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3 Time-Saving Tips During Move

Relocating to a new place is a huge and challenging task. To pack and shift an house and then rearrange everything in a totally new place, can be daunting for the bravest of us! Time is very crucial when it comes to packing and moving, if you have enough time to deal with the requirements then the entire shifting will end up well. If you’re short on time, the entire move will be stressed for you as well as the people involved.

Packing things in a  hurry can cause damages, sometimes irreversible. In addition to that, if the person is in a hurry then there are more chances to lose important and necessary things. Time management is very important during a relocation.

Here are 3 time-saving tips during the move

Make a Plan

If you are interested in doing things in good time then it is advisable to move as per schedule. Create a checklist and plan the things to do and move accordingly. If the plan is foolproof then it will save you from the mess and hassle of last minute moving.

Carry Less

Transporting each and everything with you will not be a good idea if you are struggling. Make a list of  things that you actually need. You can either sell off or donate the unused or unwanted items. Select the items which are essential and useful for you. This will save a lot of time and money as well since the moving company or the vehicle will charge based on the weight of the shipment. There is no use to pack and carry useless things to a new place.

Get Help

Taking help in shifting is a great help that you can ask your friends and family to do. Only ask for help from those whom you can trust with your belongings. If you don’t have such folks or are not interested in disturbing them, you can always opt for good and reliable packing and moving company. They usually charge an affordable price for their services. In addition to it, moving companies are professional and they can handle the requirement very well and they will take care of entire shifting process.

The entire process of relocation is heavily dependent on the time hence proper planning, preparation is very important so that the entire shifting can be executed seamlessly. With the help of these 3 moving tips, you can save your precious time and can invest on other important tasks.

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7 Things To Do In Your Notice Period

Once you have decided to say goodbye to your current company or planning a switch in near future, below are a few things you should do while serving your notice period. This will be a great way to end your journey in that company in a positive way.

It is always advisable to leave on good terms. Always stay polite and cordial to all your colleagues. Give your organization time to complete all the formalities completely, so that there no hassles in the future.

Your boss must be the first one to know

You may have had tough times with your boss, but your boss must always be the first person in the organization to know about your switch.

Give time to help him absorb the information since he/she needs to plan so that work does not suffer. He may even resolve your issues and request the senior management to retain you. In case you are adamant on leaving, then he may be able to ensure a smooth exit.

Once you have submitted the resignation letter do not take your work for granted and maintain a professional routine. Always follow company protocols since the last impression could last a lifetime. Many make the common mistake of being casual and ignore the work on hand.

Knowledge Transfer and Prepare a good succession plan

An effective succession plan is very important to ensure that work is not hampered. Your employer may want you to complete or submit a final report on all the existing projects before you leave. Make sure you provide complete knowledge transfer about your projects to your replacement.

It is important for your replacement to understand the responsibility and get complete clarity on the status of projects. Introduce your replacement to the current team, clients, and vendors on or before your last visit to them.

Documentation and finances

Procure your relieving letter from your employer so that there is no objection from their end. Make sure you save all your personal data and contacts from the office computer if allowed.  Delete any personal data before handing over official laptop. Check your insurance cover since the insurance sponsored by your employer will elapse as soon as you leave the firm. Have a complete discussion regarding gratuity and PF details and how you can claim them.

Take up a hobby and meet up with friends

After fulfilling the official task, take out time for yourself and for the people outside the office too. Prepare a list of friends who you wish to meet and hang out with. Spend quality time with all your friends because you have ample of time and may not get this chance again.  You can also take up a new hobby or follow your passion like photography, cooking, horse riding etc.

Research about the new job

If you have found a new job, make the best use of the notice period time to research about the roles and responsibility of the new profile. If the new job requires some additional technical skills then you can enroll yourself in various courses (online or offline) to get a detailed knowledge about the area. This will make you feel confident at the new place.

Finalize your relocation plans and packers and movers if using. 

Once you have found the new job in a different city or same city, if there is a need of a relocation then you can start finalizing packers and movers. You can get quotes from different packers and can choose the best, reliable and affordable company. This will save you from last minute hassles.


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How to avoid House-shifting horrors

Everyone is interested in finding the perfect answer to this question! How to look for perfect, reliable and trustworthy packers and movers for home shifting. Since moving home is a hectic task, it is very important to plan, prepare beforehand.

Professional packers and movers will do the job perfectly but they must be reliable. No worries, we will provide you with a cheat sheet to hire the best packers and movers, who will take care of entire home shifting and relocation.

