Visiting Pune? Interesting places To Hang Out In Pune

Seems like you are new to Pune and looking for some nice places to visit during your weekends or overall during your stay in the city. One of the most known cities of India which is also known as ‘Oxford of the East’, Pune has an eclectic diversity of places to visit. But worry not; we have made your job easier by presenting you the top 5 places to visit while in Pune; these places are recommended by bloggers who have trawled every nook and cranny of the city.

5 places you must see while in Pune

Aga Khan Palace

Once the royal palace of Sultan Mohammed Shah, Aga Khan Palace is now Gandhi National Memorial. Here you will find household items used by the Great Mahatma Gandhi between 1942 and 1944 when he was jailed here. This huge palace is an anecdote of the inspiring history of Indian architecture. Take a stroll in the beautiful gardens surrounding the palace and step back into the glorious past of the city!

Pataleshwar Temple and Caves

This 8th century Hindu temple and caves are a major attraction of Pune. The magnificent rock cut architecture, which looks quite similar to Ellora Caves, is worth a visit.

Lavasa City

Lavasa city symbolizes a perfectly planned, environment-friendly cosmopolitan located in neighborhood of Pune. Inspired by the Italian town Portofino, Lavasa city has many things that will truly fascinate you. Plan a day-out trip to Lavasa for the coming weekend and you are sure to return home with a bunch of pleasant memories!


Located in North Main Road of Koregaon Park, Swig makes a perfect place for those who enjoy live music. But this isn’t all about this chic lounge. The place is also famous for its cocktails, unconventional art shows and jam sessions. On each Wednesday, the place allows local songwriters, both established and amateur ones, perform their own compositions. You can spend some leisure time hearing some good music, sipping cocktails and tucking into some great food.

Kata kirr

You stay in the Maharashtra’s cultural melting point, Pune, is incomplete if you haven’t tasted the most famous local dish, missal, while here. It is served in different spice levels as per customers’ needs along with Pav. Located on Karve Road, Kata kirr sees a huge crowd of gourmands every day. Trust me, the dish tastes awesome and rates are quite affordable!

So after visiting all these wonderful places, if you are hungry and looking for some delicious food to tingle your taste buds? Look no further, for we bring you the best places in Pune to grab a quick bite.

Top 10 places in Pune to grab a quick bite

  1. Food Jockey’s (FC Road) Serving waffles, pancakes, mexican, sandwiches, bagels, salads, coffee and juices Food Jockey’s is an amazing Tex Mex restaurant. The Cocoberry outlet here serving a variety of frozen yogurts with a zillion toppings just adds to the zing! Books, music, puneri patya, old Deccan pictures, free wi-fi and a personal tic tak toe for each table makes it your trendy hangout place – you just don’t want to leave.
  2. Burgers- Burger Barn Café (Koregoan Park) Not to be confused with the Burger King, this place, serves a wide range of excellent burgers. Up for a challenge? Try eating their grand WTF burger in less than thirty minutes and all you will end up saying is WTF!
  3. Kata Kirr (Erandwane) Serving both mouth and eye watering Misal Pav in total Kolhapuri style, Kata kirr is a immensely popular among college students and young professionals. Be prepared to wait for a long time as this tiny place is always overcrowded.
  4. Shahji’s Paratha House (Budhwar Peth) Perhaps the only authentic Delhi paratha house in Pune serving delicious parathas and patiala lassi . Small place, too much rush and not the good kind of crowd. If you have the will travel for food gene, we suggest you do give it a try.
  5. Riche Rich (Kothrud) A thoroughly under rated place, near MIT college, Kothrud. Serving amazing sandwiches, thick shakes and iced tea, we suggest you drop by the next time you are in the area! Plus point – very economical for the student’s pocket.
  6. Maggi Point (Law College Road) Maggi – what’s not to love! Sit, eat, play games, read books. Their Egg and Cheese Maggi are to die for! My favorite? Anyone with oodles of oregano sprinkled on top! Must visit for any die-hard Maggi fan.
  7. Om Jai Shankar Pani Puriwala ( Camp) Got that craving for spicy hot golgappas and chat? Don’t second guess yourself, and head straight for Om Jai Shankar. When you devoured enough pani puris to your heart’s content, try out the bhelpuri, as well as Bombay Chat Basket when you visit the place.
  8. Hite Bar (Camp) Not a bar, not even a restaurant! It’s “hole in the wall” style of eatery which is quick, delicious and cheap! If you’re not concerned about the niceties like a good ambiance and cleanliness, you are bound to enjoy it! For the hardcore non vegetarian in you, the Chicken Shawerma with egg and cheese is highly recommended. Vegetarians? It’s best you give this place a miss!
  9. UpSouth (Viman Nagar) Located in Phoneix Market City, this is the one stop all South Indian lovers! Chooto idlis, ghee idlis, authentic south Indian sambar and filter coffee –all lip smackingly delicious? Price –cheap, service-super duper quick!
  10. Diamond Kathi roll (Kalyani Nagar) While Kapila Kathi Kabab is lengendary when it comes to rolls…and maybe kababs, Diamond Kathi Rolls is definitely giving them a run for their money! Anybody with a fetish for good kababs just cannot afford to give this a miss. Their succulent chicken hara bhara kababs and fiery chicken tikka kabab rolls are well vouched for, so definitely try them out!

