Items You Should Pack Yourself

Professional packing and moving companies are very efficient when it comes to proper planning and moving things to a new place but there are certain things that you should pack yourself.


Jewelry are small but valuable items that should only be handled by you. This will ensure that they are packed with proper care by their owners during the move.

Essential documents

It is very important to have access to personal documents like birth certificate, mark sheet, marriage certificate, tax returns, passports, licenses etc. There are chances these documents could be difficult to find during the moving and unpacking process. It is better to have the documents with you so that it can be used whenever needed.


Packing pictures can be costly, movers bring their own packing materials and boxes like bubble wrap, papers etc so that the photos are not broken during move. You can pack the pictures by yourself using towels, bedsheets etc. This will also help you to save some money.


Moving staff take extra care while packing the electronics but packing them yourself can save some money and you also can be double sure about the safety.

Personal Items

Sensitive or personal items can be anything that you are not comfortable showing to your guest it can be lingeries, pictures, adult books etc. It is better to pack it yourself to prevent awkwardness.


It is always safe to deposit a huge amount of money in the bank. If you are planning to move money with you, do it yourself.


It can include a family piece of art, antique collection or anything  of high sentimental values. It is better to transport and move them by yourself or ensure you have packed them safely.

Survival bag

It is best to pack a bag which may not be full of expensive things but is essential when you have to spend initial days at the new house. Make sure to include essentials like medications, extra clothes, toiletries, charging cable, extra keys of the old and new house, alarm clock, batteries, basic cleaning supplies and other necessary tools. You can add whatever is important to be packed in your survival bag.


Little pets are part of the family and you must take proper care of them. In case you have a pet bird, pack the cage at last. Make sure to pack extra bird food too. Several companies specialize in shipping animals but it is better to move the pets yourself and treat them with love.


Plants have good chances of survival during the relocation when treated well, take adequate measures to pack them. Make sure to pack all the precious belongings carefully yourself, if some  valuable is lost or damaged during the relocation it would be because of negligence, better safe than sorry.


Anjana Bhartia is a foodie, social media enthusiast, book worm and a blogging addict. Married into the armed forces she enjoys moving all over India with her bags, books and dogs in tow! Being an Army wife has made her a moving pro. She loves sharing her tips and tricks to help make your move hassle free!

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