7 Things to do before relocating from Chandigarh

With its green expanse and enviable infrastructure, we completely understand how difficult it is to relocate from Chandigarh. Leaving such a beautifully planned city must be causing an ache in everyone’s heart who has lived in this city for long. Relocation has always been difficult, especially when it is your favorite city. Though it has never been emotionally easy, but one can always make the shifting process stress free by ensuring these 7 things that will make the relocation easy and mellow down the stress.

Locating a Reliable Packers and Movers: In this current age, with people leading such busy lives everyone prefers to avail the services of Packers and Movers. It is important to find reliable Packers and Movers in Chandigarh so that your relocation is smooth and stress free.

Change your mailing address with the bank: Before moving out of any place always ensure you visit your bank and sort out the formalities, so that all your mails are forwarded to your new address. Always update these details before you relocate from your old place.

Obtaining a No Objection certificate for your car: When relocating across states one must obtain a no objection certificate for the car before moving out of Chandigarh or any other place in India. Because one can also be fined in the new state without the no objection certificate.

Minimize your luggage: Before moving, minimize your luggage by getting rid of all the excess stuff that you will not need. This way you can also reduce the cost of boxes and save some money.

Always get an insurance for expensive Items: When hiring Packers and Movers do not forget to claim for insurance for all your expensive items, from electronics to gadgets. Ensure that the insurance is done through a reputed firm.

Inform your friends and relatives of your moving date: This is one of the things we invariably forget to do. Do not forget to inform your neighbors, friends and family about your moving date and also share your new address with them.

Visit to the Sukhna Lake: One couldn’t possibly dream of leaving Chandigarh before a last visit to the beautiful Sukhna Lake and its stunning surroundings and its exotic migratory birds.

It is never an easy task to gather all the memories and move to a completely new destination, but  whenever one has to relocate to another city they become too busy in finding Packers and Movers who they can trust. EZMove.in is that online portal which brings to you a good selection of Packers and Movers. With its user friendly feature it not only informs you about the Packers and Movers in Chandigarh but also gives a price comparison along with reviews to make it smoother for you.

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Shifting? Tips to find reliable Packers and Movers in Ahmedabad

What is that one thing we all remember from shifting? Is it the excitement of moving into a new city, is it the mixed emotions of leaving ones favorite city or is it the harrowing task of deciding which Packers and Movers to zero in on. The latter seems to be the most remembered of the three, why is it so? Why is it so difficult to get a decent Packer and Movers? We have collated some tips which might aid you in selecting a reliable Packers and Movers.

It must be tough moving out of Ahmedabad, not wanting to miss out on Uttarayan ( the annual kite flying festival) and Navratri.We would always want you to take away only good memories from the city therefore we bring to you some pointers which might help you in choosing a dependable Packers and Movers in Ahmedabad.

  • When choosing a Packers and Movers always check with neighbors who have availed the services of Packers and Movers  recently.
  • Do not always go for the ones who quote the least, check their reviews also before selecting them.
  • Ask for the estimate before deciding on a Packers and Movers and ensure that they do not have  any hidden cost involved.
  • Make sure that the Packers and Movers have all the paperwork in place.
  • Do not forget to ask them about the Insurance policy , and also check with them by how much percentage do they cover damages if any.
  • When you are going in for insurance , confirm that the paperwork is genuine and also make sure that the insurance company is a well reputed one.
  • Ensure that the company that you select have the right kind of packing materials suitable for your household items.
  • Always meet the representative from the Packers and Movers company before making the payment.
  • Since we are in the internet age, you will be surprised how much of information about Packers and Movers is available online.

In today’s world there are so many choices of Packers and Movers, selection of one becomes a very important part of the relocation curriculum. EZMove.in is that online portal which makes your decision making process much easier because it is user friendly, gives you a lot of options and also helps you find Packers and Movers at affordable and genuine rates without compromising on service quality, because with the review section it lets you read what customers have to say about the respective Packers and Movers.

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Case Study on the experience of Snehaa Karthik while searching for Packers and Movers in Hyderabad

This is an exhaustive case study based on the experience of Snehaa Karthik who was looking for Packers and Movers in Hyderabad. She shares her entire experience using an online relocation platform and her suggestions on how it could be improved.