Reviews and ratings

In this digital era, everything is on social media! Reviews and ratings matters the most. You just need only a few minutes to search the information that you need. It is very important to check all the rating and reviews of a mix of customers so that you get an overall picture.

Highly professional and efficient team

The most important thing which you must check is the professional team of packers and movers. The team must be well trained, you won’t get a hassle free home shifting if unprofessional, and untrained people are handling your household belongings.

Some fly-by-the-night packers and movers pick up staff from the street without background verification who may behave unprofessionally. this is usually done by packers and movers to reduce the cost since these people are hired for very less package. But, this may give you a horrific experience.

Last Minute Price Hike

Many local packers and movers usually quote a lower price in order try to get orders. A hike in price can occur anytime without any announcement from unreliable packers and movers once you have finalized them. With your boxes packed and their truck waiting at the door – you will most likely agree to their demands. Protect yourself from such fraudsters by looking for a professional company.


The vehicle used to transport the shipping is also a very important. It is very critical to select the right size of vehicle for the shifting since it will make a huge difference in charges and safety of belongings . Anyway, the charge is determined by the size of the vehicle. Some packers and movers may cheat you by bringing smaller vehicles so that you will end up paying extra for multiple trips.

Proper Packing 

Make sure that the packers and movers make user of more proper packing material for packing the belongings. Items like electronic appliances, antiques, glass items etc need special packing materials, if not packed properly they can be  damaged. Many Packers don’t make use of proper packing material. This is generally done to cut cost and unskilled workers doing the packing with non standard packing material is a recipe for disaster.

Damage and transit care

Non reliable packers and movers will not be concerned about the safety of your belongings as they know customers rarely approach them for the second time. Many vendors don’t have a policy for the protection of belongings, they usually don’t have a damage cover for accidents during the transit. Repeated attempts to reach the vendors will be in vain once the payment is done.

After service customers care 

Majority of packers and movers don’t give much importance to the post services as there is very less chance of customer coming back to them. Any post shifting complaints like loss of good, damage etc are ignored by the company.

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Top 10 Companies to Work For in India

India is very popular for its IT talent across the globe, there are several desirable and best companies in India to work for. Below are the list of top 10 companies to work for in India. These companies have got everything starting from the workplace to benefits to career growth.

Google India

Google India holds the first rank with total employee strength of 1500+. It India was founded in the year 2004. Google is a dream company for everyone but the company is very selective about the employees. The highly efficient team of Googlers in India have excellent problem-solving skills, they are a team player, highly ambitious and they follow delivery on time.

American Express India

American Express India is one among the top preferred company among all the youth. It has a total employee strength of 10,500. The practice at  American Express are old and established. They are highly effective and result driven. The Indian  American Express office has the highest number of the employees outside the United States of America.

Ujjivan Financial Services

Ujjivan Financial Services was founded in the year 2005 and has an employee strength of 8000  employees. The employees are motivated by the nature of their work, there are no specific job titles and the best part is the CEOs does not have any dedicated personal secretary.

Teleperformance India

With the total employee strength of 5000, Teleperoformace generates 70 % of it business through call center operations. It was found in the year 2001 and has no HR department.

Godrej Consumer Products

Godrej is a very popular name in Asia which demands and works on excellent return. The company has grown because of the empowerment it offers to its employees. It has a total strength of roughly 2500 dedicated employees.

Marriott Hotels India

Marriott Hotels follows strict rules i.e. they don’t follow the hierarchy. This company follows well-planned strategies and proper initiatives are taken for the betterment of the employees.

SAP Labs India

SAP Labs India was founded in 1998 and it follows a transparent culture and it believes in innovation. It has a total employee strength of 5000 smart working people.

The Oberoi Group

The Oberoi Group is a prestigious group of hotels in India.  Their empowered team makes sure they match the expectation of their esteemed customers. A wonderful place to work, if you’re in the hospitality industry.

Lemon Tree Hotels

Doing things right is the main goal of Lemon Tree Hotels. The specialty about this hotel is ‘ commitment to employing the physically challenged. Many of their employees have gone through training like learning sign language. This sure is a company that looks after it’s employees!

Intuit India Product Development Center

Intuit is very popular for creating collaborative atmospheres to its employee and the best part about Intuit is that designations don’t define people. It was founded in the year 2005.

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7 Hidden Destinations you must visit near Bangalore

Silicon Valley of India is very famous for its wonderful weather that generally lasts throughout the year. Bangalore is the most beautiful destinations in South India with picturesque landscape,  historical treasures and natural beauty. Bangalore is surrounded by beautiful places which are great options for weekend getaways. So pick nay of these and you won’t be disappointed.


