Top 10 expensive cities in India

India has grown slowly but steadily into one of the top three countries that is touted to have the strongest economy in the coming decades. India’s economy is growing tremendously which has lead to people migrating from villages into the cities. There are many options for people to choose depending upon which city they wish to settle in. Here is the list of top 10 most expensive cities to live in India.

Below is a map showing the distribution of the per capita income of Indians across the country. The states commanding the highest per capita income have the most expensive cities. It is really simple when you think about it. The states which are the most industrialised have the highest per capita income because they generate more employment. Opportunities for employment encourage people to move to cities, thus pushing up rents and cost of living.


The capital of India is also the most expensive city in India to live in. Being the major power centre it has headquarters of all the companies from all industries like telecom, construction and real estate, health services, manufacturing to automobiles. Delhi attracts people from all over India which has resulted in huge property prices in the city.


The city of dreams and opportunities, Mumbai is the second most expensive city in India. Mumbai’s property market is ranked 10th most expensive worldwide. India’s major television and entertainment houses are based in Mumbai.

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The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is the third expensive city to live in India. Bangalore was titled as “Beta World City” and is included on the list of top global cities. The property prices in Bangalore are again sky rocketing.


Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu and the fourth most expensive city of India. It is the home for world’s 24 best known companies. This city is also an IT hub with other industries like medical services and automobile also flourishing, entitling it to the tag of one of the most expensive cities in India.

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The City of Pearls- Hyderabad is not only a populous metropolitan city but also the major centre of IT industry and a home to many pharmacy and biotechnology companies. Did do you know its International airport is ranked as the fifth best airport in the world?


Pune is the eight largest metropolitan city of India and the second largest city of Maharashtra. Ever since the city commenced efforts to improve the housing societies, the economy of Pune has experienced a massive boom. Pune has also experienced growth in education sector, automobile sector of India and sugar industries. Proximity to Mumbai, is always a plus!


On one hand, people suggest it is a relatively inexpensive city to live in but the rents are always increasing due to the presence of many reputed companies like BATA India, ITC and Birla setting up base here.

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The capital of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is the eight most expensive cities to live in India. IMRB has ranked this city as the best mega city to live in! Being the largest exporter of jewellery and manufacturer of denims, Ahmedabad is an industrial and trading hub!


First planned city of India and known for its architecture all over the world, Chandigarh is the 9th most expensive city in India to live in. It is the cleanest city of India with the highest per capita income in the country with the unique distinction of being the capital to the two states of Punjab and Haryana.

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The Pink City- Jaipur is also one of the best planned cities in India. The architecture of Jaipur is steeped in royalty. With the major export businesses of gold, diamond and stone jewellery Jaipur has started gaining international recognition. It is also one of the most important tourist destinations of India.

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