Can you tell us something about what your relocation plans were? Which city were you planning to move to? What was the time span you had? What all were you planning to move?

I was residing in Hyderabad for quite some time. After receiving another job offer I had to relocate to Pune. And there was no plan beyond that. I had like a week to figure out what my plan should be and execute it.

How did you go about looking for suitable packers and movers? Did you consult anybody?
I did try out the traditional means but then there were no guarantee that I would the delivery on time and too much variation in terms of prices.

How did you chance upon EzMove.in?
I was told about it by a friend who had come across it when surfing the net.

How was our platform to use? Did you find it difficult or easy?
It was rather easy on the whole. There was just small hiccup when listing the items I needed to move but it was no big deal.

Did you find the quality of quotes you received to be fair?
Very much so.

What features/attributes of EzMove did you find most useful or helpful?
The move co-ordinator! That is a genius idea! The guy comes down takes a look and goes back. You have a quote in a day and then he turns up the day you call him and makes sure it is all done right! I mean he even calls half an hour to make sure that they are heading to your location on schedule.

What was the least appealing feature about this service?
None what so ever.

If you were to review EzMove what score would you give it out of 10 in terms of usability?
I would give a 9.

Is there anything you didn’t get from EZMove that you were looking for?
No, EZMove lived up to all the promises made.

Would you recommend the EzMove platform to a friend?
Yes, definitely! I also plan to use EZMove only, going forward.

How can we improve EzMove? What are your ideas and suggestions?
As I said, a small hiccup while listing the goods. Fix that and you guys will look great.

Did you finally end up choosing EzMove? If yes, please answer these specific questions:

Was your relocation smooth and hassle free?
Yes, the move was completely hassle free!

Were you satisfied with the service quality of the packers and movers?
Yes, very satisfied.

Were you kept updated about the movements of your truck?
No, but then it turned up dot on time so it was fine.

Did you receive all your goods safely?
Yes, all my goods were safe and sound.

Did you find anything missing or damaged?
No. Everything was perfect!

How was the team that helped you unpack?
Brilliant. It took them less than an hour.

Overall, what were the major differences you felt between ordinary packers and movers in Hyderabad and the EzMove service?

Significant. It was better, quicker and more professional.

Is there anything you would like to say to the EZMove team?

I had like a week to get everything done and move to Pune for work. And I did not think it was possible. Which when you guys stepped in. Your services have surpassed my expectations by a long shot. It began with ease with which I could input my details followed by a very quick response from your end. Not only did I get extremely competitive prices, you even helped pick the best choice in terms of the quickness in delivery. And that was definitely my priority. Your move coordinator made the entire process seem like a breeze!

The icing on the cake? They met their delivery schedule. The icing on the icing on the cake? Nothing was damaged or missing. The cherry on the second layer of icing? There were no hidden charges at all!

P.S I picked unison’s and those guys are damn quick. Like my 2 bedroom house was packed and neatly loaded in an hour or so! And they make it look really cool too! Keep this up and you guys will be setting the standards for the service industry pretty soon. Good luck!

Overall, Ms. Snehaa was extremely satisfied with her experience using the relocation platform; the process of looking for a competent packers and movers in Hyderabad was much easier than she had anticipated it to be.

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How to find reliable Packers and Movers in Mumbai

Reliable, dependable, honest are difficult words to relate with services these days, especially when the service is something to do with Packers and Movers. Finding reliable Packers and Movers in Mumbai can be quite a task.

When one is relocating from the city of their dreams Mumbai, one is already fighting an emotional battle that comes with relocation especially if one has to move out of their favorite city.

What are Packers and Movers and what do they do?
Packers and movers is an exclusive offered by companies who specialize in packing your home inventories and moving it across cities or nations with utmost care so that one can relocate without tension.

Why do you need reliable Packers and Movers?
One needs honest Packers and Movers because during relocation one is most of the times shifting to a completely new city. So to make the first step comfortable, stress free and without any hurdles one needs to choose Packers and Movers who will make the entire process seamless for them.

How to find reliable Packers and Movers in Mumbai:

When selecting Packers and Movers keep in mind these following points which will aid in selecting the right one:
• Choose Packers and Movers in Mumbai who have a good reputation with good reviews. There are online portals which have a system of grading the services f various Packers and Movers on the basis of customer feedback.

