How to Pack For a Move – Great Moving Advice from Packers and Movers

We find packing for family vacation difficult, let alone packing for a move from one house to another! Today we bring you some amazing advice from expert packers and movers, so that even though you don’t look forward to moving, you won’t be horrified!
Before you plan a move, packers and movers suggest that you make a list of some packing supplies. Following is a list you could refer from.
• Moving boxes of different sizes
• Padding supplies
• Bubble wraps
• Wrapping sheets
• Newspapers
• Scissors
• Heavy duty packaging tape
• Labeling stickers
• Marking pens

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Packing everything that belongs in a particular room together, into labeled boxes helps. Packers and movers advise that you should start packing one room at a time. Start packing smaller items first, so that you can get them out of your way. Be sure to carefully mark and tape every box so you can find everything when unpacking.

Packers and movers always advise packing a “Handy” box. This should probably include the items, which you would need till the final days of the move and right when you begin unpacking. It is advisable to keep stuff like some washing soap, paper towels, pens, scissors, plates and spoons, bath towels for everyone, some pots and pans and an induction cooker.

Keep in mind small handy items you may require access to. Factor in the fact that your family will need to wash their hands, eat and also take a shower. After you are done unpacking after the move, it is going to leave you tired and hungry! It is also good to stock up on some chocolates and biscuits in case anyone gets hungry and you have not set up the kitchen yet.
It is also good to pack a suitcase for each member of the family in advance, so that you are prepared. You might want to include soap, a toothbrush, a towel, change of undergarments, and some extra sets of clothes. Expert packers and movers advise keeping these suitcases in a place where they do not get mixed up with everything else. Remember to bring them with you only when you are ready to travel.
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