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ExpertSpeak by Packers and Movers – 5 things you should pay attention to when moving

Moving house from one city to another requires you to go through the excruciating process of packing up and moving all that you have ever possessed. Experienced packers and movers usually ensure that your goods are transported and relocated safely, from your home to your preferred destination. However, packers and movers also advice caution when packing the following things.

Perishable Items

Food should not be packed when moving long distance, as they can easily get spoiled. Plants also need special care, as they can die if they not cared for well. Packers and movers also advice emptying your fridge and food containers 24 hours before moving house.


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Valuable Items

Valuable items like important papers, financial records, medical records, cheque books and jewellery should also be packed properly. Packers and movers advice that these sensitive objects are best carried with you rather than sending them away with your moving truck. Also, be sure to have your air or train tickets and cash handy!

Sentimental Items

We all have a lot of sentimental attachment to our precious photo albums, or special mementos which may not be expensive in the monetary sense. These items are so precious that they can never be replaced! Packers and movers advice you to keep a special look out when moving these!


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Hazardous Items

There are many hazardous items even among our household items like kerosene, paint thinner, acid, fireworks or matches which can be explosive or inflammable. These items are dangerous to move as they can cause physical harm such as convulsion and burns. Most packers and movers don’t allow such things when moving house.

Sharp Objects

Sharp objects are extremely dangerous to handle. Sharp objects like knives, blades or scissors require special attention while packing. These items can damage other items as well, so it’s best to get the packers and movers to pack them.

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