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An Essential Guide for Moving with Children

Moving to a different place is a huge responsibility for everyone, it is more difficult when you are planning to relocate with your kids and spouse. Packing and moving is always a stressful job but if planned properly, it can simplify your entire relocation to a great extent.

Professional packers and movers will help you to do the moving stress-free. It is must to hire a good packing and moving company who have good experience in relocation.

Here is an essential guide for when you are planning to relocate with children

  1. Find out more about the locality before moving into it. Research well about the schools nearby and whether it is a family friendly neighborhood or not Make sure to check the availability of good hospitals, grocery stores and schools nearby to reduce travel time.
  2. It is always a great idea to inform and prepare the children in advance about the moving decision to a new place. Have a clear conversation with them, additionally acknowledge their views. Help them to pack and carry their favorite belongings with them to the new place.
  3. It is best to hire a professional packer and mover for entire relocation, you also must include your kids during the packing process. It is a good learning life experience especially if you have children who are near adolescence or are teenagers.
  4. Involving children in packing and moving will make them more responsible and organized. It will truly be a learning experience for them.
  5. If you are children are under some medical treatment, research in advance for the best and reliable healthcare centers near your new home. It is better to meet the specialist in advance. This will help you to continue the treatment at the new place without any interruption. You can always contact them in the case of emergency.
  6. It is always a good idea to declutter children’s unwanted and used items, you can donate or sell the stuff which your children have outgrown. This will reduce the weight of the shipment, you can also save some money. If you are moving to a hot place like Chennai from J&K, there is no use of carrying winter wears. You will never need them at Chennai.
  7. Once you are aware of the moving, inform the school, coaching centers, activity centers in advance. This will help them to complete the important courses on time, your children will not miss anything. Ensure all the transfer formality of children are completed and they get the transfer certificates too.

If you are planning to relocate with your family, keep all these pointers in your mind. This will make the relocation less challenging with children.


Anjana Bhartia is a foodie, social media enthusiast, book worm and a blogging addict. Married into the armed forces she enjoys moving all over India with her bags, books and dogs in tow! Being an Army wife has made her a moving pro. She loves sharing her tips and tricks to help make your move hassle free!

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