What are you doing reading, thought you were hungry?!!? Go, head out to the nearest joint and have your fill!

Pune flaunts a heart-stirring blend of cosmopolitan infrastructure and traditional heritage. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in the country. With massive development and growth over years, the city sees a large number of migrants every year. If you need a professional movers and packers service in Pune, we’re here to help!

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5 Important Steps Leading to Successful Relocation

People living in urban cities often change their place of residence. Those living in the city of Pune know that one cannot conduct the process of shifting home from one place to another all by oneself. You need to take the help of professional packers and movers in Pune, who divide the entire shifting process into small easy steps that are well managed and incorporated.

Let us explore their modus operandi:

  1. Surveying the Details– The supervisors from the relocation service company visit your home and start evaluating all the goods and furniture that requires to be shifted. Based on the evaluation, he will then come up with an estimate cost.
  2. Planning the Transportation– According to the quantity of goods and customer requirement, the staff will plan an ideal transport procedure, which will be duly explained to you.
  3. Packing the Goods– The professional packing team will do the packing. Their expertise knowledge and years of experience are displayed as they pack things quickly without any mishaps.
  4. Fragile Items Special Packing– The expert team of packing know that costly and fragile goods such as crockery sets, glassware and expensive electronic products have to be packed in double layers for added protection.
  5. Loading of Goods– The loading team then loads all the carefully packed goods to the transport vehicle under the supervision of an expert company official.

After the loading of goods, the transportation vehicle delivers all the goods to your new home or residence as early as possible. Sometimes consignments are delivered after some days on the insistence of the customer. Such goods are kept in the company warehouse till the date of delivery to the new address of the customer. Transportation vehicles are also fitted with all latest technological features like GPS tracker, etc.

The delivery and unpacking of goods are done by the unpacking crew who are a different team. This is supposed to be the last leg of the whole sifting process. Experienced movers and packers in Pune are aware of all the techniques of unpacking. The goods are manually lifted and carried to the new residence. Modern buildings are equipped with goods lift, which eases the hard work of the unpacking team.

Shifting time is a tiring process for the entire family. If you want to avoid the stress of shifting, you can contact first create a list of well-known and trusted packers and movers Pune, to secure the best affordable and competitive relocation service professionals. After listing their contact details, you can have telephonic discussions, queries and get quotes one by one, which can be compared to make the right choice.


5 Ways In Which A Company Can Welcome A Relocated Employee And Their Family

A company incurs heavy cost when it relocates an employee, however one must realize that a company’s duty does not end after the employee has been relocated. There are many ways in which a company can attempt to help its relocated employees to settle down in the new job role, and also ensure that the family of  the employee is equally comfortable. Now many of you must be wondering why is it important for a company to ensure the familial satisfaction? It is  because one of the prime factors of a failed relocation is familial dissatisfaction. The employee maybe enjoying his new work profile, his new colleagues but at the same time the family must be experiencing something completely different. Let us read about the 5 ways in which a company can help its relocated employee.

