Learn about important things to ask for choosing right moving company

Which movers and packers company you are choosing to move your personal, and certainly quite important, belongings is a challenging decision to make. There can be scam companies or groups out, who may offer you cheapest quote initially and then you may end up paying a lot more in form of extra charges.

However, adhering to some best practices you can lower the risk of choosing a wrong movers and packers service. Let’s read on.

Check if they are a registered and licensed company

Don’t hesitate asking the moving company if they are running their business legitimately. You may further ask if they are a third party company or have their own fleet of vehicles. You’ll certainly not wish to allow any freelancer service provider to move your personal belongings. Thus, make sure the moving company you choose has valid trade license.

Learn about the staff and history of the company

If the moving company you have shortlisted has a website of own, you may visit the site or else meet them in person to learn about the number of employees, history and experience in the niche. It is also worth knowing if the company has performed background checks of all the staff they have.

Seek references of previous customers

Check the website of a moving company you choose to browse reviews and testimonials from their past customers. Alternatively, you may also ask to share references of their earlier customers. If the company has a good number of happy customers who they have offered their service in the past, you too can go ahead relying on them for your move.

Know the moving practices the company follows

This can be a crucial factor to consider! Know if the company visits customer’s site to survey all the belongings and quote the right price. Don’t believe on a verbal commitment. A reliable company will provide you with a written and signed contract, where you can depict all details including the price break down. Check if there is no hidden charges that the moving company may ask you to pay later while unloading the truck.

Check for the insurance policy

Learn about the insurance term before you schedule the move. In addition to company’s default insurance, you can also opt for additional insurance to ensure higher security to your shipment to cover any damage that may happen during the move.

Schedule the timetable for the entire move

Confirm the timing when the moving company will undertake packing, transport the shipment to agreed destination location and unpack your stuff. Be keen to have mobile numbers of the movers who have been assigned for transporting your belongings. This way you can stay in touch to the movers during the move. Here it is worth knowing if the company charges any additional fee for manhandling large items or for climbing stairs.

To sum up, do ample research about the moving company, clear the payment terms properly, know about hidden charges – if any, check reviews or seek referrals of previously served customers, and certainly you can compare quotes of multiple movers and packers companies that you have shortlisted in order to choose the best deal!

The more efforts you will put in selection of right moving company, the more hassle-free your move will turn out to be.

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