Murudeshwara is 497 kms away from Bangalore. It is a famous pilgrimage and beach destination which is extremely popular for its picturesque view. Enjoy the view of the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. Apart from pilgrimage, it is also a popular beach retreat. It is a beautiful place to watch the mesmerizing sunset. In addition to it enjoy  Murudeshwar Fort and wonderful beaches. Visitors can enjoy boating, snorkeling, and scuba diving too.

It is located on the banks of Cauvery river. You will witness a breathtaking view of twin waterfalls named Gaganachukki and Bharachukki. They are one among the top 100 waterfalls in the world. In addition to it, you can also visit Ranganathan Temple dedicated to Goddess Cauvery. This place is popular for the Hydro-Electric Power Project.

Hogenakkal Falls

Hogenakkal Falls is 180 Kms away from the city, it literally means smoking rocks. It got its name because of the smoke like mists that fills the air when the water falls down on the rocks.You can enjoy the mesmerizing view and can also get a peaceful bath in the waterfalls after a relaxing massage. These falls are said to have healing properties.


It is a great destination for all the adventure lovers and trekking folks, it is located about 60 Kms away from busy city.  Skandagiri’s  beautiful and scenic views is a visual delight for all nature lovers. This place is extremely popular for night trekking.


Agumbe is a beautiful village located in Shimoga district. It is popularly known as “The Cherrapunji of the South”. It is a great place for all the trekking and photography lover. Agumbe Venugopalakrishna Temple is another tourist attraction, it is famous for beautiful structure and peaceful area. It is located at a distance of 380km from Bangalore.


Bekal is a small town on the West coast of the state of Kerala. The giant keyhole shaped Bekal Fort is the main attraction. It offers an amazing view of the Arabian Sea from its tall observation towers. This place is also surrounded with a beautiful beaches and forts. Travelers can enjoy water sports facilities at Bekal.


Honnemaradu means golden lake and the name is derived from Honne tree. It is 392 kms from Bangalore. If you are a nature lover, then this place is a must visit for you, enjoy watching greenery, birds, and butterflies. It is a heaven for different water games. You can get the most spectacular views of the sunrise and sunset at  Honnemaradu.

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Top 10 online Job Portals in India

Good opportunities are hard to come by, which is why one must actively look for one! This applies more so, when it comes to changing one’s job. Earlier people used to keep running from one job consultant  to another with their experience certificate and mark sheets, which was really time-consuming and a frustrating process.

Online job forums have gained huge popularity in recent times and they have helped people to get employment of their choice. Online employment sites help individuals to discover the jobs as per their qualification through a simple mouse click.

Below are Top 10 online Job Portals in India

  1. is the top among all the job portals which maintains a network of professionals. It is a great platform to look for employment and it helps you to get connected to the experts who share same point of interest . It is a great platform to get lucrative job opportunities in various domains.

  1. is one among the most popular online job sites in India, this online job portal allows the job seekers to search and apply for latest jobs. In addition to it, this job portal is helpful in assisting employers to find suitable candidates to work for them. The positive part about this job portal is the reliability of service, user-friendly interface etc. Candidates can also create an appealing resume here, in an easy manner.


It is another job portal which has got huge popularity in short span of time. Employees, both experienced and freshers can get professional assistance. This job portal has an additional feature by which candidates can prepare impressive resumes and land up with the best jobs in various fields.

  1. is a popular portal which helps candidates to search job opportunities across the globe, candidates also receive email alerts about the job.

  1. is another leading online job portal that allows candidates to look for a job as per their qualification. It has additional advantages like interview preparation, it keeps candidates personal details confidential (if they need).

  1. is a website which is getting popularity among the online job searchers. This website covers all domains of the job search. It also includes Government Jobs, Banking, Teaching, IT Jobs, Defence Jobs etc.

  1. is helpful for those who are looking for additional information apart from a suitable job opportunity. It helps to fetch relevant information like interview tips, salary expectation from experienced employees etc.

  1. is extremely helpful for those who are looking for a career in private sectors. It provides an opportunity for those who have just finished their 10th or 12th. It is also a  great platform for those who have professional degrees like B Tech, MCA etc.

  1. website is dedicated for freshers who just graduates and are looking for jobs in relevant areas. Many freshers can seek this portal to find their first job.

  1.  website is a reliable job portal which helps the candidates to search jobs in various fields like finance, sales & marketing, consulting, HR, IT, Legal, BPO etc.