• Make sure they are a licensed company and have all the paperwork procedures in place for e.g.: insurance papers for your valuables, bills and many other.

• Make sure that they do not have any hidden costs in their estimates and the billed amount is the only amount that you will be required to pay.

• Ensure that the company you choose matches your budgetary requirements.

• One should know about the terms and conditions of the Packers and Movers in Mumbai , for instance how much will be the percentage offered for damaged goods in case there is an accident during transit.

Keep these points in mind while selecting Packers and Movers in Mumbai . In case you are looking online EZMove.in is an online portal which aids one in selecting Packers and Movers for relocation. The website is extremely user friendly and gives you the most transparent solution. All one has to do is go to the portal, fill in the inventory that needs to be moved along with the name of the city from and to.

The portal processes your request and presents you with numerous options of Packers and Movers to select from and it also assists in selecting the best through their grading system which is entirely based on customer reviews.

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Life in Pune

Pune, the cultural capital of Maharashtra, is famous for many, many things! Here are seven fun trivia related to life in Pune which every Punekar or anyone who has lived in Pune would know! We hope you enjoy our info-graphic on the beautiful city of Pune.

pune infographic

Café Durga is one of the best known restaurants of Pune. For Punekars coffee means – Cafe Durga.

We all are well known with famous Maharashtra snack that is “Wada pav” but in Pune people from all parts of the city travel to JJ Garden, at Camp just for a Wada Pav. Maharashtrians are very fond of their food, never ever criticize their favourite food joints like Joshi Wadevaale in front of them.

Though Pune is cosmopolitan and always welcome outsiders, with 50% off its population being a combination of North Indians and Tamilians, you will have maximum friends with the surnames Joshis, Kulkarnis, Deshpandes and Wagles.

Although all festivals are celebrated whole heartedly in Pune but Ganpati Puja is one of the most important prestigious festivals. Pune is famous for having pandals playing D.J. music instead of Bhajans.

Pune, being poor on public transport, is littered with biker boys!  They prefer to use these bikes, less for riding and more for chit chatting.

Aunty Ki Chai is one of the most popular night destinations for youngsters. Lady name Sunita Pramod Agarwal so called Aunty Ji serves tea on setting a street stall in night at S.B road. Students love to come here at night just to have tea.

Laxmi Road is the noisiest market areas of Pune. Filled with temporary stalls and lined choc-a-bloc with shops. It is always said a visit to Pune is incomplete if you don’t visit Laxmi road for shopping and visit the famous Dagadusheth Temple there.

So, are you planning on moving to Pune? If you are looking Packers and Movers in Pune do get in touch with EZMove.in.

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Top Tips when relocating or settling down in Pune

Pune is a wonderful city with amazingly pleasant weather. Pune is a city that makes you fall in love with it – it has evolved with all the amenities of a metro, but still retains its old world charm of a small city.

Are you among the scores you relocate to Pune for work or education? If yes, we have some handy tips that will help you settle down quickly and comfortably in Pune.

Rent a house

While many brand new apartments are available throughout Pune, the rental price will vary with the locality you choose to live in and vary anything between Rs. 10,000 to 30,000 depending upon the size of the place. While deposits for flats can range from 60,000 to 1 lakh, many housing societies do not prefer students or bachelors as tenants, so it might be slightly tough finding a house.

The Beautiful Climate

One of the many benefits Pune has is the pleasant weather the year round. Though it gets hot in summers, the evenings are always cool. Winters are mild, and light sweaters do the trick. Rainy seasons are also moderate, with drizzle throughout the year.


Photo Credit Wiki

Transport services

Pune does not have very good public transport system. Though PMC runs a bus service throughout the city, you have to wait quite some time before you get a bus. Metered rickshaws are expensive and the six-seater shared ones only ply on specific routes. Hence it is advisable to have your own vehicle ad it is convenient. Most IT companies ply their own buses and cab services for to provide pick up and drop facilities to employees.


Pune has plentiful of multiplexes and shopping malls which have the biggest brands in the world. Pune is also the cultural capital and a renowned centre for Marathi art, culture and literature. Proximity to Mumbai has also played a role in the growth of Pune. The OSHO Ashram, in Koregoan Park, attracts devotees from around the world to meditate and find spirituality. 5 Star Hotels, world cuisine restaurants, pubs and discs are also present in abundance.

