moving with pets

Moving Home with Pets

Packing and moving to a new home is one of the most stressful tasks that you will encounter. If you have pets at home, it can be stressful for them as well. It is essential to take proper care before and during the moving so that you can avoid the stress your pet encounters. Your pet will be highly stressed between the piles of boxes and moving trucks.

  1. Things to take care during finalizing the house.

It is must to research well about the new neighborhood and house in order to decide if it is pets friendly and safe. Thoroughly check the policies for pets if you are moving to an apartment complex, they usually have strict policies regarding pets. It is always best to look for a building that is pet-friendly.

  1. Ways to reduce the stress while packing up the home

Most pets don’t prefer to change, they will take  time to adjust with the entire packing and moving process. Start with the packing early and if possible you can relocate your pet to a friends place on moving day. This will make sure you both are less stressed. If relocating the pet is not possible, keep them in a quiet room with someone to supervise them at regular intervals. Leave food and sufficient water for them. Ask the moving staffs to keep the particular room off limits during the entire move. Once all the moving is done, you can move out with your pet.

  1. Things to consider if you are planning a long distance drive to new home

You can securely fasten your pet during the car trips. Always put your pet on the back seat, close the windows and lock doors. This will prevent injury during the drive. You can have a prior consultation with your veterinarian about the medications that will subside the stress during travel. Never leave the pet alone in a parked car, it can lead to heat stroke during summer. Take periodical breaks during the drive for walking and stretching. You can also move your pet via Indian Railways.   Moving pets by airlines is also an option to explore.

  1. Things to follow after arriving at new home

Prepare your pet for the move in advance. Maintain your pets regular routine during the packing. Consult your veterinarian for a regular check up to make sure your pet is healthy. In addition to it, you can also carry a health certificate. After moving to your new home, remove harmful things that may be dangerous for your pets like insect repellent, pesticides, medications etc.

Avoid exposed wires and electric cords. Ensure adequate fencing for safety.  After the arrival, examine your pet and offer food and toys so that pet will associate with the new place. Set up the pet’s belongings, it will help your pet to get some familiarity.

You can also take your new pets to the neighborhood, this will help the pets to familiarize with the new place. They will also explore the new locality.  Keep a close watch on the behavioral changes or any change in appetite –  these are short lived and usually gets resolved quickly.

Moving Day CHecklist

The Ultimate Moving Day Tasklist

Moving is a task which must be planned well ahead of time. To make the challenging task easy, we have prepared a moving day checklist.

Task 1: Clearly label all the luggage that you don’t want to Load

This will help the moving staff not to load the luggage that you don’t want loaded in the truck, but are carrying with you on your flight or train. In addition to it, always carry your important documents like mark sheets, birth certificate, in person. Don’t pack and ship them with the other belongings.

Task 2: Pack Important items for the Kids
If you are planning to move with kids, you must pack special items for kids that they need as soon as you arrive at your new place. It can include snacks boxes, medicines, books and color pencils or some toys to keep them engaged. You can ask the moving staff to unload that box at first place.

Task 3: Discard all the Trash and toxic items
Discard all the trash before moving day. Leftover toilet supplies like phenol which can be toxic, should be disposed off properly.  You must avoid building up all the garbage and eliminate before the day of loading. This will add extra efforts during the moving day.

Task 4: Arrange a Parking space for the Moving Vehicle
If you are living in an apartment or a congested location, ask prior permission from the society for parking the moving vehicle. Make sure the moving vehicle is parked close to your house, this will reduce the chances of additional charges.

Task 5: Clear the walking area

It is advisable to make the walkway safe and clear for the moving staff, so that it is easy for them to  get in and out of the house during the entire moving process. Move the potted plants  from the walkways and driveways. Remove the door mats and floor mats, there are more chances of slipping. Remove all the rugs, the screen so that area remains open during the loading process.

Task 6: Pack and Label all the Fragile Items
Keep the fragile and delicate items aside before the moving day. During the moving day, ask the moving staff to take special care while handling the boxes. In addition to this, you can also point out the box that you want to unload at priority for example your kitchen stuff. You can also mention the boxes which are going to storage directly.

Task 7: Take care of moving staff and driver
Acknowledge the work done by the staff by ordering them lunch or a meal. Along with that keep water and juice for yourself and staff on a moving day. During summer, a cool drink can really help to beat the heat. Advise driver and staff regarding the water and food, this gesture will be warmly received. In addition to it, inform about the restroom in advance.

Task 8: Before the Moving Truck Leaves
Make sure to get all the paperwork before you depart for the new home. Give proper details of destination and landmark to the truck driver. Take a last look of the house before leaving, double check all the closets, shelves, attic, storage unit and other places.

professional movers and packers

The Pros and Pros of Hiring Professional Packers.

