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How to Organize a Small Closet

It is great to find a beautiful dream home but what if it has a small closet? We cannot always do a home search based on the size of closets. If you have a small closet in your home, I can share some advice on how to organize a small closet. You will be surprised to know just how much you can fit in those tiny closets.

The effective way to organize a small closet is to clear everything out of the space. By this, you can easily start with organizing the closet until it is done completely. You should not be leaving the pile for a long duration, else you need to deal with wrinkles.

Storage issue of the closet can be due to two reasons either the closet is really too small or you just have too many clothes.  A little of both can also be possible.You can get few large boxes and sort your clothes. You can donate or sell unused clothes too. Try not to create a pile of “may be” clothes. This will unnecessary occupy the place and will stick around for no good reason at all.

There can be many clothes which can stay in your closet year-round but seasonal items like heavy sweats and wool pants have no business during summers and you won’t need shorts, cotton pants during winters.

In order to start anything a proper planning is very essential, it is not necessary to stick to it completely. If you are planning to invest in organizational products, you need to have a clear idea about your requirement. You can make a note of all the essential and can prepare a detailed layout to make the most of every inch of available space.

Helpful Small Closet Organization Tips

It is not necessary to actually shop for fancy different organizational product to organize a small closet. The market is flooded with several options, you may be tempted at times.You need to plan ahead, this will at least keep you on track. You can do a little research on the available product at the market, choose the best which you genuinely require.

Fabric Bins

Fabric Bins can be easily installed or can be used as a top shelf in the closet. They are available in almost all the colors. These are perfect for socks, tie, undergarments, belts, scarves, hair accessories etc.

Include  a Rod

You can create an additional room by adding a rod to a small closet. This will double the space. You can hang lightweight garments.

Curtain Rings

You can make use of curtain rings as a hanger to organize dupatta, scarves, and ties etc.

Use the Back of the Door

The back of that closet door is often ignored. You can hang a pocket shoe holder, multiple accessory bags, hooks, towel etc.

Unused Boxes

We may have several unused boxes taking up space, this can be used to organize tees, kids clothes, skirts, etc.

Hanging Bags

A multi-pocket hanging bag can fix behind the door can be a fantastic storage space saver. You can use it to organize your hair accessories, wallets, hankies etc.

Hanging Shelves

If you are at a rented place and cannot mount physical shelves on the wall. You can look for vertical hanging shelves with the rod. They are good at holding clothes weight. The market is flooded with beautiful hanging shelves, you can use it to organize your kid’s clothes and accessories.

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How to trim away the not-so-useful stuff from your home

Only a couple of weeks away from moving to another city? Or to another country perhaps? If yes, certainly you will have numerous things to do before you relocate. If you are shifting to an apartment/flat from a house or shifting to a far away location where carrying all stuff can be an expensive affair, downsizing your home can prove to be a good solution.

Let’s prepare to trim your home belongings

If you have no clue where and how to start downsizing your home, following tips will help you begin.

Make it clutter free

Get rid of any clutter or garbage in your home. They can be broken tools, non-functioning electronic items, old-fashioned clothing and any other stuff that you no longer use. There can be many things in your garage, garden, storeroom, basement and in any other part of your home that you have forgotten about since years.

Clean your vehicle

If you often leave toys, bottles, snack containers, pouches, wrappers or any other thing in your car. Check all seats and trunk of your vehicle and clean them properly to make your vehicle ready for the move.

How to determine what’s not worth carrying

Here are 4 useful tips which will help you decide what stuff you should carry with you and what you should not while moving to a new place.

  • Usability: If the item is broken, torn or worn out then you will no longer able to use them. Chances are you may find many such items in your home and it makes sense to shear away them before you start packing for the move.
  • Outdated fashion: Let’s face it. If you are a great fashion enthusiast, carrying those old style accessories, shoes and apparels which you haven’t not used for last one or more years doesn’t seem a viable choice.
  • Emotional attachment: Some items like gifts from your loved ones, souvenirs from your trips, and heritage stuff from your parents or grandparents hold a high emotional value. If you really want to have them for lifetime, you can carry them along to your new home. Else, you can toss them away!
  • Space Constraint: Make sure you consider the available space at your new home. If you think the house you are moving to doesn’t have ample space to fit all your furniture and belongings then figure out which items you can leave behind. Give attention to items that are bigger in size and occupy more space. For example, if your new home isn’t fit for the heavy and larger than normal size sofa, it makes sense to avoid packing it!

Hope these tips will help you determine what you really need to pack and what you can toss away before you move!

Have some more questions for downsizing your home? Our friendly experts are here to help you!