Around Pune

Once you have settled down in, you might like to explore the many places. Sinhagad is “Chhatrapati Shivaji’s” fortress, which is an hour’s drive from Pune. Many popular hill stations like Lonavala, Khandala and Matheran are just 70 Km from Pune, which are ideal for a weekend gateway. Mahabaleshwar also a popular hill station is located 120 km from Pune is also famous for its strawberries.


Photo credit Wiki


Marathi is the local language of the city, but this does not create any communication barrier as you will find people speaking Hindi quite fluently. Shop keepers and auto rickshaws are known to speak English to accommodate their clients.


Finding a school for your wards will not be difficult as there are a number of good schools and colleges. From NDA and AFMC for people who want to enter the armed forces to Symbiosis School and College for all pursuits and professions – are all located in and around Pune.


Even if you are accompanying someone when moving to Pune, it is quite easy to find a job for yourself in Pune. Automobile manufacturing units of Bajaj and Tata, IT companies like Infoysys and Accenture – all have their offices in Pune. IT parks such as the Hinjewadi IT Park, Magarpatta IT Park and Kharadi IT Park – to name a few are scattered all over Pune.

These were our tips to settling down in Pune. We hope you fall in love with the city like we have! Have a wonderful and memorable stay!

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Moving to a new city- Know about Octroi

Octroi refers to the tax or charges levied by the various state governments on goods that are brought into its Municipal Corporation limits. These goods could be for personal use, for sale, or consumption. At present, this tax is levied as Octroi charges in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. However, in Maharashtra the Octroi is also in the process of being abolished and a new tax called the LBT is being planned to be introduced. Despite state wide bandhs and strikes, there is still no clarity on this issue yet!

Major things to know about Octroi

List of goods on which Octroi is levied:

A complete list of goods on which Octroi charges are applicable is available with the Municipal Corporation of that state. Mostly the list includes goods like food grains, leather products, cars and other automobiles, precious metals like gold and silver, imported glassware and chinaware, wooden goods, silk and silk items, domesticated animals and items of value.


Photo Credit Wiki

Calculation of Octroi

Octroi charges can vary between different states and are subject to change from time to time. The list of charges for different goods is usually released by the Municipal Corporation whenever changes are made. When moving house, you have to give your packers and movers the total list of goods that you are packing and their market value. This helps in calculating your total Octroi charges beforehand.

Octroi through packers and movers

Your moving will pass through Octroi check posts while crossing the Municipal limits. Here an officer will cross check the goods and collect the amount of tax to be levied.  Your packers and movers can pay the charges at this post, and you can either pay this amount beforehand or ask them to add it to the final relocation bill.

Important points to keep in mind

  • Octroi charges can be portrayed as a matter of ambiguity by unscrupulous packers and movers.  They may try to dupe you by quoting unnecessary charges in the name of this tax.  Therefore it is important that you stay well informed.
  • At the Octroi collection checkpost, the officer provides an Octroi certificate authorizing the entry of the goods. Remember to ask for this certificate during delivery of your goods, and before making the final payment.
  • As mentioned above, Octroi is applicable only for limited few states, so ensure claims of Octroi charges are applicable to your relocation.

Instead of troubling yourself with the nuances of Octroi, you could just log onto ezmove.in where we make it a hassle free moving experience for you. Get a transparent list of the applicable charges and cost depending upon your relocation. Choose from amongst verified packers and movers and get control over payment terms by making payments online. So for a trouble free moving experience, log on today on ezmove.in

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Top Indian cities – An infographic

There are many beautiful and thriving Indian cities where one can choose to settle down in. Today we bring you an amazing info graphic on the best Indian cities to live in and why!

Indian cities infographic
New Delhi, the capital of India, is the center of politics, commerce, finance, education, healthcare, media and much more. Makes it one the best and the most expensive cities to live in!

Jaipur, also known as the Pink City is an extremely popular tourist destination. Jaipur is famous as one of the largest exporters of gold, diamond and stone jewelry. Jaipur is indeed a beautiful and industrious city to consider living in.
Chandigarh or the planned city of India has the unique privilege of being the capital to two states. Chandigarh is well known for its architectural and urban design. This city is quite popular for people looking for a quiet and urban city to live in.

