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How to Move Home Office

Packing a home office is not a very difficult task. One just has to be a little careful where we place the documents. The home office would be where  you keep your work documents, bills, cheques and other important work related items. And when the packing starts, all of these may end up in totally different boxes and you may will face a herculean task reorganizing your things in your new home.

To avoid such an incident, you can use these moving tips that will help you to pack the home office easily and efficiently.

Before starting with the packing, it is important to get some good quality packing supplies like office packing cardboard boxes, papers, tapes and markers. You may require many sturdy boxes to pack all the documents and other stationary.

Once you have all the packing materials handy, it is better to start early, rather than procrastinating. It may be tempting for you to want to pack the cabinets with things. However, it is advisable not to do so as the doors might get accidentally opened during the move.

Don’t keep the old and unwanted papers, they will simply add more weight on the boxes and you may end up paying more for the transportation cost. Organize your office documents based on alphabetic, chronological or any other convenient order so that it will easier to know which document lies where.

Once all the packing is done, clearly label the content of each box. Good packers and movers will use additional tapes to seal the cardboard boxes stronger  and ensure they don’t break open. Do not over load the boxes, keep few books and papers inside every box and use the empty space to place lighter object.

Avoid keeping sharp or other items which could damage the books. You can also properly safeguard any breakables with old newspapers for cushioning.

Take care of all the electronic belongings and pack them securely. If you have kept the boxes that the computer, printer, scanner and keyboard came in moving things will become easier.  You may also like to take a back up of all the data on your laptop or on the cloud. Use bubble wrap and appropriate packing paper to pack protect the computer/ laptop screen. Label the box as “handle with care” or fragile”.
Make sure you have mentioned the change in address on visiting cards and anywhere else required. Send an email to inform your colleagues or customers that you are moving and may not be available for a couple of days.


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