A knowledge seeker’s guide to the evolving nature of packers and movers company in India

There is a problem with relocation industry in India. That is many people still form a stereotyped idea about any typical packers and movers company here. They equate any such company with a mini truck loaded with riskily-tied luggages; driven by uneducated people, who are more concerned about reaching destination timely, even by ignoring traffic signals. The notion is natural, and you can not blame it on people. There are more packers and movers company than new trees are planted in a polluted suburb, anyone with little resource and capital can start off a relocation business.

So, the mushrooming of such companies in a way has actually polluted the industry, and in some cases made it look very ordinary. But then there are other stories as well. Despite being unorganised and complexly structured, India’s relocation industry; experts say, is surging literally at a rocket speed. The industry shares are consumed by ill-trained, badly educated startups who do not actually understand the industry itself, but on the other side of the coin, there are some good companies who are setting new values and standards and making the industry substantially an important contributor to the country’s economy.

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The Golden Time

In the last decade, a lot of things have changed for relocation industry in India. Demand for relocation increases, new trends have changed the industry norms, customer preferences changed. The growth factors pulled in new scope of demand. The demand however is rooted to some social, and cultural reasons as well.

The rise of nuclear families – With escalated demands and familial obligation, people are opting for separated identity and are leveraging on the scope of nuclear families. This killed the essence of united nature of familial harmony, but helped the relocation industry.

Rise of flat culture – You need expert to climb the stairs, move those heavy belongings around those tiny edges. As flat culture popped up new heights, the demand for relocation industry and packers and movers solutions providers increased.

Migrated population – The demand of job pulls in rural workforce to metros and developed cities. They constitute a demanding ecosystem of cheap labour – attractive to be hired in relocation companies.

Rise in corporate job – People are relocating every now and then than they did in the 80’s. New companies are sending their workforce to new places for work commitments. So, a relocated employee sees in a relocation company a much-needed help in a new city.

The wrong things

Thanks to the all the factors, new companies started up, and the industry grew. But then the industry as said earlier is not organized and it requires some attentive work from industry peers and governments to become more useful to end customers. How it is still not up the mark. We take a look –

There are still cases of cheated packers and movers companies who take up on names of reputed companies and fool customers.

The industry is not regulated. It is unorganized and there is no central mechanism to track its growth

Anyone with little knowledge and resource can start off a relocation. They are mushrooming because there are no governing laws that restrict unlawful growth of the companies

Anyone can not expect an industry to grow too quickly, if it lacks valued growth principles and central mechanism to success.

What’s up tomorrow?

The demand is here to stay as long as India’s economy grows, (the industry remained shock-proof during recession because local consumption acted as cushioning), only thing is the industry requires better and efficient workers and companies. The provision of better work environment, stricter laws to set up and organize companies, tab on unlawful growth of companies and government help to improve the industry work can assist in the formation of a better and improved relocation industry in India.

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