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Packing tips for your next move

When it comes to moving, everyone will give you advice and tips. It is best to get the most benefit from the wisdom of experienced people. Here are some great packing tips which you should never ignore.

  1. Start Early

This is by far the best advice, since packing takes a lot of time than you expect. it is always best to start packing early like doing 1 room a day, this will help you to avoid last minute rush and everything will be done on time.

  1. Declutter

Check all your belongings and decide that do you actually need all these? Get rid or donate the stuff which you haven’t used for ages. All the packing and moving company charge by the total volume. you can save a lot of money and stress if the overall weight is lighter.

  1. Labelling

you should labeling each and every moving box, you can make use of different colors for different rooms. Also, prepare a list of all the content in each moving box, it will be easy for you to find your stuff at new home.

  1. Concentrate on one room at a time

Don’t dump everything into a single moving box and seal tape it. Start concentrating on one room at a time. Plan and pack everything in an organized way and then move to the next room. Once you are done, pack the leftover content of each room as miscellaneous.

5. Choose the correct moving box

Don’t stuff a big moving box with smaller items, put smaller items in small moving boxes and then organize all the small boxes into bigger boxes. Smaller boxes can be easily lost or damaged during the transition.

6. Carry the important documents in person

Always make sure to carry all your essential documents like passport, educational certificate, agreement, cheque book etc along with you. It is very difficult to recreate and get an original copy of important documents if they get lost in transit. 

  1. Insure Valuable items

If you own valuable items like jewelry, artwork, rare and unique collections, it is advisable to protect the items using a moving insurance. You can also contact a third party insurance company to safeguard the valuable items.

  1. Pack necessary items

Always prepare a box with all the necessary items which you will need at your new home. Label the box properly and it should be loaded as the last item onto the moving truck. The box can include essentials like chargers, laptop, towel, a pair of dress, soap, brush, quick meals, toilet paper, sheets, torch, batteries, water bottles, eating utensils, plates etc.

  1. Checklist

Prepare a checklist of each items and the moving boxes that goes into the moving vehicle hand over a copy to your friend or family member who is at the new home . The person can check and receive all the moving boxes . In this way, you can easily track the missing or lost box. Additionally, you can also check for damage of items during the time of delivery.

  1. Control the moving expenses

The moving budget should be prepared in advance, this will help you to plan all your expenses ahead of the task. By this, you can have a control over your can consider using a suitcase, plastic storage boxes, for stuffing you can use towels, clothes, newspaper etc .They are much cheaper than bubble wrap and moving boxes.


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Different Types of Packing Materials

Moving to a new place for a new job or an exciting opportunity can be a big step in one’s life, but it can also be super stressful due to the ever-growing list of things to do. From choosing  a moving company to getting sturdypacking material there is so much to do before the actual move.

If you are planning to move all by yourself, you’ll have to purchase different kinds of packing materials to ensure a smooth move.

Here is the list of different types of packing materials which you can consider.

1. Packing Paper
The newspaper comes handy in packing everything starting from bowls to cups. It is also an inexpensive packing material but the ink of the newspaper can stain your cups, bowls. You can select dye free packing paper so that the ink does not rub off on your vintage cups and plates. You can simply wrap around the items and secure them with some packing tapes. While keeping the wrapped items in the moving box, cover them with a towel to avoid breakage during the moving process.

2. Bubble Wrap
Bubble wrap is another great packing material to protect the fragile items like dishes, artwork, painting etc.Keep your bubble wrap flat and then securely place your item in the middle portion, wrap it and seal with a packing tape.

3. Packing Peanuts
For cushioning , you can make use of packing peanuts to fill the moving boxes.Packing peanuts are made using non toxic sources and are do not have an electrostatic changes hence they will not stick to the clothes and are best for packing and stuffing. It will work as a barrier around the items and prevent shuffling them during the move.

4. Packing Foam
Foam is another best material to secure the fragile and breakable items like glass, ceramics. You can wrap your valuables with foams before placing them inside the moving box. Wrapping them again in a towel or cloth will make it more secure.

5. Household items
You can also use old household items to pack your belongings during a move without spending additional money. You can pack your clothes in a suitcase or can use shirts, clothes to fill space in your moving boxes. It will work as a padding.

6. Boxes
Moving boxes are essential to pack all the belongings. You may have a small apartment or a big house, you need a good amount of moving boxes in different sizes for packing. It is advisable to use the moving boxes to pack books, bathroom items, kitchen items, living room items, toys, small electronics etc.

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Questions to Ask Your Potential Moving Company

Before finalizing a moving company, take time to completely discuss your queries with them. Nothing about moving is easy, the task can pile up and overwhelming. It is crucial to find a reliable moving company with whom you can feel comfortable.

By asking the below-mentioned questions, you can finalize the best packing and moving company which will make the entire moving experience stress free.

Questions related to moving costs
This is the crucial part where customers have questions. Make sure you get a written moving estimation from the moving company.
Below are some questions that will help you to get a clear picture regarding the quotes
1. Are the supplies included in the quotes? If not what are the additional charges?
2.What are the things included in the insurance? what is the cost of additional insurance?
3. What is the form of payment? How much advance should be paid?
4. What factors can have an effect on the moving cost? Would moving on a weekday will reduce the moving cost?

Question related to moving and delivery time
1. How does the company charge? If the charges are hourly, does it also include the travel time?
2.Will my belongings deliver on a committed date or there can be a delay?
3. If I am not available to receive my delivery, what happens in that case?

Questions to ask the moving company
1. Is there any restriction on items or list of the prohibited item during the move.
2. Packing and unpacking will be done by the moving staff?
3. How many moving staffs arrive during the moving day?
4. Will our household belong transferred to another truck during the move?
5. What happens in case of lost or damaged good during the move?

Detailed information about the moving company
1. Whom to contact during the moving day?
2. Who will be the point of contact once the goods are delivered?
3. Are the moving staff well trained? Is their background checked? The moving staffs are on the company payroll or are hired from a third party?
4. Will your company provide a certificate of insurance on request?
5. Can the moving company share testimonials and reference from previous clients?
6. What is your specialization and what makes you different from rest of the moving companies?

Asking these questions from your potential moving company will help you to finalize an excellent moving company. You will have a confidence of being treated well and your goods will be in safe hands.