Shifting? Tips to pack your fragile items

Relocation ensues packing all your beloved items with utmost care to ensure that they end up in one perfect piece at your new address. Since all these cherished pieces have some or the other memories attached to them, we pack it with utmost love and care. But sometimes in spite of being so careful, they tend to break in transit. To avoid such mishaps we have brought together these tips which will ensure that your favourite glass set and that Photo frame gifted by your best friend doesn’t even get a scratch when in transit.
1. For all those exquisite crockeries, line up the boxes with bubble wraps and newspapers or foam fillers.
2. Be patient when packing the fragile items, do not pile them up and wrap it with a single sheet of paper.Each piece needs to be wrapped with paper and then put in the boxes.
3. When putting them in the boxes, always ensure that the heaviest item is stored at the bottom and then go ahead with the lighter items as you fill the box.
4. Fill the empty spaces in the boxes with either newspaper or foam pellets.


5. Cross the photo frames with a tape and protect the corners with Foam corner protectors.
6. When packers and movers are employed, ensure they do not mishandle any of your products and label the boxes Fragile Handle With Care.
7. Put a foam plate in between two plates, because this acts as a cushion for your favourite plates from your wedding dinner set.
8. If you are not getting your fragile items packed by the packers and movers, then start packing the fragile items at least a week in advance.
9. When packing Lamp Shades, box it down and put it flat side up in the box and make sure you do not put anything heavy on it because this might cause damage to your Lamp shade.
10. All the delicate and expensive items should be packed separately and put in individual boxes before storing them in the cartons.
11. After wrapping the glassware’s and crockeries with newspaper put a cello-tape around it so that the packing stays.
12. Before you seal the carton, add a final layer of packing material for e.g. bubble wrap, newspaper, foam pellets etc. so that it acts as a cushion.
These pointers will definitely come in handy when you shift your entire household, and even if you employ packers and movers for the same, you can always ensure that they follow these tips and give you a stress free relocation.

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How to ensure smooth and hassle free relocation from Noida

New Okhla Industrial Development Authority, which we all famously know as Noida is well known for its wide roads, excellent maintenance and modern living. Noida has achieved a lot since its existence on 17th April 1976.With these attractive features one can fathom the displeasure it causes when one is required to relocate from a city with such dynamic qualities.

In almost all the cities one has access to Packers and Movers who take care of the entire shifting process, thus making it a lot easier for the customers. Though it is easy to locate Packers and Movers in Noida, but how does one ensure smooth and hassle free relocation.To get a clear picture on that what is smooth and hassle free relocation in noida?

Smooth and hassle free relocation starts from selecting a reliable Packers and Movers in Noida and follow the tips when moving house.

How to find a reliable Packers and Movers in Noida?

These are the following things to keep in mind when selecting a genuine Packers and Movers

  • Select a reputed Packers and Movers and before confirming always read their online customer reviews.
  • Do not forget to meet a representative in person before finalising the Packers and Movers.
  • Ensure that the estimate given includes the insurance as well.
  • Select Packers and Movers who offer insurance from a  reputed firm.
  • Read the fine print and ensure they do not have any hidden costs.
  • Check if they have the right kind of packing material.
  • Do not go for the one who quote the least, chek their history in service quality as well.

 Standard tips when moving house:

  • Make sure that the side of the boxes are labelled correctly.
  • Click a picture of your T.V cables , so that when it comes to unpacking in the new house you know exactly how it works.
  • Get rid of all the extra things that you will not need.
  • Keep all the essentials that you need right after you move in, in a separate bag .
  • Defrost the refrigderator a day before the shifting.
  • Keep the new house keys within your reach.
  • Reach the new place and get it cleaned before the Packers and Movers arrive.
  • After all the boxes have arrived set up the bedroom and the kitchen first.

With these tips and a reliable Packers and Movers one can certainly ensure that their shifting is easy and convenient.If one is looking for genuine Packers and Movers one can always check online on EZMove.in , an online portal which assists in selecting genuine Packers and Movers.


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What employers can do to make their employees relocations easier

In today’s corporate world, one question inevitably asked is whether one is willing to relocate on the account of work or not? When an employee gets transferred, the spouse often accompanies, without the promise of a job. There are very few companies who recognize the importance of an accompanying spouse or commonly known as a trailing spouse. We actually prefer to constructively call them as the supporting spouse.

Who is a supporting spouse?

A supporting spouse or a travelling spouse is the one who takes complete responsibility of the household and accompanies the better half who gets relocated on work assignment. In most cases it is often the wife who accompanies her husband when he relocates for work.