Packing up the entire household belongings and moving to a new place is a very challenging task. It gets extremely stressful for those  who have a limited time period to move to the new place. The best possible way to do the moving and packing in a hassle free way is to hire a professional packing and moving company, but they certainly come with charges.

I have put together the pros and cons to hire professional packers or to do the packing and moving yourself. You can take an informed decision after weighing both the sides.

Pros and Pros and Pros

  1. Less Stress

You will be stress-free if someone else is packing the belongings since packing is a very hectic and time consuming task. Hiring a professional packing and moving company will save your time and energy. You can focus on other important things in  life like  preparing for the move, taking care of kids, winding up from your office. Hiring packers and movers will reduce the physical as well as emotional stress.

  1. Time Saver

Packing all the household belongings can take few weeks and months. Where as a professional packing and moving company will pack all the belongings in few days. If you are a working professional, you won’t have extra time to pack up everything.

In addition to this, you will lack proper packing material like bubble wrap, foam, cardboard box etc. You must load and unload all the belongings carefully. Those who opt for a moving company will not have to worry  about packing and loading the belongings.

  1. You won’t have to search and invest in moving supplies.

The best part about hiring a packing and moving company is that you won’t have to buy any high end moving supplies. Packers will bring all the packing material like boxes, packing tape, foam cushions, bubble wraps etc. A professional packing company always ensures to make use of best moving supplies and equipment so that all the belongings are properly protected and secured during the transit.

  1. Damage Proof

A reliable and professional moving company will carefully pack, load and unload your belongings in an efficient way. The moving staffs are well skilled and trained to properly pack all the household items.


  1. It is expensive

The first reason people opt not to hire a professional packing and moving company is the money factor. Moving and relocating to a new place is going to cause you extra bucks on top of it hiring movers to pack your belongings can be a pricey affair. Rates are usually calculated according to the weight and volume of shipment.

This can be overcome by using a platform like where you can compare pre-verified vendors and find the best price.

  1. Less Control

Some people prefer to do everything themselves, hiring a moving company will not be a good decision for them. The individual has to hand over the duty to someone else.

If you are planning to hire a moving company, give them proper guidance about what should go where, which will help you exercise some measure of control.

packers and movers chennai

How to Identify if a Moving Company Is Legitimate

Don’t fall for a scam during your next move. If you are paying a huge amount to a moving company then it is important to ensure that the company is legitimate. The moving day is stressful since you are trusting all your precious belongings to an unknown entity. There are several ways to check out the credibility of the packing and moving company

Is the moving company properly licensed and insured?

Before choosing a moving company check all the details regarding license and insurance. You can get the list of the reputable moving company from internet. The moving companies must be registered with the government and must follow regulations. The moving company must be reliable to replace the value of damage items during your shipment.

In some cases the movers will pay 60% damage per item. It is must for the packing and moving company to provide with proof of insurance. Look for additional documents like registration of service tax, PAN card in the company name, functioning current account, ID proof of owner and staffs.
Are there any complaints?

There is no smoke without fire if you see several complaints from the customers, it is a red signal and you must carefully check the reviews and complaints of each moving company. You can also check various social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram etc for the consumer’s complaints and testimonies. In addition to it visit the company physically to double check. Check the way they handle the customer support and post service complaints.

What are the moving reviews?

When you are looking for a trustworthy company, it is very important to check the review of the company. You can also ask  your friends , family and colleagues for recommendations. Pay heed to their personal experiences and suggestions with the different moving company. Be aware that the internet is filled with fake reviews and ratings.

Did the mover inspect your things before giving you an estimate?

It is mandatory for the moving company  person to do  a personal inspection or at least a video survey of your things before providing a quotation. Else you can end up paying  more amount than actual estimation. If they provide you a quote over an email or phone without actually inspecting the household belongings then this is a red flag and can be a scam too. They should not be trusted.

Are they professional?

Besides the license, insurance and reviews consumers should look out whether they are actually professionals, do they have a business email ID and physical office. The moving vehicle is from a reputable transport company? The staffs and drivers are  with the uniform ? Have you received the quotation in official papers with the moving company stamp or just in a random paper etc. Go with your gut feeling.

moving checklist

Your Moving Checklist for when you have to move on short notice

Moving is a tough task but last minute moving can give you nightmare. Moving all the mountain of belongings in a short notice can be very difficult.  Below are few tips to make sure your last minute moving can be done efficiently.

  1. Schedule Packers and Movers

Schedule a moving date, you are comfortable with as you might be required to call few moving companies until you find one you like. Always cross check the moving company reviews, ratings and compare 2-3 quotes. Make sure to ask the moving company to personally visit your home for an estimation. You can also check pre verified packers and movers on

  1. Start looking for new home

Start the house hunting as soon as possible. If you are moving for a new job, your company can be helpful to find a property dealer. Always hire a reliable and experienced real estate broker.

