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How to Declutter Your Home

Moving is an exciting way to de-clutter the home. Moving to a new home gives you a fresh chance to organize all your belongings. This pledge goes in vain when the hard reality hits during the packing, moving and unpacking of the belongings at the new home. You may randomly start throwing things in empty boxes just to get everything finished on time.

Having a house full of random stuff to sort can be a really challenging task. It is better to start small. Start focusing on the key areas like the closet, bedroom, kitchen, living room one by one. Begin with a small space, it will give you a sense of achievement. And they can be easily tackled in few hours.

Once done, try to de-clutter a big space which has more items to sort. You can also do the task in batches. Careful examine each and every item and ask yourself “Do I really want to carry this to the new place? “, if the answer is “no” or even a “maybe” donate or discard it.

Before starting, divide your belongings into 3 options: Donate, sell and discard. If you find any items to be broken, torn, unusable, stained or damaged, it just should be discarded. Here are some tips and tricks to declutter before packing up. You can follow these steps guide to minimize the belongings, this will help you to pack less, move less and definitely save some money.

Take your time

It is better to do start decluttering  2-3 weeks before the actual moving day. This will give you ample of time and you won’t feel panicked. You can do the job as per your convenience in small batches.

Stock up on supplies

You can buy some boxes to pack up clothes, books, toys or other stuffs that you want to donate or discard. In fact, you can also use sturdy shopping bags to pack up the items.

Be practical

It is up to you to decide about everything that you own. You can keep the clothes or appliance that works for you else you can donate/ sell the same. Like you can sell a play gym if your kids have outgrown.

Begin with clothes

Make sure you have emptied the closet before decluttering. If the cloth doesn’t fit you or you don’t like the pattern or you have not worn them in ages , you should put into the box to be donated.

Move on to the kitchen

You may own different fancy kitchen appliance, dinner sets but you need to check about the usability. If you are not using anything for a long time and had just keep into the kitchen cabinet, donate or recycle it.


The best part about books is, they can be easily sold or donated. You can also give it to your friends and family if they are interested in it.

Donate other items

It  includes all those items which you no longer use. Like the musical equipment, electronics, baby equipment etc.

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Anjana Bhartia is a foodie, social media enthusiast, book worm and a blogging addict. Married into the armed forces she enjoys moving all over India with her bags, books and dogs in tow! Being an Army wife has made her a moving pro. She loves sharing her tips and tricks to help make your move hassle free!

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