Moving house – Be sure to read our checklist!

Firstly, congratulations on your new house! We hope it does bring in a lot of joy and happiness in your life. We would also advice following our list of things to check before taking possession of your new home. It will surely save you a lot of trouble, and hassles.

1. Signs of seepage or dampness: Be sure to touch the walls looking for signs of dampness. This should especially be done in the case of kitchen and bathroom walls as it has the maximum number of pipes running between walls. Also, keep a keen lookout for irregular patches of painting that may have been done over to cover up damp patches.

2. Cracks in wall paint: A no brainer really! Be sure to ensure that there are no cracks, and that your walls are as beautifully done as you imagined!

3. Missing removable parts: This is something to go over keenly. Look for faucets, fan regulators and other small items that are removable.



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4. Sliding doors and windows:  Ensure that all your sliding doors and windows are neither jammed nor awkward. Make sure they slide smoothly.

5. Hollow Tiles: Check the entire flooring of the bathrooms, kitchens and rooms for hollow tiles. This can be done by tapping the tile with a sharp object like a key or any other object. This is important because the odds of hollow tile coming off in a few months time are quite high. The replacement cost of the same can be high.  In case you aren’t able to find the exact type or pattern of the tile, you would be stuck! Hollow tiles also allow moisture to seep in, leading to damp and unhealthy walls.

6. Electrical Sockets:  Ensure that all fan and light switches in the boards are fixed properly and securely. Ensure that there are no gaps, all plug points work and are connected to the main electrical supply point.



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7. Water flow and pressure: Be sure to check all the taps and even the water closets for optimum water pressure. Check the direction of water flow, so that it’s not spurting in all directions.

8. Measure rooms sizes: Yes, as amusing as it may sound, it is critical that you ensure that you have got what you have paid for in terms of room sizes.

9. Common amenities: While most apartments promise the basic and in some cases pretty luxurious amenities, be sure to check if these are completed. Start paying for these amenities only when they are 100% complete and usable.


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So, once you have satisfied yourself with all the above points, go ahead and move into your new house!

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