Provide Assistance for a new residence: After relocation, house hunting is the most stressful task for the relocated employees; the companies can aid the employees by getting them in touch with some professional real estate agents, reimbursing the cost of house hunting and also provide a house hunting trip for both the employee and the spouse.

Arrange a get together by inviting the families of all the employees: When one  has shifted into a new place, the employee enjoys a new work environment, a new set of colleagues whereas the family is still trying to familiarize themselves in the new environment. At such a time an office get together or an off site with the family of all the employees enables the relocated employee and his family to get to know the people and also is a good way to break the ice with the relocated employee.

Distribute pocket guidebook: Distribute pocket guide books among the relocated employees so that they get a fair idea of how to get around in the city, the best places to shop, nearby schools and hospitals, and also has list of weekend getaways where they can go for a short trip with their family.

Arrange a city tour: A city tour enables the employees to familiarize themselves with the city, and also visit the attractions. The cherry on the cake will be if the same can be arranged by including the family as well.

Organize a career counselling session for the supporting spouse: The supporting spouse who often quit their jobs to accompany their better half with the relocation, and do not know how to start their career in the new place, a career counselling session is on many occasions a breath of fresh air and instils a pleasant feeling in their heart.

These little deeds leave a lasting impression in the heart of the employees, enhance their loyalty towards the company, and also magnify their productivity and ensure retention.

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Kids having fun while moving in a new home playing with boxes

10 Things To Do Before Moving Out

There are a countless tasks to cover when one is shifting houses, no matter how many times you have done it before sadly enough the list of things to do not decrease, they either change or increase. One definitely has a lot on their plate before the shifting day and the only way it can be successfully done is by prioritizing and planning at least two months in advance. Let us look into our list of 10 things one should before moving out.

Get rid of unwanted items: Relocation is the best time to get rid of all the extra things that have been piling up either in your wardrobe or your storage room.

Request a change of address to your Bank: This is one of the most essential things that we all tend to overlook. Atleast a month prior to your shifting day, one must place a written request for a change in address to the Bank when relocating across cities for future requirements for e.g. requesting for a new chequebook, new debit card, credit card, and many others.

Disconnect cable connection: Inform your cable operators of your shifting date and ensure that they promptly disconnect the connection a day prior and clear the dues if any to avoid last moment confusion.

Get estimate from Packers and Movers: Getting estimates from various Packers and Movers can be a searing task, but nonetheless one has to, and rather than making unlimited phone calls to these Packers and Movers simply log on to the online portal of EZMove.in and simply list down the household inventories and you will receive quotes from a number of Packers and Movers and shortlist a few and meet them in person before zeroing in on one.

Select the Packers and Movers and check the details: After obtaining the estimates from the Packers and Movers, select the one with good reviews and make sure there is complete clarity about entire relocation process and always take insurance for the expensive items for e.g. Washing Machines, Television, Dishwasher etc.

Buy groceries for the new house: Get a list of the immediate groceries you will when you shift into the new home, and buy them two weeks before the moving day and label it and keep it in a different box.

Intimate your friends and relatives: Man is a social animal so when relocating one must inform the relative s and friends way in advance so that the season’s greetings keep coming your way , even after shifting.Cancel newspaper subscriptions: Ensure you cancel your newspaper subscription and clear the dues if any before moving out

Book travel tickets if necessary: If you are moving across cities and do not plan on driving then insist on booking travel tickets at least two months prior to the moving date to avoid last moment inflated rates.

 Apply for NOC for car when relocation to a different state: Always remember to apply for a No Objection Certificate from the regional transport office when you are relocating to a different state.

These are just some of the things that we thought might assist you in making your relocation easier and trouble free. Let us know if these things to do were useful or not ?

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10 Significant Packing Tips When Shifting From Pune

Shifting is a pain, and someone who has been through this ordeal could not agree less. Since everyone learns from their share of stressful experiences, with shifting not being an exception, let us share with you top 10 packing tips, which will ease your pressure by a good margin and also enable a relaxed and trouble free relocation.

