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Moving Home with Pets

Packing and moving to a new home is one of the most stressful tasks that you will encounter. If you have pets at home, it can be stressful for them as well. It is essential to take proper care before and during the moving so that you can avoid the stress your pet encounters. Your pet will be highly stressed between the piles of boxes and moving trucks.

  1. Things to take care during finalizing the house.

It is must to research well about the new neighborhood and house in order to decide if it is pets friendly and safe. Thoroughly check the policies for pets if you are moving to an apartment complex, they usually have strict policies regarding pets. It is always best to look for a building that is pet-friendly.

  1. Ways to reduce the stress while packing up the home

Most pets don’t prefer to change, they will take  time to adjust with the entire packing and moving process. Start with the packing early and if possible you can relocate your pet to a friends place on moving day. This will make sure you both are less stressed. If relocating the pet is not possible, keep them in a quiet room with someone to supervise them at regular intervals. Leave food and sufficient water for them. Ask the moving staffs to keep the particular room off limits during the entire move. Once all the moving is done, you can move out with your pet.

  1. Things to consider if you are planning a long distance drive to new home

You can securely fasten your pet during the car trips. Always put your pet on the back seat, close the windows and lock doors. This will prevent injury during the drive. You can have a prior consultation with your veterinarian about the medications that will subside the stress during travel. Never leave the pet alone in a parked car, it can lead to heat stroke during summer. Take periodical breaks during the drive for walking and stretching. You can also move your pet via Indian Railways.   Moving pets by airlines is also an option to explore.

  1. Things to follow after arriving at new home

Prepare your pet for the move in advance. Maintain your pets regular routine during the packing. Consult your veterinarian for a regular check up to make sure your pet is healthy. In addition to it, you can also carry a health certificate. After moving to your new home, remove harmful things that may be dangerous for your pets like insect repellent, pesticides, medications etc.

Avoid exposed wires and electric cords. Ensure adequate fencing for safety.  After the arrival, examine your pet and offer food and toys so that pet will associate with the new place. Set up the pet’s belongings, it will help your pet to get some familiarity.

You can also take your new pets to the neighborhood, this will help the pets to familiarize with the new place. They will also explore the new locality.  Keep a close watch on the behavioral changes or any change in appetite –  these are short lived and usually gets resolved quickly.

moving advice

Great Moving Advice To Keep In Mind When Moving Your Apartment

Moving an apartment leaves you stressed, sleep deprived and annoyed, doesn’t it? Moving can begin to feel like a never-ending task and the time is never enough! Even with helpers around you will find it extremely hectic.  There are few things which can be organized well to make the shifting as smooth as possible.

Try Not to Procrastinate

The concept of working best under pressure doesn’t apply to packing and moving!  It is best to start early with all the packing as it will save you from last minute hassles. It is best to book packers and movers a few days in advance.

Prepare a Checklist

Start the planning in advance and prepare a checklist of things to be taken care of. There are many things which will be forgotten during the home shifting.

Do Not Overspend on Supplies

You can save a lot of money on supplies buy purchasing second-hand boxes to pack your stuff. You can also make use of buckets, bed sheets,  suitcases to pack your things. You can wrap your valuable items in clothes and towels, you won’t even need bubble wrap!

Prepare Your Luggage

Besides collecting the packing supplies and doing the packing. It is also important to safely pack all the furniture and other valuable items. You can dismantle it, pack the atachments of furniture carefully to avoid damage during shifting. Pack all the fragile items carefully, wrap it in a cloth or towel to prevent breaking during the transit.

Don’t Count Too Much On Your Friends

We all have great friends who undoubtedly help us when required. You may think that you don’t need movers because you can manage the shifting with your friends but it is better to call professional local movers and packers. They can do all the packing and move smoothly. You friends can help you during unpacking and make it a fun activity as there won’t be an stress of a deadline!

Secure Important Documents Beforehand

Prepare a file with all the necessary documents for traveling and all the moving receipts and paperwork. Keep important personal documents like rent agreement,  property documents or bank documents etc safe with you. Don’t pack them in a box which you may not be able to access easily.