Relocations Tips for Celebrities

If you are a celebrity, you deserve star treatment. Relocating internationally can be stressful and you should consider hiring an experienced international packers and movers who can manage everything – from planning and organizing to packing, getting the necessary paperwork done, transporting your valuables safely, unloading and unpacking. You need a full-service packers and movers who have expertise handling celebrities.

You’re a star! Amidst your busy, hectic schedule, moving can be intimidating. To worsen the scenario, there are added stress of Picassos and Paparazzi. Therefore, choose a ‘star’ international moving company who has years of experience relocating high-profile clients and handling everything from important international paperwork to provided extra security.

Here are some valuable tips that will make your relocation stress-free and fun.

Pick a ‘Celebrity’ Moving Company

High profile clients like celebrities need personalized services, especially when they move internationally. They don’t want anything to be done by themselves. Moreover, they have valuable items, antiques, earthenware, personal items, etc. that need to be handled with utmost care. Most importantly, they look for door-to-door service for every relocation need. Therefore, it is first important to choose a moving company that has vast experience and credibility to relocate celebrities internationally. A full-service international relocation company will be the best choice. They have the expertise to manage everything, right from planning your international moving needs, organizing things like paperwork needed, packaging, transportation, and unpacking. To put it simple, they should provide you a stress-free moving experience.

Taking Care of Your Antiques and Fine Art

For celebrities, it’s not surprising to have their homes adorned with exotic antiques and items of fine art. When you move, utmost care should be taken so that no damage is caused to these pricey possessions. The relocation company you choose should have a Fine Art consultant who will visit your home, survey the items to be moved and offer highly secure and unique packing & moving solutions and expert advice on your removal. Antiques, earthenware, fine art pieces, etc. need to be packed every carefully, and therefore, only special packing materials should be used in addition to professionalism and expertise of the packers. Custom made wooden cases or celebrity palletizes are used for added protection and to eliminate the risk of damage during transition. Only a good company can ensure complete peace of mind when it comes to moving your valuables and personal items.

 Getting Necessary Paperwork Done

Relocating internationally can bring the hassles of laborious paperwork, particularly when you are a celebrity and bulk items need to be moved. Whether you are relocating via air, ship or road, you need some important paperwork to be done to ensure that hassle-free move. Why take the stress when a competent packers and movers company can do everything for you? There should be a relocation coordinator who will facilitate the shipment and even accompany until the consignment reaches the point of destination.

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