The supporting spouse gives her relentless support to the family and ensures they are comfortably settled in the new place. She looks into the minute requirements of each and every family member and is definitely the unheralded hero of the family.

What happens to the supporting spouse post relocation?

Once the relocation process is over and the family is settled into the new place, it is the accompanying spouse who is still trying to settle in because what one does not realise is that she has left an important part of her life behind to be with the family.

For a wife who has left her job, her identity, and her social circle will often feel abandoned because the husband is busy adjusting to the new job profile and she is left playing the role of both the mother and the father. Gradually the wife becomes unfocused, feels blotted out and craves for social interaction. This continued sense of distress often leads to negativity and ultimately dissatisfaction.

While on the other hand the husband is not only having new experiences but is also making new acquaintances.

Why should the company have a plan for the supporting spouse?

The tendency of dissatisfaction in the supporting spouse might also result in them persuading the husband to move back to the old place. This may also give rise to familial tensions, which will ultimately start affecting the performance of the employee.

As an employer one should not discount the personal issue of an employee. A company stands to lose a decent amount which was invested in relocating the employee – if the employee were to request for a transfer back to the old office.

What should the company do to make it easier for the employee?

From the perspective of a company they can always arrange a welcome dinner for the couple, this way the travelling spouse not only meets her husband’s new colleagues but she also gets an opportunity to interact socially. One must always remember that man is a social being and this small gesture will definitely create a lasting impression in the heart of the employee and his wife.

The company can arrange for career counselling sessions for the supporting spouse. To familiarise the couple with the new place they can always arrange a day tour around the city. They could also create a relocation pocket journal which will assist the spouse in locating the good schools in the vicinity, nearest hospitals, gas connection office, bank address, famous restaurants and weekend getaways around the city.

These small actions often pay off in the long run for a company, as this will make the employee feel cared for. A company which gives importance – not only to the employee but also to the spouse will definitely gain a new found respect in their hearts. And don’t we all know that a Happy Spouse will keep a Happy House.

In case you are looking for an online platform to help your employees relocate, do get in touch with us.

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Case Study on the experience of Snehaa Karthik while searching for Packers and Movers in Hyderabad

This is an exhaustive case study based on the experience of Snehaa Karthik who was looking for Packers and Movers in Hyderabad. She shares her entire experience using an online relocation platform and her suggestions on how it could be improved.

Can you tell us something about what your relocation plans were? Which city were you planning to move to? What was the time span you had? What all were you planning to move?

I was residing in Hyderabad for quite some time. After receiving another job offer I had to relocate to Pune. And there was no plan beyond that. I had like a week to figure out what my plan should be and execute it.

How did you go about looking for suitable packers and movers? Did you consult anybody?
I did try out the traditional means but then there were no guarantee that I would the delivery on time and too much variation in terms of prices.

How did you chance upon EzMove.in?
I was told about it by a friend who had come across it when surfing the net.

How was our platform to use? Did you find it difficult or easy?
It was rather easy on the whole. There was just small hiccup when listing the items I needed to move but it was no big deal.

Did you find the quality of quotes you received to be fair?
Very much so.

What features/attributes of EzMove did you find most useful or helpful?
The move co-ordinator! That is a genius idea! The guy comes down takes a look and goes back. You have a quote in a day and then he turns up the day you call him and makes sure it is all done right! I mean he even calls half an hour to make sure that they are heading to your location on schedule.

What was the least appealing feature about this service?
None what so ever.

If you were to review EzMove what score would you give it out of 10 in terms of usability?
I would give a 9.

Is there anything you didn’t get from EZMove that you were looking for?
No, EZMove lived up to all the promises made.

Would you recommend the EzMove platform to a friend?
Yes, definitely! I also plan to use EZMove only, going forward.

How can we improve EzMove? What are your ideas and suggestions?
As I said, a small hiccup while listing the goods. Fix that and you guys will look great.

Did you finally end up choosing EzMove? If yes, please answer these specific questions:

Was your relocation smooth and hassle free?
Yes, the move was completely hassle free!

Were you satisfied with the service quality of the packers and movers?
Yes, very satisfied.

Were you kept updated about the movements of your truck?
No, but then it turned up dot on time so it was fine.

Did you receive all your goods safely?
Yes, all my goods were safe and sound.

Did you find anything missing or damaged?
No. Everything was perfect!

How was the team that helped you unpack?
Brilliant. It took them less than an hour.

Overall, what were the major differences you felt between ordinary packers and movers in Hyderabad and the EzMove service?

Significant. It was better, quicker and more professional.

Is there anything you would like to say to the EZMove team?

