Things unique to the city of Mumbai – An Infographic

Every city has its own unique landscape that defines it. Mumbai, the commercial capital of India is famous for many things! Mumbaikars or the local Mumbai residents, see these things every day, hence find them mundane; however there are many things that really surprise new migrants and tourists about this wonderful city.
mumbai infographic

Take for example the Mumbai locals – the lifeline of Mumbai. It is legendary that the number of people per square meter in a train at peak hour is so high that it has developed its own term. Yes, indeed it is called a “super-dense-crush-load”, with an average Mumbaikar spending about 2 hours daily in this situation!

For Mumbaikars, used to this body crushing density, even a 8′ x 10′ clustered room is as good as a Hall! Living is pigeon sized apartments, overlooking a rare patch of park; they awaken to the sounds of laughter with elderly people doing a stress busting exercise called “Laughter Yoga”.

In case you are planning to move to Mumbai, be ready for “canoodling”. “Canoodling” is officially Mumbai’s PDA (Public Display of Affection)! If you were to take a walk down Bandra Bandstand or Carter Road—the two most public promenades known as Lovers’ Lane—you will witness couples publicly smooching and “canoodling”. This PDA is a result of the lack of space or a crash pad being readily available to youngsters!

The typical Mumbaikar’s day begins with Wada pav for breakfast, grabbed hurriedly on the way to catch a train. The Mumbai’s famous dabbawallas, are 5,000 illiterate delivery men that ensure that 200,000 identical steel lunch “dabbas” are transported piping hot to hungry office goers at lunch time. This amazing feat ensures that you never go hungry, with hardly an error in every six million deliveries.

Besides the legendary local trains and the spanking new monorail, what are also famous as modes of transport are the Mumbai’s vintage black and yellow cabs and the Double Decker buses! The cabs may be just cobbled together, but will be brightly decked with ceiling mirrors and chandeliers, red velvet seat covers with animal print trimmings, incense sticks and religious art arranged at the dashboard; they are a trip in more ways than one! The Double Decker buses will chug along huffing and puffing – but a ride on the top can be gleeful!

And if you do ever get tired from the din of this otherwise mesmerizing city, a cup of “cutting chai” is available almost every nook and corner to refresh you!

So, does this wonderful city excite you? Are you planning to move to Mumbai? Reach out to us at and we can help you make a hassle free move!

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Top things to do around the house to just celebrate

Valentine’s Day is about much more than just flowers and candy…it’s about celebrating a special togetherness of being  a couple. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than in your very own abode of love – Your Home!

So today we present you the top things to do around the house this Valentine’s Day. You could start off the day with making breakfast together. After that you could watch your wedding video together or do something romantic like give each other massages and finish it off by taking a dip in the bathtub together. If you are the creative type you could create a one-of-a-kind work of art together and hang it up in a special place.

For lunch you could have a home picnic in your backyard on your balcony. For dinner you could try to recreate your first date at home, putting a whole different spin on it. You could also cook and plan a special candlelight dinner.

So, these were the ideas we had to make this Valentine’s Day extra special!  Do let us know how you are planning to celebrate yours!

vday infographic new


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How to spot a Delhiitie – An Infographic

With job opportunities spread across metro cities, people from all walks of life keep moving from one city to another. Many times it happens that people from Bangalore move to Mumbai, or people from Delhi move to Mumbai in search of better job opportunities.

When having lived in a place too long, it tends to rub off on us, and we carry these mannerisms with us to every city we go! When it comes to mannerisms, Delhiites are quite easy to spot!

Delhiites, as widely known have the complete license to show off. They try drinking only on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays evenings. They try really hard not to drink on Tuesdays. For Delhiites treating a friend means only one thing! – “Daaru Shaaru te kabbab shabaab.”

The word “setting” or “jugaad” is a permanent fixture in their dictionary! They can be spotted using the word once or twice a day! They believe visiting the Qutub Minar, Red Fort and the Lotus Temple is only for tourists! Delhiiites are offended and look down at people who call Gol Guppas as Pani Puri! It’s Gol Guppa – Period!