Packers and Mover in Pune

A month before the shifting date, fix a meeting with the Packers and Movers in Pune who will be assisting you with your relocation. Understand their terms and conditions; ensure they do not trouble you with hidden costs in the last moment and always make sure to take insurance for all your expensive goods.

Decide at least six weeks prior to the shifting day, as to what would you like to shift and what would you want to discard. It is imperative to get rid of the extra baggage, since it reduces headache and also increases space in the new house.

Buy all your groceries two weeks in advance and store it separately. Ensure that the Packers and Movers also pack them separately and keep it in easily accessible location, so that once you shift into the new house, you can start setting up the kitchen immediately.

Empty out all the contents from your fridge a day prior to the moving day, clean the fridge and wipe it dry and switched off post the cleanup.

Keep all the essential items in a separate pouch, like for instance the car keys, the old as well as the new house keys, wardrobe keys and all important paperworks.Keep it with you at all times when the Packers and Movers are doing their job , so that it does not get shipped off with the rest of household items.

Do not forget to click a picture of your television wires and connections, so that you know which wire will go where once the same is dismantled in the new house.

Make a list of what items will go in which room , so that when the Packers and Movers arrive in the new house , you can guide them through the placing of the boxes.

Ensure that the Packers and Movers label the boxes correctly, before loading them onto to the vehicles.

See to it that the Packers and Movers give you a list of the items , which they have packed so that it is easier for you to cross check them when it arrives at the new address.

Always try and reach the new place and get it cleaned before the arrival of the Packers and Movers.Because it always easier to clean an empty house.

These tips do ensure a smooth and hassle free shifting because when you plan things beforehand it is always easier to to handle the stress which comes with relocation. EZMove.in has been working diligently to solve the troubles associated with shifting by enabling customers to choose reliable Packers and Movers in Pune through their user friendly online portal.

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Life in Pune

Pune, the cultural capital of Maharashtra, is famous for many, many things! Here are seven fun trivia related to life in Pune which every Punekar or anyone who has lived in Pune would know! We hope you enjoy our info-graphic on the beautiful city of Pune.

pune infographic

Café Durga is one of the best known restaurants of Pune. For Punekars coffee means – Cafe Durga.

We all are well known with famous Maharashtra snack that is “Wada pav” but in Pune people from all parts of the city travel to JJ Garden, at Camp just for a Wada Pav. Maharashtrians are very fond of their food, never ever criticize their favourite food joints like Joshi Wadevaale in front of them.

Though Pune is cosmopolitan and always welcome outsiders, with 50% off its population being a combination of North Indians and Tamilians, you will have maximum friends with the surnames Joshis, Kulkarnis, Deshpandes and Wagles.

Although all festivals are celebrated whole heartedly in Pune but Ganpati Puja is one of the most important prestigious festivals. Pune is famous for having pandals playing D.J. music instead of Bhajans.

Pune, being poor on public transport, is littered with biker boys!  They prefer to use these bikes, less for riding and more for chit chatting.

Aunty Ki Chai is one of the most popular night destinations for youngsters. Lady name Sunita Pramod Agarwal so called Aunty Ji serves tea on setting a street stall in night at S.B road. Students love to come here at night just to have tea.

Laxmi Road is the noisiest market areas of Pune. Filled with temporary stalls and lined choc-a-bloc with shops. It is always said a visit to Pune is incomplete if you don’t visit Laxmi road for shopping and visit the famous Dagadusheth Temple there.

So, are you planning on moving to Pune? If you are looking Packers and Movers in Pune do get in touch with EZMove.in.

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How to choose packers and movers in Pune for online booking

While you are wondering how to choose Packers and Movers in Pune for online booking there could be quite a few complications that you could face. For starters, which are the best Packers and Movers in Pune? There are over a zillion options to choose from, and once you select the one that you like it should also fit your budgetary constraints shouldn’t it? So how do you go about it?

Relocation is always very tough. There are several things that need to be taken care of and we know that the safe transportation of you goods tops your priority list. EZMove is one such a platform which helps you choose Packers and Movers in Pune with immense ease and convenience.

