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Wonderful Places To See In Coimbatore

Coimbatore is known as “The Manchester of India”, thanks to the textile industry that laid the foundation for India’s rapid growth in this sector.

Besides textiles, it also has many feathers in its hat. It is one of the fastest growing tier-II cities in India. Hosting a number of start-ups Coimbatore has made a mark in the commerce, education and healthcare sectors.

Some quick facts about the city of Coimbatore
It is the second largest city in Tamil Nadu
It has a number of ancient and sprawling textile mills, engineering & automobile industry, healthcare and educational institutions
The city has many spiritual centers and an attractive place for visitors
The city is very well connected with major towns of India via train, bus and flight

If you want to see glimpses of a rapidly growing India – Coimbatore is a good pick. As a visitor, you have a number of things to see and do here.

Valankulam Lake
If you love photography, this is a must see place while you are in Coimbatore. The lake offers some great views – rare migratory birds, beautiful landscapes, and a serene, tranquil environment!

Gass Museum in the Forest College vicinity
This place is a treasure trove for people who love to take selfies with animals. Worry not! These animals are dead, stuffed and preserved. If you want to see varieties of antique wildlife treasure preserved, don’t miss this place!

Monkey Falls
For those who love watching nature, listening to the sound of waterfalls, Monkey Falls is the place to head to. True to its name, you should be careful about carrying eatables as monkeys abound.

If a road trip delights you, an uphill adventure to Valparai is what you need. The entire trip brings you closer to nature. The serene atmosphere makes your entire truly memorable.

Kari Speedway- For F1 freaks
Have 10 bucks? Get in to enjoy the most thrilling ride of your life – yes in a bus! Board Bus No. 7 that tarts from Gandhi Park to give you the ride of your life around town in less than an hour and half.

Race course
The Race Course at Coimbatore is a locals favorite for morning and evening walks.

Isha Yoga Center
Yoga at the Spanda Hall will cleanse your body and mind leaving you refreshed. It’s unique dome shaped structure breathes relaxation`and meditation.

These are some of the must do things when you are in the beautiful city of Coimbatore. Not in Coimbatore? Don’t worry we have you covered! See our posts on Things To Do in Pune, Things To Do in Mumbai and Things To Do In Gurgaon.

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You will love doing these 7 things in Coimbatore

Often acknowledged as the Manchester of the South, Coimbatore is one of the largest metropolis of South India and second largest city of the state. Situated at the Western Ghats on the banks of the Noyyal River, the city is home to abundance of flora and fauna and an impressive range of natural sights.

Regardless of the time you arrive in the city, weather is mostly pleasant year-round. If you are going to visit Coimbatore, a fast growing economic hub with rich history and cultural heritage, we have got you 7 best things you must do while in the city and you are sure to lose your heart for the place.

Mingle with the dwellers: The people here are adorable and friendly. Grab a chance if you can visit the locals’ houses and experience the best of hospitality. Or you can always chit-chat with the natives at a local café, store or mall.

Tuck into the south Indian cuisine at Annapoorna restaurant: Shree Annapoorna restaurant chain is famous for their lip-smacking sambhar and coffee. Here you will find the best of south Indian meals cooked from century-old recipes.

Go for a walk at the race course: If you are an active traveler looking for a dynamic place where you can take a walk, socialize with new people and feel one with the nature, head down to the race course.

Channel to your spiritual soul at Isha Yoga Center: Situated in the hills of the Velliangiri Mountains, about 40 kms from the city of Coimbatore, Isha Yoga Center is a place for self-transformation to experience inner peace and well-being. Surrounded by complete tranquility, the place attracts people from all across the world who want to walk the spiritual path, practice yoga and feel relaxed. Or you can enjoy trekking the Vellingiri hills.

Ride the most famous streets of the city in a bus: If you are travelling on a shoestring budget, get on board the No.7 bus that offers a round-trip to Gandhi Park and takes the passengers to some of the most famous streets of the city in merely an hour and a half time.

Feel electrified at Kari Speedway: It’s a racing circuit! It is one-of-a-kind place in the country and thus makes the locals proud of it.  If you are a racing fan or a one dream to be the next Narain Karthikaeyan, you have got to visit this place. Watching the racing track is an enthralling experience for speed lovers.

Drive to the heavenly beautiful hillstation of Valparai: Situated above 3500 feet above the sea level, Valparai hill station is a magnificent place to soak in the best of nature’s beauty, breath in purest of air and enjoy the uphill adventure. Located 104 Km away from the Coimbatore city, the place is surrounded by Green Spread Mountain ranges and lush green forests. Plan a road trip Valparai via Pollachi to make a stop-over at the Anamalai Tiger Reserve Sanctuary and enjoy a dream road trip!

Coimbatore offers endless opportunities to feel amazed, relaxed and enthralled. Try these 7 exclusive experiences of the city!