The Top Cuisines of Kolkata

When it comes to the food of Bengal, Kolkata tops the list. From street food to sweet dishes, Kolkata has a plethora of delicacies to offer everyone. If you are visiting the city for the first time you must acquaint yourself with the top Bengali cuisines of Kolkata. The article presents a compilation of some of the best delicacies of Kolkata:

Chelo Kebab
Chelo kebab is a popular dish of Kolkata which comprises chicken kebabs and mutton seekhs which is served along with veggies and steamed rice. You can satiate your taste buds with this scrumptious dish at the Peter Cat restaurant of Kolkata.

Mishti Doi
Treat yourself with this popular Bengali dessert called “Mishti Doi” which is a sweetened yoghurt. You can enjoy this tempting delicacy at Ganguram’s, Jadav Chandra Das or at Bheem Nag.

If you are in Kolkata you can’t think of leaving the place without enjoying the spongy, syrupy and enticing “Roshogollas”. You can relish these at Ganguram’s, K. C. Das or Balram Mallick-Radharaman Mallick.

“Puchka” is one of the most sought-after foods of Kolkata which is a spicy variation of “Chaat”. If you have a sweet tooth you can try out the sweet puchkas(with sweet syrup inside) or the dahi puchkas(filled with dahi or curd). You can savor these puchkas at various street food joints of New Market, Dharamtala or Vivekananda Park.

Kolkata is famous for the discovery of “Kathi Rolls”. Nowadays, these are available in several other cities as well but it originated in Kolkata. Kathi rolls come in various forms- egg rolls, paneer rolls and chicken rolls etc. You can hit Nizam’s or Bawarchi to gorge on these lip smacking rolls.

Mughlai Parotha
These parothas are stuffed with minced meat and egg mixture and then deep fried in oil. These finger-licking mughlai parothas can be best savored at Basanta Cabin.

Chicken Kabiraji
This is a matchless chicken preparation of Kolkata. This filling snack is prepared with minced chicken, ginger-garlic paste, bread crumbs and egg. To enjoy this yummy snack you can grab a bite at Mitra Café.

Kolkata’s Biryani
If you are a Biryani lover and you are already a fan of Lucknow and Hyderabad’s biryani, you should not underestimate the biryani of Kolkata. When desi ghee is blended with rich spices with the soft &juicy pieces of chicken or mutton in rice, it gives a unique aroma which tempts you to gorge on it. To grab a bite you can check out Royal and Arsalan.

Planning to Move to Kolkata, You will have much more cuisine option to explore.


5 Ways In Which A Company Can Welcome A Relocated Employee And Their Family

A company incurs heavy cost when it relocates an employee, however one must realize that a company’s duty does not end after the employee has been relocated. There are many ways in which a company can attempt to help its relocated employees to settle down in the new job role, and also ensure that the family of  the employee is equally comfortable. Now many of you must be wondering why is it important for a company to ensure the familial satisfaction? It is  because one of the prime factors of a failed relocation is familial dissatisfaction. The employee maybe enjoying his new work profile, his new colleagues but at the same time the family must be experiencing something completely different. Let us read about the 5 ways in which a company can help its relocated employee.

Provide Assistance for a new residence: After relocation, house hunting is the most stressful task for the relocated employees; the companies can aid the employees by getting them in touch with some professional real estate agents, reimbursing the cost of house hunting and also provide a house hunting trip for both the employee and the spouse.

Arrange a get together by inviting the families of all the employees: When one  has shifted into a new place, the employee enjoys a new work environment, a new set of colleagues whereas the family is still trying to familiarize themselves in the new environment. At such a time an office get together or an off site with the family of all the employees enables the relocated employee and his family to get to know the people and also is a good way to break the ice with the relocated employee.

Distribute pocket guidebook: Distribute pocket guide books among the relocated employees so that they get a fair idea of how to get around in the city, the best places to shop, nearby schools and hospitals, and also has list of weekend getaways where they can go for a short trip with their family.

Arrange a city tour: A city tour enables the employees to familiarize themselves with the city, and also visit the attractions. The cherry on the cake will be if the same can be arranged by including the family as well.

Organize a career counselling session for the supporting spouse: The supporting spouse who often quit their jobs to accompany their better half with the relocation, and do not know how to start their career in the new place, a career counselling session is on many occasions a breath of fresh air and instils a pleasant feeling in their heart.

These little deeds leave a lasting impression in the heart of the employees, enhance their loyalty towards the company, and also magnify their productivity and ensure retention.

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packers and movers

Moving house? Tips to find the best packers and movers in Kolkata

Stress free a word we all like when we want to relocate. In today’s busy world we are all looking for easy solutions, aren’t we? So, when it comes to shifting, we should always employ Packers and Movers to smoothen out any relocation hassles that may occur.

The world and our lifestyles have changed by leaps and bounds. In today’s world service industry has grown to a great extent. Packers and Movers in Kolkata are a part of the same service industry which promises to give us a convenient solution for all our relocation needs.

Moving out of your city of dreams – Kolkata can never be a very easy change to accept. It can also be very difficult to find a decent Packers and Movers in Kolkata. Therefore we, at EZMove have brought together a few tips that might assist you in zeroing down on reliable Packers and Movers in Kolkata.

Tips to find the best packers and movers in Kolkata

• Do not go for the ones who quote the least amount in exchange for their services, because less is not always cheap – it can cost you a lot in the long run!
• You may also try to cross check with friends or neighbours who have recently shifted and availed the services of Packers and Movers.
• Make it a point to meet their company representative before taking a decision on Packers and Movers.
• When the estimates for your goods are given always ensure you check for hidden costs if any.
• In today’s internet age, where any sort of information can be obtained by a click of a button. Check the online reviews posted by customers who have availed the services of Packers and Movers.
• Check the papers before you sign on them; ensure that the insurance papers are from a reputed insurance company.

Does seem like a lot, doesn’t it? Well, if you were to log onto EZMove, we will have taken care of all of the above. At EZMove.in we take care of these tips and also help you in decision making. Our online portal not only gives you a list of Packers and Movers from your city but also grades the packers and movers on the basis of customer reviews. With the list of quotes in a descending order we help you decide on Packers and Movers in Kolkata keeping your budget and convenience in mind.

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