  1. Give notice

Last minute moving can be a stressful job but don’t miss out small details like informing your landlord. Even they need to start looking for a new tenant soon. Always share the specific details with them including the number of notice days.

  1. Sell or donate items

It is best to discard all the unwanted and unused items before showing. Prepare a list of furniture, electronic goods and other belongings that you want to donate or sell. You can make a fresh start at new place too. Trashing a pantry is a painful task, you can save the nonperishable food items and can donate the remains pantry to the local food bank.

  1. Packing

Gather all your moving supplies like boxes, tapes, markers, newspaper etc. Start packing items that you need the least like packing gardening tools, unused kitchen appliances, books, pictures etc. You can also designate a particular unused room to keep all the packed boxes. Start packing one room at a time and label them. Don’t forget to pack the important documents like birth certificate, bank papers, property documents, marriage certificates, mark sheet, passports etc separately and carry these along with you during the travel.

  1. Change the Address

If you found the new place then you can change the mailing address. Let your bank know you are moving.

  1. Utility service providers

Apart from moving and unloading all the stuff at a new place looking for the utility provider is also a tedious task. It is best to call the cable person, plumber, electrical etc early and inform them about the change in address.

  1. Clean the old house

Before leaving  check the closets, rooms and drawers. It is best to hire a housekeeping professional to clean the house before leaving.

packing mistakes

Packing Mistakes Most Novices Make!

Stuffing the entire house into tens of cardboard boxes can be the most tiring and stressful activity for any individual. While doing the entire packing there is bound to be mistakes, some that be quite costly.

Below are most common moving mistakes that people make

  1. Knowing how to pack for the first week at their new house

When moving keep all your essentials handy so that you don’t suffer much at the new place for first few days. Unpacking is also tough, and you make take days and weeks to unpack all your belongings at the new place. It is must to have essential items handy. You should carry things like mobile chargers, toilet paper, towels, first aid boxes, money and some ready to eat food items that you will need during the first few days.

  1. Not planning enough

Have a plan in place during packing. For example where to store dishes, clothes, books etc. Planning this ahead will help you to easily move the boxes at their respective places rather dumping into a room and later waste energy again moving and sorting them.

  1. Overloading boxes

Don’t put too many heavy items in a large cardboard box as there are chances of it breaking during the move. Instead of that, divide all the items equally among boxes and fill the extra space with lighter items like pillows, towels etc.

  1. Packing fragile items the wrong way

Pack all your breakables and antique collectibles with special care. Stuff the cardboard box with bubble wrap or soft pillows to avoid damage. In addition to it label the boxes “Fragile” clearly, so that you can guide the moving staff accordingly.

5. Not labeling stuff

To avoid getting yourself confused during unpacking time, the best way is to make use of clear labeling so that anybody can identify the content of the box easily. This will help the moving staff to handle the belongings carefully.

6. Getting sentimental about non essential stuff

It is very common for us to get sentimental when packing all the old books, photo albums and mementos.  But, often when people start packing all the old stuff which they haven’t seen in years, they get tear-filled memories and emotional which slows down the packing process. You can prioritize the important rooms and get those belongings packed first and then can move to the sentimental items.

7. Forgetting the Final Check

Before handling over the keys double check the closets, cabins, draws etc. Move to the new home knowing nothing was left behind at the old home.

moving day essentials

Easily Overlooked Essentials You Will Need Once You Move

Packing for a move is very stressful and may times essentials are overlooked easily. With all the planning and required packing during the entire relocation process you can easily forget important and small things that you are going to need on the day at your new house. But, many times these small things can make a big difference. Below are 6 easily overlooked essentials that you will need on moving day.

Basic cleaning supplies

The moment you arrive at your new home you expect a picture perfect living room, sparkling floors and clean toilets but that’s not going to happen by itself! Chances are high that the house you are moving won’t be clean and neat when you arrive. Even if the home is cleaned previously, it is going to have dust hiding in the corners and in addition to it, floors are going to get dirty for sure during the unloading and moving process.

Always have cleaning supplies on hand during the day of a move. You can include

  • Cleaning spray
  • Small vacuum
  • Paper Towels
  • Dishwashing detergents and sponges for dishes
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Waste cloths

Cloth Hangers

While packing all your belongings, pack all the cloth hangers in a plastic bag so that you can use it at your new home. After unpacking and organizing the kitchen, assemble your beds. The next important thing is to put all the hangers in the closet, you can hang your clothes as you unpack the boxes containing clothes.


This is the most commonly ignored item, but it is one among the most important items. You are definitely going to need batteries at your new homes, it can be for TV remote, AC, night lamps etc. If you are not sure about the powder during the first day you will require additional emergency lights and batteries.


