Obtaining NOC and what you need to know about moving your vehicle when relocating in India

Indian states sometimes behave like separate countries – this is most evident when attempting to transfer a vehicle – car or bike from one state to another. The first NOC (No Objection Certificate) is required from the RTO of where the vehicle was originally registered. To register the car or bike under the RTO of the new state you will have to pay the road tax besides a list of documents.


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Let us now describe the process of getting a NOC in the following 4 steps:

Step 1. The Documents

Make sure you have these documents the following list of document ready when applying for a NOC.

List of documents required for the No Objection Certificate (NOC) are as follows:

  • Application on Form 28
  • Original RC (RC Book/ RC Card)
  • Up to date payment of Road tax receipt
  • Valid Vehicle Insurance Policy
  • Crime  Report of N.C.R.B(National Crime Records Bureau)
  • Copy of local address proof
  • Clearance letter from the Financier (only in case you had bought your vehicle on loan).

Step 2. Police or Crime Records Bureau clearance.

You will be required to pay a visit to the Assistant Commissioner of Police’s office and apply for a clearance. Majority of cities have an enquiry form with your personal details, vehicle number, chassis no, engine no. and other details along with a copy of the following documents:

List of documents required for vehicle enquiry report.

  • Request or application letter addressed to the ACP
  • Completed enquiry form
  • Copy of the RC book
  • Copy Valid Vehicle Insurance Policy
  • Copy of Driving License of the vehicle owner
  • Copy of Local Residential proof (Letter from HR (original along with company identity card)/Bank Pass book).
  • Copy of Vehicle purchase invoice (may or may not be mandatory)
  • Clearance letter from the Bank in case vehicle has been bought on loan.

Do carry the original of all these documents when going for this verification. Once all these documents have been submitted, you will be provided with a receipt and asked to visit again to collect your clearance certificate – this is the vehicle enquiry report.

Getting an NOC from Police

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Step 3. PUC Certificate

Getting a PUC Certificate (Pollution under control) can be done while you are waiting for ACP’s office to call you back. This can be done at major petrol pumps in the city and doesn’t take much time. Even some garages provide this service.

Step 4. The RTO Office

The moment of truth – is the RTO office. This is the last leg, and the most tiring.

Obtain a Form 28 – either from the RTO or download it from the internet. Fill up the complete Form 28 –which requires you to provide the name of the RTO you are relocating to –name of city, state and other particulars. Make three copies and fill up all of them. You also need to affix a court fee stamp in one of the filled Forms which can be obtained from people who sell these forms or near the RTO.

Make a pencil tracing of the chassis number on all three forms. You can trace it on any corner of the form or better still take the trace on a strip of paper and paste it onto the form.

Go over the following checklist and ensure you have all the documents:

  • Form 28 in triplicate, completed with one of them affixed with a court fee stamp. Ensure the chassis pencil tracing on all three of the forms.
  • Vehicle enquiry report (From Step 2 form the ACP’s office).
  • Copy of RC book/card.
  • Copy Valid Vehicle Insurance Policy
  • Original RC book/card (This needs to be submitted which will be returned when you collect the completed NOC)
  • Copy of the PUC Certificate ( From step 3)
  • Reason for moving to another state (Though not mandatory, some RTO’s do ask for this now)

Once these documents have been submitted at the RTO office, pay the requisite fees and collect the receipt.  Visit the RTO again as directed by the officials and collect you NOC.

Ideally it takes two trips to ACP’s Office and two trips to RTO. It is not advisable to involve an agent, as they will charge you heavily you will anyways be required to make these trips. Happy Moving!

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  1. Can you send me a sample of form 28 and 29 for rto Chinchwad pune completly filled.
    I have to fill both the forms.
    Please send me sample copy.

  2. Superb and structured information… very helpful. I could follow these steps without any intervention from the agent and successfully submitted my application to receive NOC from the Chennai RTO. In all it costed Rs 250/- plus reasonable time.

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