How to spot a Delhiitie – An Infographic

With job opportunities spread across metro cities, people from all walks of life keep moving from one city to another. Many times it happens that people from Bangalore move to Mumbai, or people from Delhi move to Mumbai in search of better job opportunities.

When having lived in a place too long, it tends to rub off on us, and we carry these mannerisms with us to every city we go! When it comes to mannerisms, Delhiites are quite easy to spot!

Delhiites, as widely known have the complete license to show off. They try drinking only on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays evenings. They try really hard not to drink on Tuesdays. For Delhiites treating a friend means only one thing! – “Daaru Shaaru te kabbab shabaab.”

The word “setting” or “jugaad” is a permanent fixture in their dictionary! They can be spotted using the word once or twice a day! They believe visiting the Qutub Minar, Red Fort and the Lotus Temple is only for tourists! Delhiiites are offended and look down at people who call Gol Guppas as Pani Puri! It’s Gol Guppa – Period!

Delhiites take pride in calling the waiter in the restaurant “Boss” or “Pappey”. They also tend to tack on the word “yaar” and “bhai” to almost every other sentence. They know where to find butter chicken better than the one served at the Taj.
Delhiites special friends are addressed as “Vellas” or “Nikambas” while strangers are called ‘Bhaiyya’. Pretty girls on the other hand are called as Totta, Maal or Bomb (pronounced Baamb)

They know that a farmhouse has nothing to do with cattle or farming for that matter. Farmhouses for them are a luxurious hangout for whole night, without the fear of police!

Every Delhiite will brag about the Anda parantha outside Vikram hotel, the Bun Omlette at Dhaula Kuan, the Kulfi at Karol Bagh, the Gol Gappe at India Gate, the Dosa at Madras Hotel, the Chana/Kulcha at Scindia House and the Gol Gappe and Chaat at UPSC.
Whichever city they go to, they expect no less than 10 FM STATIONS!

So today we bring you an amazing infographic which teaches you how to spot a Delhiitie!

delhiite Delhi infographic

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Anjana Bhartia is a foodie, social media enthusiast, book worm and a blogging addict. Married into the armed forces she enjoys moving all over India with her bags, books and dogs in tow! Being an Army wife has made her a moving pro. She loves sharing her tips and tricks to help make your move hassle free!

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