Make sure you pack all the toiletry items like toothbrush, paste, soap, hand wash etc in a simple toiletry bag, it is the most necessary but often forgotten item.


Always remember the location of the toolbox and make sure you have labeled the box clearly. The toolbox is very important during the initial days of living in a new home. You will need simple tools like measuring tape, utility knife from day one at your new home.

Make sure, the toolbox should include below items

  • Hammer
  • Different sized screwdrivers
  • Measuring tape
  • Nails
  • Utility Knife
  • Cutting Pliers


Don’t forget to pack and carry all the electronic charges. They can be easily get tossed in some random box or left behind in the old house. Carefully pack everyone’s mobile charger, laptop charger and other charging devices in a separate box.  You may not want to spend the initial days at the new house with a dead phone.

Moving abroad

Don’t Forget to Do These 5 Things Before Moving Abroad

Relocating to a new country can be a joyful event for many. The visa paperwork,  looking for a suitable apartment,  change in the time zone all these can however make it  challenging. Other concerns like the language barrier, packing, transportation, storage etc can add more worry. These can be reduced to a great extent, all you need is a reliable moving company, right local consultant to make sure that your international relocation will go seamlessly.

Packing for a move abroad

If you are planning to move abroad, then you require more packing than regular local shifting. You need to let go of stuff like electronics, kitchen appliances as the electronic devices available at India does not support dual voltage. For your laptop and mobile however, it is important to invest in a adapter and converter so that the device can work seamlessly in foreign outlets.  Once you have settled in your new home you can purchase basic electronic appliances like hair dryer, water kettle etc which are compatible with current outlets at your home.

When it comes to the medication, it is not possible to schedule an appointment with a reliable physician before you move abroad. You may be required to wait for few weeks or months. Plan in advance and bring medications necessary for 3-6 months.

Never pack your important documents with your shipment, there are many chances of losing it. Essential documents like birth certificates, mark sheets, medical reports, school records, passport, driving license, marriage certificates etc must be carried along with you safely.

Language and cross-cultural skills training

It is very obvious that one may be unfamiliar with the new language, so it is advisable to get trained before moving to the new place. This will help you to connect with the locals easily. You can also research about the country’s culture, history, politics  by this you can easily mingle with the local people. If this move is due to a new job, ask HR of the company to offer language or culture training.


Navigation in a  new country is very important, you must be aware of the common transportation methods as well as important landmarks, so that you don’t end up lost in the new place. It is best to research about the public transportation, bus routes, trains, rental vehicles etc.

Renting furniture abroad

When you moves internationally, things won’t go as per plan. The furniture can arrive late, lost or damaged, may not fit into your new home etc. The best option is to rent furniture temporarily until the mover arrives with your shipment or you can shop for new. This will save you with huge shipping cost too. It is a good idea to rent essential household furniture while moving to a new country. You can also rent items like vacuum cleaner TV, beds etc.

Storing your belongings

If you are moving to a new country for a long duration then it is best to sell or give away as much as you can. If you are moving for a short duration then it is important to store the item for future use. You can google for self-storage facilities, it is the safe way to store all your furniture, belongings, antiques etc when you move aboard. The price of the storage unit may differ based on size and  specifications.

packers and movers

4 Moving Scams Smart People Generally Fall For

Each year many people fall victim to moving frauds all around the world. It is already stressful to pack all the stuff yourself. So, one thinks to professionals and get the job done smoothly. However, the recent spurt of moving scams has made people think twice, before hiring packers and movers.

Here are some frauds and scams that unscrupulous companies try to pull on customers.

Scam -1: Holding your stuff hostage

The moving company with pack and load all the belongings into their vehicle, drive to the destination. However, before unloading they demand additional money. This can be totally avoided, if you can get the quotation and final bills in writing before hand.

Scam -2: The Shifty Scale

Many packing and moving company charge by volume and weight of the shipment. An unreliable company can quote a low upfront price based roughly on the approximate weight of belongings.

They scale all the belongings by themselves and report a heavier weight of belongings than the estimated weight. They then trick the customers into paying more price than the actual quoted one.  They demand the difference in price to be made immediately.  Ensure you have checked the weight yourself, never pay without checking the weight.

Scam – 3: The broken broker

There are many  companies that provide quotes and finalize a cheaper quote over the phone or mail without even properly investigating the belongings personally. They demand a advance deposit too.

These brokering companies then outsource their customers to random unverified vendors, who don’t live up to the expectations of service.

Scam – 4: The lowball

The lowball is a method by which the moving company with sell items or their services at a lower price than the actual price and afterward the rates are increased to raise the profits. Many customers get scammed by this during the estimation and then face the consequences during moving day. This can be avoided by asking all the details in advance, and not budging once price is finalized.

Have you every been scammed? Share below!