Kolkata is a city that faces substantial urban pollution, poverty and population problems, despite which it is still popular among immigrants. The famous yellow cabs and trams are still a tourist attraction. A hub for industries like coal and steel, it does generate numerous employment opportunities.

Ahmedabad, home of the textile industry and rightly nicknamed ‘Manchester of the East’ is a thriving and industrious town. Good city to explore as well as settle down in!

Surat, famous as the diamond capital of the world, is popular as a city to live in as well. After the disastrous plague which made its citizens sit up and make a change, it is also considered to be the cleanest city of India.

Mumbai, is undoubtedly the most populous Indian city and the fourth most populous city in the world. It is also the wealthiest city in India, where you can find many opportunities in every field.

Pune, a city famous for its educational facilities and prosperity, is also known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra. Popular as a pensioner’s paradise, it has now evolved into an urban hub!

Bangalore is a hub for India’s information technology sector. Among the top 10 preferred entrepreneurial locations in the world, it is the go to place for start-ups!

Hyderabad, also known as the Twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad is India’s pharmaceutical capital. Capital of Andhra Pradesh, it is an extremely popular city to settle down in.

Chennai is the chief commercial, cultural, economic and educational center in South India. It is India’s second largest exporter of technology and business process outsourcing services. Also known as the “Detroit of India” for its thriving automobile sector, it is indeed one of the most popular destinations to settle down in.
Which city are you currently living in? What are the aspects of your city which you enjoy the most? What would you like about your city to change? Do share!

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Top 10 things to do in Mumbai

Mumbai– The land where dreams comes true, or so they say! The mesmerizing skyline, the bustling crowd and the world of opportunities all contribute to the phrase-“Yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan”.

Mumbai has loads to offer, thus ensuring that you never have to get bored! You can admire the mysterious Ajanta and Ellora caves or the mystique magnificence of European architecture that dots Mumbai, or just spend time by the Juhu Beach. But what are the top 10 things that you must, must do whilst in Mumbai?

Visit Gateway of India

The big, bold Gateway of India arch faces towards Mumbai harbor, and is the famous symbol of the city itself. Bustling with energy it has a bevy of people ranging from giant balloon sellers and photographers to Indian and foreign tourists to the omnipresent Bhel puri chaat makers. Take the royal Victoria ride (horse drawn carriages) around the Oval Maidan and enjoy the evening breeze.


Photo Credit Flickr

Beautiful Beaches

Mumbai being situated on the western coast and surrounded by Arabian Sea, has been gifted with some of the most beautiful beaches. Visiting these beaches is a must with friends and families. It is a welcome break from the chaotic life of Mumbai. The top three beaches to visit in Mumbai are Chowpatty Beach, Juhu Beach and Aksa Beach which gives you a picture of a colourful carnival complete with Ferris wheels, astrologers, pony rides and screaming children.

SidhiVinayak temple

A standing testament of beauty and architecture, SidhiVinayk temple is one of the most beautiful temples situated in Mumbai. If you have a wish, you should visit SidhiVinayak temple with devotion and Lord Ganesha will surely make it come true!

It’s a Street Shopping Fling!

Street shopping in Mumbai is more or less a gamble, you either win or could get cheated but you still get the joy of bargaining. The streets of Mumbai are among the best spots to shop in the entire country. Junk jewellery, chic fashionable dresses or flashy gifts Mumbai’s shopping arcades like Hill Road, Linkin Road and Fashion Street never disappoint!


Photo Credit Wiki

Night life calling

There may be range of tourist spots to visit in Mumbai, but in addition to it Mumbai’s night life is the most happening in India. With a thumping mix of music, amazing themed bars and food, Mumbai is a rival to many European countries when it comes to the night life. So after the humdrum of a hard working day you know where to head!

Visit to Haji Ali

One of the top 10 attractions in Mumbai, is the Haji Ali mosque – situated in the middle of the ocean. A serene walk on the 500 yard long yard way to reach the mosque is surely worth it. So make a point to visit this spiritual place to take blessing from the revered saint Pir Haji Ali Bukhari whose tomb it is.