Delhiites take pride in calling the waiter in the restaurant “Boss” or “Pappey”. They also tend to tack on the word “yaar” and “bhai” to almost every other sentence. They know where to find butter chicken better than the one served at the Taj.
Delhiites special friends are addressed as “Vellas” or “Nikambas” while strangers are called ‘Bhaiyya’. Pretty girls on the other hand are called as Totta, Maal or Bomb (pronounced Baamb)

They know that a farmhouse has nothing to do with cattle or farming for that matter. Farmhouses for them are a luxurious hangout for whole night, without the fear of police!

Every Delhiite will brag about the Anda parantha outside Vikram hotel, the Bun Omlette at Dhaula Kuan, the Kulfi at Karol Bagh, the Gol Gappe at India Gate, the Dosa at Madras Hotel, the Chana/Kulcha at Scindia House and the Gol Gappe and Chaat at UPSC.
Whichever city they go to, they expect no less than 10 FM STATIONS!

So today we bring you an amazing infographic which teaches you how to spot a Delhiitie!

delhiite Delhi infographic

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Top 10 tips for moving house – An Infographic

Moving can be hectic and tiring! You will always have something pending, something leftover! So, to help you out in this tiring time, we bring you an amazing info graphic on the top 10 things to check off your list when moving house.

You should surely prepare an ‘Essentials’ carton that contains important items such as remote controls, shelf supports, bed legs, keys, telephone charger, telephone handset, furniture assembly instructions.

Be sure to make a note of any precious items that may need special care to move. Also list the contents on the side of the carton for easy viewing while cartons are stacked and in a notebook as well.

If you have a pet, arrange to have them stay somewhere during moving day. Be sure to arrange your pet’s safe transport to your new home. To protect your files do a quick backup of important files on your computer just in case something happens to it in transit.

Notify your service providers like your milkman and newspaper guy that you’ll be moving and give them a date you want the service to stop. Similarly notify the bank of your address change so that your documents can be forwarded to the right address
Find a safe place to store your valuables on moving day. Be sure to insure anything that’s valuable and has a chance of getting damaged.


checklist infographic

Keep these handy hints and tips in mind while moving house and it will surely make it a better experience for you.

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Top Indian cities – An infographic

There are many beautiful and thriving Indian cities where one can choose to settle down in. Today we bring you an amazing info graphic on the best Indian cities to live in and why!

Indian cities infographic
New Delhi, the capital of India, is the center of politics, commerce, finance, education, healthcare, media and much more. Makes it one the best and the most expensive cities to live in!

Jaipur, also known as the Pink City is an extremely popular tourist destination. Jaipur is famous as one of the largest exporters of gold, diamond and stone jewelry. Jaipur is indeed a beautiful and industrious city to consider living in.
Chandigarh or the planned city of India has the unique privilege of being the capital to two states. Chandigarh is well known for its architectural and urban design. This city is quite popular for people looking for a quiet and urban city to live in.

Kolkata is a city that faces substantial urban pollution, poverty and population problems, despite which it is still popular among immigrants. The famous yellow cabs and trams are still a tourist attraction. A hub for industries like coal and steel, it does generate numerous employment opportunities.

Ahmedabad, home of the textile industry and rightly nicknamed ‘Manchester of the East’ is a thriving and industrious town. Good city to explore as well as settle down in!

Surat, famous as the diamond capital of the world, is popular as a city to live in as well. After the disastrous plague which made its citizens sit up and make a change, it is also considered to be the cleanest city of India.

Mumbai, is undoubtedly the most populous Indian city and the fourth most populous city in the world. It is also the wealthiest city in India, where you can find many opportunities in every field.

Pune, a city famous for its educational facilities and prosperity, is also known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra. Popular as a pensioner’s paradise, it has now evolved into an urban hub!

Bangalore is a hub for India’s information technology sector. Among the top 10 preferred entrepreneurial locations in the world, it is the go to place for start-ups!

Hyderabad, also known as the Twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad is India’s pharmaceutical capital. Capital of Andhra Pradesh, it is an extremely popular city to settle down in.

Chennai is the chief commercial, cultural, economic and educational center in South India. It is India’s second largest exporter of technology and business process outsourcing services. Also known as the “Detroit of India” for its thriving automobile sector, it is indeed one of the most popular destinations to settle down in.
Which city are you currently living in? What are the aspects of your city which you enjoy the most? What would you like about your city to change? Do share!

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