Hiring a Last-Minute Mover Can Be a Disaster

Shifting a house is a very difficult job. Proper planning and execution are very important. Hiring last minute packers and movers is definitely not a good idea. There are many companies which claim to be specialists in move management at throwaway prices, but they are always not reliable. They often fail to fulfill their promises.

If you are not in a hurry, take some time out to research good packers and movers. If you’re still unconvinced, then these reasons should convince you why hiring a last minute mover is not a good plan.

1. Checking Background

If you’re in a hurry, it will not be possible for you to check the background of the packers and movers. You’ll have to depend on what they are claiming without any proof. They will give you fake promises which they may not be able to fulfill.

2. Not able to take references

If you are in a hurry, you will not be able to take references of good professional moving companies from friends. Their valuable feedback would’ve given you a fair idea about their services. If you don’t take reference from the people who have recently moved,  you will have to rely on the claims made by the company.

3.Preferring a Cheap Offer

If you are planning to hire a last minute mover, just because they have given a good bargain or cheap rate, think again! Alarm bells should ring and the first thing you should wonder is  why are they offering such a low price. It may be because they are saving the cost of hiring manpower or essential equipment. This will cause a huge problem during the shifting for you, and may even result in your belongings getting damaged or broken.

4. Not Reading the Terms and Clauses

Last minute movers may also have many hidden charges for their services, which they would not have mentioned earlier. People find out this only at a later stage, but by then the truck would have sailed….no….sped away!! The last minute packers and movers may charge on the spot for fees like packing material, loading, unloading. This will significantly affect your cost of moving.

5. Not Properly Communicating Your Requirement

A professional moving company will always give you a fair estimate after studying how much of the things have to be moved. But last minute movers don’t have much time with them to do a fair job. There can be a lot of confusion and issues during the day of moving. This all burden will come to your shoulder at the end of the day.

It is always advisable to prepare well in advance to avoid dealing with the hassle of hiring last minute packers and movers. Hire a professional moving company, which will provide you their services to shift your belongings at a nominal cost. Safety of your belongings will also be ensured when you are hiring a profession to do the job.


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