Trip to Elephanta caves

Are you free this weekend and need a place to enjoy with your friends and family? A ferry to the Elephanta caves sounds just a perfect get away. The ‘wow factor’ about this place is, that these caves are crafted by hand. Elephanta caves are famous for its astonishing architecture from the days of yore. Trekking towards Kailasa temple is absolutely adventurous and a good break from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai life!


Photo Credit Wiki

Write those Foodie diaries

If you are a complete foodie and you are in Mumbai, one thing you cannot miss is the ‘street food’. Mumbai is known for the street food sold by its bevy of portable stalls and hawkers. At times you’ll feel munching from these stalls is better than all those fancy restaurants. So snacking in the evenings from the roadside should definitely be on your list.

A view of the jewel

A beautiful D shaped viewing gallery along the Marine Drive called the Queen’s necklace. It is a famous hanging out spot. The view from the sea is breath taking. If you wish to enjoy the serenity it is recommended that you take a walk on the walking strip at the southern end of Marine Drive.

Film City

Film city is a pilgrimage for all the budding talent in India and also a major spot for tourists. It is huge and can be an entire day trip. So plan accordingly and step behind the scenes to see the making of some of the best block buster movies of Bollywood.

Although there are many places and so much to do in this city, but here were the list of top 10 things that you absolutely must do in Mumbai. So lights, camera, action! Welcome to the city of dreams “Yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan”.

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Top 10 expensive cities in India

India has grown slowly but steadily into one of the top three countries that is touted to have the strongest economy in the coming decades. India’s economy is growing tremendously which has lead to people migrating from villages into the cities. There are many options for people to choose depending upon which city they wish to settle in. Here is the list of top 10 most expensive cities to live in India.

Below is a map showing the distribution of the per capita income of Indians across the country. The states commanding the highest per capita income have the most expensive cities. It is really simple when you think about it. The states which are the most industrialised have the highest per capita income because they generate more employment. Opportunities for employment encourage people to move to cities, thus pushing up rents and cost of living.


The capital of India is also the most expensive city in India to live in. Being the major power centre it has headquarters of all the companies from all industries like telecom, construction and real estate, health services, manufacturing to automobiles. Delhi attracts people from all over India which has resulted in huge property prices in the city.


The city of dreams and opportunities, Mumbai is the second most expensive city in India. Mumbai’s property market is ranked 10th most expensive worldwide. India’s major television and entertainment houses are based in Mumbai.

cities in India

Photo Credit Wiki


The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is the third expensive city to live in India. Bangalore was titled as “Beta World City” and is included on the list of top global cities. The property prices in Bangalore are again sky rocketing.


Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu and the fourth most expensive city of India. It is the home for world’s 24 best known companies. This city is also an IT hub with other industries like medical services and automobile also flourishing, entitling it to the tag of one of the most expensive cities in India.

cities in India

Photo Credit Fotopedia


The City of Pearls- Hyderabad is not only a populous metropolitan city but also the major centre of IT industry and a home to many pharmacy and biotechnology companies. Did do you know its International airport is ranked as the fifth best airport in the world?


Pune is the eight largest metropolitan city of India and the second largest city of Maharashtra. Ever since the city commenced efforts to improve the housing societies, the economy of Pune has experienced a massive boom. Pune has also experienced growth in education sector, automobile sector of India and sugar industries. Proximity to Mumbai, is always a plus!


On one hand, people suggest it is a relatively inexpensive city to live in but the rents are always increasing due to the presence of many reputed companies like BATA India, ITC and Birla setting up base here.

cities in India

Photo Credit Wiki


The capital of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is the eight most expensive cities to live in India. IMRB has ranked this city as the best mega city to live in! Being the largest exporter of jewellery and manufacturer of denims, Ahmedabad is an industrial and trading hub!


First planned city of India and known for its architecture all over the world, Chandigarh is the 9th most expensive city in India to live in. It is the cleanest city of India with the highest per capita income in the country with the unique distinction of being the capital to the two states of Punjab and Haryana.

cities in India

Photo Credit Flickr


The Pink City- Jaipur is also one of the best planned cities in India. The architecture of Jaipur is steeped in royalty. With the major export businesses of gold, diamond and stone jewellery Jaipur has started gaining international recognition. It is also one of the most important tourist destinations of India.

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