How to pack Master Bedroom

How to pack the master bedroom

Moving a master bedroom is a nerve-wrecking task. It is full of personal belongings and it is imperative for anyone to make sure all the items arrive at the new place in prefect condition. The Master bedroom. besides a bed includes other things like wardrobe, TV, bed, mattresses and lamps. Here are some tips and tricks that will be helpful in packing your master bedroom.

Packing your clothes

Every item in wardrobe has to be packed carefully. Make use of special wardrobe boxes to pack all your clothes. The advantage of using wardrobe boxes are, these boxes comes with a bar across the top to hang clothes. It is the best choice to pack gowns, suits. You can also leave some gap between items to avoid wrinkles. In order to pack the shoes, wrap each shoe carefully using packing paper. Stuff the inside of shoes with some news papers. Avoid packing items at the bottom of wardrobe boxes, they  can fluctuate during the transit.

 Disassembling and packing beds

Every bed has a different make, you cannot disassemble them in the same way. Moving staff brings tools and keys to separate and pack the individual component of beds. Once the bed is disassembled, it is important to keep in mind that the bed has to be put back together.

So, keep all the hardware and nuts and bolts together. You can also pack it along with the bed. It will help during the reassembling of bed. Apart from that, you can also make marks on the bed with painter tape. Wrapping the bed in reverse will prevent damage to wood or other bed material.

 Dressers and Drawers

Dressers and drawers can be moved easily without much fuss. Empty the drawers before moving as it can cause a collision. You can also simply wrap them in packing material and add to the moving truck.

Pictures and Art work

If you have a good collection of pictures, you can invest in a sturdy picture box. They are  ideal for moving wall decorations and large pieces of artwork. You can wrap the picture frames with bubble wrap and arrange them in small boxes. Label the box as fragile you can move the items without risking damage.

Moving common items

The bedroom usually has typical household items like TV, lamps, side tables, chairs. You can pack them individually to avoid damage. You can also pack them together with living room items.


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