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Great Moving Advice To Keep In Mind When Moving Your Apartment

Moving an apartment leaves you stressed, sleep deprived and annoyed, doesn’t it? Moving can begin to feel like a never-ending task and the time is never enough! Even with helpers around you will find it extremely hectic.  There are few things which can be organized well to make the shifting as smooth as possible.

Try Not to Procrastinate

The concept of working best under pressure doesn’t apply to packing and moving!  It is best to start early with all the packing as it will save you from last minute hassles. It is best to book packers and movers a few days in advance.

Prepare a Checklist

Start the planning in advance and prepare a checklist of things to be taken care of. There are many things which will be forgotten during the home shifting.

Do Not Overspend on Supplies

You can save a lot of money on supplies buy purchasing second-hand boxes to pack your stuff. You can also make use of buckets, bed sheets,  suitcases to pack your things. You can wrap your valuable items in clothes and towels, you won’t even need bubble wrap!

Prepare Your Luggage

Besides collecting the packing supplies and doing the packing. It is also important to safely pack all the furniture and other valuable items. You can dismantle it, pack the atachments of furniture carefully to avoid damage during shifting. Pack all the fragile items carefully, wrap it in a cloth or towel to prevent breaking during the transit.

Don’t Count Too Much On Your Friends

We all have great friends who undoubtedly help us when required. You may think that you don’t need movers because you can manage the shifting with your friends but it is better to call professional local movers and packers. They can do all the packing and move smoothly. You friends can help you during unpacking and make it a fun activity as there won’t be an stress of a deadline!

Secure Important Documents Beforehand

Prepare a file with all the necessary documents for traveling and all the moving receipts and paperwork. Keep important personal documents like rent agreement,  property documents or bank documents etc safe with you. Don’t pack them in a box which you may not be able to access easily.

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How to Organize a Small Closet

It is great to find a beautiful dream home but what if it has a small closet? We cannot always do a home search based on the size of closets. If you have a small closet in your home, I can share some advice on how to organize a small closet. You will be surprised to know just how much you can fit in those tiny closets.

The effective way to organize a small closet is to clear everything out of the space. By this, you can easily start with organizing the closet until it is done completely. You should not be leaving the pile for a long duration, else you need to deal with wrinkles.

Storage issue of the closet can be due to two reasons either the closet is really too small or you just have too many clothes.  A little of both can also be possible.You can get few large boxes and sort your clothes. You can donate or sell unused clothes too. Try not to create a pile of “may be” clothes. This will unnecessary occupy the place and will stick around for no good reason at all.

There can be many clothes which can stay in your closet year-round but seasonal items like heavy sweats and wool pants have no business during summers and you won’t need shorts, cotton pants during winters.

In order to start anything a proper planning is very essential, it is not necessary to stick to it completely. If you are planning to invest in organizational products, you need to have a clear idea about your requirement. You can make a note of all the essential and can prepare a detailed layout to make the most of every inch of available space.

Helpful Small Closet Organization Tips

It is not necessary to actually shop for fancy different organizational product to organize a small closet. The market is flooded with several options, you may be tempted at times.You need to plan ahead, this will at least keep you on track. You can do a little research on the available product at the market, choose the best which you genuinely require.

Fabric Bins

Fabric Bins can be easily installed or can be used as a top shelf in the closet. They are available in almost all the colors. These are perfect for socks, tie, undergarments, belts, scarves, hair accessories etc.

Include  a Rod

You can create an additional room by adding a rod to a small closet. This will double the space. You can hang lightweight garments.

Curtain Rings

You can make use of curtain rings as a hanger to organize dupatta, scarves, and ties etc.

Use the Back of the Door

The back of that closet door is often ignored. You can hang a pocket shoe holder, multiple accessory bags, hooks, towel etc.

Unused Boxes

We may have several unused boxes taking up space, this can be used to organize tees, kids clothes, skirts, etc.

Hanging Bags

A multi-pocket hanging bag can fix behind the door can be a fantastic storage space saver. You can use it to organize your hair accessories, wallets, hankies etc.

Hanging Shelves

If you are at a rented place and cannot mount physical shelves on the wall. You can look for vertical hanging shelves with the rod. They are good at holding clothes weight. The market is flooded with beautiful hanging shelves, you can use it to organize your kid’s clothes and accessories.

Did you find these tips helpful? Share below!

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Efficient Moving Tips From Packers and Movers

Moving is a time-consuming task. Being efficient will ensure everything is done perfectly. There are several ways which can make the entire moving process smooth and easy. You can plan your move ahead of time and can organize it efficiently to avoid any hassle.