I had like a week to get everything done and move to Pune for work. And I did not think it was possible. Which when you guys stepped in. Your services have surpassed my expectations by a long shot. It began with ease with which I could input my details followed by a very quick response from your end. Not only did I get extremely competitive prices, you even helped pick the best choice in terms of the quickness in delivery. And that was definitely my priority. Your move coordinator made the entire process seem like a breeze!

The icing on the cake? They met their delivery schedule. The icing on the icing on the cake? Nothing was damaged or missing. The cherry on the second layer of icing? There were no hidden charges at all!

P.S I picked unison’s and those guys are damn quick. Like my 2 bedroom house was packed and neatly loaded in an hour or so! And they make it look really cool too! Keep this up and you guys will be setting the standards for the service industry pretty soon. Good luck!

Overall, Ms. Snehaa was extremely satisfied with her experience using the relocation platform; the process of looking for a competent packers and movers in Hyderabad was much easier than she had anticipated it to be.

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Life in Pune

Pune, the cultural capital of Maharashtra, is famous for many, many things! Here are seven fun trivia related to life in Pune which every Punekar or anyone who has lived in Pune would know! We hope you enjoy our info-graphic on the beautiful city of Pune.

pune infographic

Café Durga is one of the best known restaurants of Pune. For Punekars coffee means – Cafe Durga.

We all are well known with famous Maharashtra snack that is “Wada pav” but in Pune people from all parts of the city travel to JJ Garden, at Camp just for a Wada Pav. Maharashtrians are very fond of their food, never ever criticize their favourite food joints like Joshi Wadevaale in front of them.

Though Pune is cosmopolitan and always welcome outsiders, with 50% off its population being a combination of North Indians and Tamilians, you will have maximum friends with the surnames Joshis, Kulkarnis, Deshpandes and Wagles.

Although all festivals are celebrated whole heartedly in Pune but Ganpati Puja is one of the most important prestigious festivals. Pune is famous for having pandals playing D.J. music instead of Bhajans.

Pune, being poor on public transport, is littered with biker boys!  They prefer to use these bikes, less for riding and more for chit chatting.

Aunty Ki Chai is one of the most popular night destinations for youngsters. Lady name Sunita Pramod Agarwal so called Aunty Ji serves tea on setting a street stall in night at S.B road. Students love to come here at night just to have tea.

Laxmi Road is the noisiest market areas of Pune. Filled with temporary stalls and lined choc-a-bloc with shops. It is always said a visit to Pune is incomplete if you don’t visit Laxmi road for shopping and visit the famous Dagadusheth Temple there.

So, are you planning on moving to Pune? If you are looking Packers and Movers in Pune do get in touch with EZMove.in.

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Packers and Movers in Mumbai give pointers on how to pack for a move

You may be a first time mover or may have had experience in the past, but relocating is always a tough task to carry out! Here are the top twenty tips by Packers and Movers in Mumbai on how to pack for a move which might make this transition a little easier for you.

Your date of moving should be confirmed as this gives you the exact estimate of how much time you have left to get ready for your transit.


Photo Credit Flickr

Notify all the people who would be affected by your move.

Packers and Movers in Mumbai advice that you should make sure that your address is changed in places like the post office so that your mails can be forwarded to the right address. All the bill payments and notifications from the bank should be directed to the correct address as well.

You must only take those things that you have a requirement for as accumulating and moving junk will only add onto your problems while shifting.

  • Start with the small articles first and then gradually move onto the bigger items which probably need more care while packing.
  • Make note of all the precious things that will need your special attention
  • Similar goods should be packed together to avoid chaos.
  • The home that you lived in should be cleaned and checked and so should your future home so that you know what exactly the shortfalls are, if any.
  • Each box should be appropriately named according to the items the carton contains so that confusion can be avoided.
  • The cartons with the delicate items should be placed correctly should that the goods inside remain unharmed.
  • The weight of the cartons should not exceed more than 20 to 25 kgs should that they can be handled with ease.
  • Electrical cords and wires should be fastened together so that they don’t get jumbled.
  • While placing the goods in the cartons make sure that the heaviest is at the bottom, and then go in accordance to the weight, from the heaviest to the lightest.
  • Try and aim at packing the cartons firmly so that the items don’t move during the process of transportation.
  • Make sure that the boxes are numbered so that you can keep a track if either of them goes missing.
  • Items made of glass should be packed separately as they are easily breakable hence a great deal of care should be taken while packing those.
  • If you have a pet that could be traumatized by a move, arrange to have them stay somewhere during moving day. Be sure to arrange your pet’s safe transport to your new home. This is one advice which Packers and Movers in Mumbai strongly advice, as owners sometimes forget to factor in their pets.
  • While using tapes to make labels, be sure to use durable tape, as box labels sometimes, tend to come off during the transit.
  • Always remember to ask your packers and movers for the complete details on goods in transit insurance. While many packers and movers provide insurance coverage, it is not that user friendly, so make sure you choose the best insurance policy as well!
  • As you finish with each carton, list the contents on the side of the carton for easy viewing while cartons are stacked and in a notebook as well.

