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How to Pack Jewelry For Moving

We all have loads of expensive jewels pieces and artificial jewelry that we cherish for years. Do you own any favorite neck piece or a pair of earrings that has been gifted by someone special or passed down to you by your grandmother? Wouldn’t you be sad if you lost or damaged these during a move?

Here are some materials which can be helpful in packing your jewelry, so that they can be moved safely and easily.

1. Jewelry Box
A jewel box is not only a designer piece to store jewel but they are also very helpful in protecting them. It is a great way to safeguard all your jewels like necklaces, earrings, rings, bangles, bracelets, chains etc.

Jewelry boxes have different compartments to keep different jewels. You can pack all the jewels in them, you can use cotton as a stuffing so that one piece does not damage the another one. Once kept properly you can wrap them in a bubble wrap. Securely tape the boxes to ensure that they don’t get damages during transport.

You can easily find jewelry box of different sizes at your local jewelry store.

2. Jewelry Bags
The most challenging part while packing jewelry, especially chains, is to make sure they do not get tangled together or damaged. You can make use of jewelry bags that have special drawstring ties to secure each piece. You can also wrap individual jewel pieces in a wrapping paper or place it inside a small pouch before keeping them inside the jewelry bag.

3. Toilet Rolls
Chains are very delicate and can get easily tangled and can be damaged if not packed properly. You can simply use an empty toilet paper rolls to store chains in a box so that they don’t get damaged. This will prevent damage from tangling.

4. Old business cards
You can easily lose paired earrings, the best way is to make use of old business cards to hold them together. You can poke some holes to attach the hooks of earrings. If you do not have old business cards, you can also use the cardboard box. Cut them into small parts and poke holes in them. Make sure to tape the earring ends on the back of the card in order to protect them from falling out.

5. Sun Glass Cases
It is the perfect choice to pack brackets, bangles, and other jewels.You need not worry about anything getting damages during the transit. The hard sunglasses case can protect your precious jewelry very well.


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