Below are few simple tricks which you can follow during packing and moving.

Tricks to pack your stuff efficiently 

Plan the packing in advance, specially those task which needs extra preparation. Like bubble wrapping all your fragile items and collectibles.

Start packing all those things which you will need least, like winter clothes or books.

You can pack the breakable items beforehand, like the kitchen crockery, aquariums, antiques, etc. Make sure to use extra boxes and add lots of cushioning material to ensure the items are secure inside the boxes. When done in a hurry, they can be damaged. So, pack them first before anything else and get them out of the way.

When packing things that have multiple attachments, pack each one separately. For example a lamp, remove the bulbs and wrap it separately to avoid damage.

You can pack all the small items together and label them. Another efficient way is to dismantle big items into small parts and pack them together and label them individually.

Once you have done packing the boxes, you can number  them. Make a list of items that are in each box as it will be helpful during unpacking in the new home.

You can make use of blankets, to pack large items. You can also use a suitcase to pack important documents or fragile items. It will also save some money from buying packing materials.

 Calculate the moving expenses and evaluate each and every expense, this will help you to keep a track of your expenditures.

Make sure to take care of all the little details like making a change in your address at banks, mobile bills etc. Collect all the pending items from your dry cleaners or something which you may have given for repair.

Once you have reached your new home, place every box at the respective room where it belongs. Like, place the kitchen boxes in the kitchen, hall should have all the furniture and TV unit etc.

When you are looking for packers and movers, get quotes from multiple moving companies. You can compare and opt for the reliable and efficient moving company. This will ensure, you are protected from fake movers who are out to make a fast buck.


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Cheap Moving Tips: Save Money When Moving House

We all know home shifting is a huge task and also a stressful experience. Hiring the correct movers and packers can be challenging and expensive too. It is natural that you would look for cheaper ways to move.

Below are some moving tips which will be helpful to save money during your home shifting.

Make a Budget – And stick to it! 

A well-prepared budget will help you to plan all your expenses well, you will also be able to identify areas which will require more financial spend. This will ensure you to have a proper control over your expenses and be prepared for a contingency.

Select the right time to move out

It is advisable to select a tentative moving date, this will help you to plan better and save on costs. Many professional packers and movers may give you a discount price in case of an advance booking.

Save time to save money

We all know time is money, isn’t it! Planning everything in advance will save time. You can also create a moving schedule which will help you to have a perfect plan for the moving day. This will also avoid any last minute hassles. Service providers have been known to charge a premium for last minute services, so beware.

Search the best value for money offer

Sometimes the “cheapest” offer can cost you in other ways! Do proper research and list down good professional packers and movers and get the price estimates from each one of them, compare the quotes carefully. Going for the cheapest, may cost you  more later! These kind of service providers, will initially quote less, but will demand more at the last minute. Their unethical practices may also cause damage to your valuables. Choose the best value for money offer which provides excellent services at affordable price.

Move less stuff

The best tip for moving on a budget is to clear all the unused and unwanted stuff. Discard or donate all the stuff which you don’t need anymore. The overall cost of transit is based on the volume of your shipment.

Sell your unwanted items to make money

It is important to have knowledge of saving money during home shifting, but it will be even great to make money before moving out. Sell all your old stuff and make money. Once you have decided what to take during the move then sell off the remaining things on various websites like Olx, eBay etc.

Get moving boxes free of cost

Save money on packaging material by using some cardboard boxes when moving.  Save money on packaging by contacting your local “raddiwala” if you have time.  Our home is  full with almost all the packing supplies which we can use effectively to save some money. And the best part is that they are 100 % free of charges. Old newspapers and even bedsheets can be used as cushioning material.

Pack all you can by yourself

You can save more money during the move by packing all your regular stuff which do not require special packing material. You can pack all your clothes, shoes, books etc at your home by yourself and you can also take help from few friends. This will reduce a lot of packaging material and will also save money.

Organize a self-move

If you are planning to move on a tight budget you can take help of your friends and family for packing and moving.You can also get a moving vehicle of the right size that will be available in a reasonable amount. This is the cheapest way to move locally, you can arrange and execute a do it yourself (DIY) home shifting.

Explore your job relocation options

If you are moving to a different location due to your work then major companies are willing to pay a fixed amount as moving expenditure. It is important to explore the possibilities and try to negotiate full or at least partial moving compensation.

Or you could just leave it all up to us! We, here at use a propriety software to find you the most reasonable quote from pre verified vendors!