All of this might sound like a long process to go through, but with EZMove by your side this entire procedure will be carried out with immense ease. Packers and Movers in Mumbai advice that you should connect with EZMove today and let them share the responsibility of your relocation and make it a success. Your presence in the entire process will be kept to minimum but with assured guarantee that the transition will be safe and sound! For  hassle free relocation reach out to us at EZMove.in.

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Top ten handy tips for keeping your house clean and fresh!

No matter how much you clean the house, it is bound to get dirty or messy again! Here are some handy home tips that will help you in good housekeeping!

Cleaning the house -a boring yet essential and repetitive task, isn’t it? With our hectic lifestyle, we need our homes to be soothing and relaxing, to help us relieve the stress. Bad odor from smoking, dampness, and kitchen can put a dampener on your mood. Here’s our top ten tips on how to get that clean and fresh home!


• Cleaning your house regularly – it preventsmicro organisms, such as fungi, bacteria and virus from infecting your kitchen and bathroom areas.
• Don’t attempt to clean the whole house every time. Prioritize and clean those rooms based on the usage of that particular room. For example, guest rooms can be cleaned every alternate week, but your children’s room –every single day!
• Try delegating one particular day to clean the whole house. In case, you are unable to do this, then do it daily, cleaning one room each day.
• Do take time out to clean those spills on the refrigerator, stoves and microwave ovens once in a while – it prevents harmful germs from growing.
• Burn incense, once in a while, inside the house. Incense, with its fresh and florid fragrance combats bad odor and has a calming effect on your mind as well.


• Essential oils are also a great way to keep your house smelling good throughout the day. You can use diffusers or pop-puri to disperse the aroma of essential oils in the house!
• Lighting scented candles for 30 minutes in a day can make your room smell great or you do it the natural way by growing herbs in your kitchen. This is a win-win as you get some delicious fresh ingredients!
• When having a get together, you could spray some of your favorite perfume on an unlit light bulb. When you switch on the bulb, the wonderful fragrance will gradually spread.
• Use baking soda in the kitchen to prevent bad odor. Known for its odor absorption properties, it can clear the kitchen of bad smells.
• Don’t allow smoking inside the house – as tobacco has a very strong smell, no matter how much air freshener you use, you will not be able to get rid of the smell.


So, how do you keep your home clean, tidy and fresh? Do share your secrets in the comment box. Liked our tips? Do visit again for more such wonderful tips.

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work from home

Working from home? Have a home that works!

The trendiest and most hip offices in town are the ones where your desk overlooks a garden with fresh coffee brewing whenever you want it, personalized washrooms, and lunch time gossip means school talk with your kid! You guessed it right! It’s the new-come-of-age office – your Home Sweet Home!
With WFH (Work From Home) and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) becoming the trend – with dual benefits of getting work done well and maintaining a healthy work life balance – home offices are the new trend! So, today we bring you the complete checklist that will make a home office work for you!

One Desk
While this may seem a given, you would be surprised, how many people don’t have a proper dedicated space, even when regularly working from home. Aside from the fact it helps you to concentrate, become organized, having a desk with storage space to secure office documents is also essential. This goes a long way in creating a formal work environment – in whichever corner of your home you choose – but choose one and demarcate it only for office work!



Files and folders
While these were a given, before the digital era dawned on us, no office can function well without these! The modern day version is getting your e-folders and e-files in place. Ensure that the little ones don’t hammer away on your keyboard, messing up an important presentation. Being organized, will help you save considerable time and prevent loss of data.

Laptop or Tablet
Having a hand held device – equipped with applications for time management – notepads, apps for project management and tasks – the works. Having them on a mobile device ensures you never miss an appointment.


Laptop phone

Print-Scan-Copy – An all in one machine
A no-brainer, really! Imagine running to the local stationary store or cyber café (do they even exist now?) to take one lousy printout! Even if your work is completely online, some documentation processes due require hard copies, so it’s best to be prepared!

Considering the fact that you have managed to save on the daily commute, don’t be stingy in diverting a little bit of money on these few helpful accessories which will allow you to perform well at work – even when working from home!


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