time to do it. Fear of boredom motivated me, in a way and full credit goes t my husband for pushing me. I’m glad I wrote it then, otherwise it would have been pushed back to a few more years because writing an article as a new mom is tough enough, a book would have been impossible for me.

Being a travel blogger and an army wife, you must have seen many beautiful places in India. Which cities across India have you lived in? Which places appealed the most to you and why?

I’ve lived in quite a few cities, and have loved the experience of settling down in every new city and town. But my favorite place to live still remains Delhi/NCR for the reasons I mentioned above. A lot of people say that Delhi is too crowded, too fast and too unsafe – all of which is true, but I still like it because I have family and close friends there, and that is all that matters.

Army Wife Aditi


What is your first reaction when your hubby tells you that you’re moving? Have you ever had to move, out of the blue, without any warning? How’s that been like?

Yes, a few times. But when you’re married to the olive green, you need to learn to expect sudden moves. That is one lesson I learnt pretty fast as an Army Wife, and sudden moves doesn’t surprise me anymore. I might get upset at times because of being away, missed birthdays and other occasions, but never surprised. Packing the entire house up and setting up a new place are a different story, though.

Which is the biggest hurdle you feel when packing and moving your entire house so many times?

The fact that I can’t buy fancy furniture that might not handle being moved across the country every few years or so, is my biggest hurdle. I have a lot of things, but everything is bought keeping durability in mind, and during this, design and trends take a hit. I am always stalking furniture websites for offers, though, just for fun. As far as packing is concerned, I am always scared about damage to my crockery but thankfully nothing has been broken as yet.

Do you use packing and moving services when shifting? If yes, How do you finalize on a particular vendor? How has your experience been with the packers and movers that you have used?

Yes, always! Hiring professionals who know what they are doing is always better than stressing it out yourself and ending up in some sort of damage to your furniture, clothes or other items. I always go by local recommendations and online reviews. I finalize the vendor only after comparing a few potential ones on various points like price, reviews, policies etc. is a digital aggregator for packers and movers across India. Would you be open to trying our platform the next time you plan a move?

Definitely. Have already read a few good reviews about it and for the next move, I’m going to put in my compare list.

Being an army life must have made you a moving pro. Do you have any special tips and tricks to share with us?

I’m hardly a pro, but my one advice is: please hire professional mover and packers whenever you can, and don’t dismiss the idea just because you think it is too expensive. Because it’s not, and is totally worth it.

We at wish Aditi the very best in all her future travels and projects!

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Messing with the Mrs – An Army Wife’s Life!

As Indians, we all love and admire our armed forces and our dashing officers in their brassoed ranks. Supporting these amazing men are the equally strong  silent ranks of the army. Yes, I am talking about the army wives – the ones who uproot their entire lives, just to support their soldier.

They have a tough life themselves. The constant house moving, far flung postings and separation from their hubbies does take a toll on them! But as someone said, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Shuchi Singh Kalra, however does one better! She chops them up and makes a mean martini!

Despite having studied medicine, Shuchi Singh Kalra has managed to carve out a successful career for herself as a writer. Taking the constraints of her husband’s job in her stride, she has managed to set up and successfully run the Pixie Dust Writing Studio.


‘Done With Men’ was her first novel in 2014 followed by her second book ‘I’m Big. So What!?’ in 2016. Today she shares with us the ups and downs of army life, followed by some pro moving tips!

How has army life been treating you? Could you tell us how many places you have in India have relocated to?

Frequent moves and the opportunity to set up home in different corners of the country is what I love most about the Army life. Many people I know look at me sympathetically whenever I tell them that we are moving, but nothing excites me more than being a nomad. So far, I have lived in Baroda, Udhampur (J&K), Patiala, Ambala, Secunderabad, Mhow, Leh, Bathinda and Jodhpur. I have moved 8 times so far, in different capacities.

Which of the places that you moved to did you enjoyed the most and why? 

Each place has something unique to offer but I think I had the most fun in Leh because it was like an extended vacation. Comforts and facilities were scarce, there was no internet or even running water but the sheer beauty of the surroundings more than made up for it. It was there that I wrote my second book.

Constantly moving to a new place does take a toll on friendships. Have you been able to keep in touch with friends made along the way?

I am very selective about the friends I make and while I’ve had a good time with many, there are only one or two that I’ve wanted to keep in touch with.

How does it feel living this “nomad” kind of life? How different is it from everyone else’s? Which one would you have preferred?

It is very different and sometimes it is difficult for family and friends to understand too. It is exciting but not convenient, there is novelty but there are long periods of uncertainty and instability too. Despite everything, I wouldn’t trade this lifestyle for anything else.

Despite being an army wife, you have successfully managed to carve out a career for yourself. What are the challenges and obstacles you have face?

The foremost challenge is to get a decent internet connection wherever we end up. Once that is sorted, I am pretty much on track with my work. Army spouses also have a lot of organisational commitments so those sometimes come in the way, but I have somehow learnt to put my foot down whenever necessary.

When you come to know that you have been posted elsewhere, what is your first thought?

My first thought is to hop onto Google and check out all the nice places to eat and see in and around the city.

Does packing, moving and unpacking still seem like a daunting task to you?

It is daunting, exhausting even, but I’m used to it now. It is a good excuse to throw away all the hoarded stuff and deep cleanse the household which is otherwise rarely possible.

Before learning about EZMove, how did you choose a particular Packers and Movers? How has your experience been with them? Would you be willing to try EZMove for your next move?

I have tried packers and movers only once and my experience with them wasn’t that great. They tend to dump stuff in boxes in a very unorganized manner and we ended up with a lot of damaged goods. I’d love to try EZMove for my next posting though – something tells me it’s going to be different.

Do you have any funny anecdote or hilarious moving story?

It’s not really funny but there was this time I decided to be super-organized and Martha Steward-ish with the packing. I numbered the boxes and maintained a diary with a list of each minor item in those boxes, all of which were meticulously numbered. Upon reaching the destination, I realized I had left the diary behind in the old house so I had no clue how and where to look for stuff.

Lastly, since you are a moving pro, could you share a few tips or tricks with our readers?

Do the above and make sure you carry the goddamn diary with you. Better still, make a list of items and tape it on the box for backup.

We at wish Shuchi the very best in all her future endeavors!

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