5 Destinations You Must Visit in Green City Bhopal for Awesome Experiences

Bhopal, the capital of Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, has got many nicknames – the city of lakes, the city of heritage, the city of museums and of course the green city. Home to many natural attractions and historical marvels, this Indian city features an enthralling blend of past with the modern world.

If you have spared some free time out of your busy lifestyle and looking for some must-see places in Bhopal, we have got you covered. Following are 5 destinations in Bhopal worth a visit once and again.

Van Vihar National Park: Get closer to the enchanting wildlife scenes

Spread across a vast area of 445.21 hectare almost in the middle of the city, this national park is a perfect destination for family weekend gateway. It is home to a large range of animal and bird species. You will also get to see wild animals like lion, chital, tiger and leopard in closer view. Sounds exciting right? You can either take a walk all yourself or hire a cycle to watch everything the park has on offer for its visitors.

Upper and Lower Lake: Boat in the lap of the nature

Bhopal has many nature-made and man-made lakes. Upper Lake and Lower Lake, which are also known as Bada Talab and Chota Talab respectively, are a must-see sight while in the city. The lakes are separated by an over bridge, nicknamed as Pul Pukhta by locals. Head down to Upper Lake and you can enjoy fun-time activities like boating, kayaking, water skiing, canoeing and parasailing. Or you can simply relax and watch the panoramic vistas of the place.

Taj ul Masajid: Explore a Crown Jewel of All Mosques

Taj ul Masajid, meaning the crown of all mosques, is indeed one of the best and largest mosques in Asia. Covering a huge area of 23312 square feet and standing high up to 206 feet from the ground, this Bhopal based mosque is an architect masterpiece.

Bhimbetka: Take a step back in time

Drive your wheels just 46km from the city and you reach the World Heritage Site of Bhimbetka. Originally discovered by the archaeologist Dr. Vishnu Wakankar in mid 19’s, the historical site will give you insight into the living style of the medieval-age mankind through its rock caves and wall paintings.

Raisen Fort: A relaxing weekend gateway!

This 6th century Fort is situated on hilltop, which is just 45km away from Bhopal. The place is home to 15 picturesque lakes and ponds. You will also find many houses and temples flaunting its great history.

Bhopal’s unrivalled nature’s wonders and rich history will surely keep you fascinated!