Just submit your details and about what exactly is it that you are looking for and EZMove will provide you with a list of competent Packers and Movers in Pune which suit your requirements. Now from these you can choose the best one which you think will match your needs.

1 (2)

The packers and movers listed with EZMove are selected after thorough screening and selection procedures. We know that you deserve the best; hence we aim at providing you just that!

The listed Packers and Movers in Pune are equipped with the best modern equipments, appropriate vehicles and transportation systems. There may be other companies but we are sure that they are definitely not as good as the ones that EZMove provides you with.

Packers and Movers in Pune have a dedicated team of skilled workers who are the best at their jobs. The entire packing of household items is done by workers under the stringent vision of their supervisor so that there is no damage to the goods. We try and make sure that the workers perform their job with minimal or no damage. They also help in unloading and unpacking your valuable belongings and in rearranging them. While all this is being done, your participation in the entire process is kept to minimum as we know how valuable your time is.

So if you are looking for suitable Packers and Movers in Pune, we can help you to find one that fits perfectly in accordance to your budget. And all this just a click of a button away! So if you are looking for packers and Movers in Pune for online booking do connect with us today at EZMove.in for a hassle free convenient moving experience.

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Top Tips when relocating or settling down in Pune

Pune is a wonderful city with amazingly pleasant weather. Pune is a city that makes you fall in love with it – it has evolved with all the amenities of a metro, but still retains its old world charm of a small city.

Are you among the scores you relocate to Pune for work or education? If yes, we have some handy tips that will help you settle down quickly and comfortably in Pune.

Rent a house

While many brand new apartments are available throughout Pune, the rental price will vary with the locality you choose to live in and vary anything between Rs. 10,000 to 30,000 depending upon the size of the place. While deposits for flats can range from 60,000 to 1 lakh, many housing societies do not prefer students or bachelors as tenants, so it might be slightly tough finding a house.

The Beautiful Climate

One of the many benefits Pune has is the pleasant weather the year round. Though it gets hot in summers, the evenings are always cool. Winters are mild, and light sweaters do the trick. Rainy seasons are also moderate, with drizzle throughout the year.


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Transport services

Pune does not have very good public transport system. Though PMC runs a bus service throughout the city, you have to wait quite some time before you get a bus. Metered rickshaws are expensive and the six-seater shared ones only ply on specific routes. Hence it is advisable to have your own vehicle ad it is convenient. Most IT companies ply their own buses and cab services for to provide pick up and drop facilities to employees.


Pune has plentiful of multiplexes and shopping malls which have the biggest brands in the world. Pune is also the cultural capital and a renowned centre for Marathi art, culture and literature. Proximity to Mumbai has also played a role in the growth of Pune. The OSHO Ashram, in Koregoan Park, attracts devotees from around the world to meditate and find spirituality. 5 Star Hotels, world cuisine restaurants, pubs and discs are also present in abundance.

Around Pune

Once you have settled down in, you might like to explore the many places. Sinhagad is “Chhatrapati Shivaji’s” fortress, which is an hour’s drive from Pune. Many popular hill stations like Lonavala, Khandala and Matheran are just 70 Km from Pune, which are ideal for a weekend gateway. Mahabaleshwar also a popular hill station is located 120 km from Pune is also famous for its strawberries.


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Marathi is the local language of the city, but this does not create any communication barrier as you will find people speaking Hindi quite fluently. Shop keepers and auto rickshaws are known to speak English to accommodate their clients.


Finding a school for your wards will not be difficult as there are a number of good schools and colleges. From NDA and AFMC for people who want to enter the armed forces to Symbiosis School and College for all pursuits and professions – are all located in and around Pune.


Even if you are accompanying someone when moving to Pune, it is quite easy to find a job for yourself in Pune. Automobile manufacturing units of Bajaj and Tata, IT companies like Infoysys and Accenture – all have their offices in Pune. IT parks such as the Hinjewadi IT Park, Magarpatta IT Park and Kharadi IT Park – to name a few are scattered all over Pune.

These were our tips to settling down in Pune. We hope you fall in love with the city like we have! Have a wonderful and memorable stay!

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