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The Case of the Curious Army Wife

Life in the army is fun and you meet so many new people! The only drawback is that, you also have to bid them adieu once your posting comes!Continuing our series on army wives, who move house so many times – they loose count! Today we speak to Anamika Nandedkar who is the heart and soul behind A Curious Army Wife!

How has army life treating you? What are some of the things that you love about army life?
I am in the process of getting used to life as an Army spouse. I am still discovering roles, customs, perks, and faults… The entire community of those living behind military station gates is different. Some things, that would initially seem impossible or irk me now seem like a special thing that comes only to faujis and their families — for instance, I never thought it would be possible for anyone to go out for an entire day without locking your house.

In the last station, it was so safe and people were so trustworthy that we never had any fear of getting robbed. Another example is that how our men get so excited about field postings while we wives dread it all the time. These are just some of the small quirky things that I am beginning to love about Army life.

How many places have you moved to? Which of these places have you enjoyed the most and why? How many times have you moved house since you married?
A couple of times. And of all those places, Dehradun was the best! Entire Uttarakhand is so beautiful! We had a lot of people who were of the same age group as us, so it was full-on dhamaal!

Were you working before you got married? If yes, how was quitting your job, and adjusting to the tight knit army community feel like? Did you find it difficult in the beginning?
Yes, I was working and couldn’t get a transfer to the city where my husband was posted at that time. So, I quit. Within 3 months, we moved to a different place which was a small town and jobs were scanty. After sulking initially, I took to freelance work and blogging. It kept me in touch with my work and I also got to enjoy a mini-break from work. I did not mind it much, basically because I knew I can go back to working once my husband gets posted to a field area.

Have you been able to keep in touch with friends made along the way?
Of course! That’s the beauty of fauj, isn’t it? We bump into each other somewhere or the other. And Facebook and Whatsapp have a major role in this!

How does it feel living this “nomad” kind of life? How different is it from everyone else’s? Which one would you have preferred?
Hahaha! That’s the thing you see, I have moved so many times because of my profession even before I got married. I used to dream of ending this nomadic life and ‘settle down’ once I get married. But kismat! I married an Army man, who moved anywhere and everywhere at the drop of a hat. But this entire process is so exciting, I now feel a tad bit sorry for my friends who have settled permanently at one location — they are missing all the fun of moving to a new place and experiencing life!

moving tips army wife

How to you cope with the long periods of absence of your soldier?
By finding work and keeping myself busy. Because khali dimaag shaitan ka ghar!

When you come to know that you have been posted elsewhere, what is your first thought?
Packing. Naukri. Experiencing new culture. In that order. Packing and unpacking freaks me out.

Your blog, ACuriousArmyWife reflects your passion for army life. How did you stumble into blogging? How long have you been blogging?
As I said before, I started blogging because I was on a break from journalism but felt the urge to write about the new things I was seeing in Army life as a new bride. That’s how the blog was born. That was my place where I could praise and rant about army wives’ life. It’s been four years now.

Have many prospective army wives approached you for advice on what life in the army entails? Any anecdotes to share!
Oh many! It seems a large number of girlfriends and new brides do comment on the blog or email me personally for advice. It made me feel like those agony aunts in tabloids! Initially, I would answer the questions if I felt confident that I can give the right advice. Then later, I decided to put those questions out in public domain on my blog through FAQs and ask for other army wives’ advice as well. But there is a point where even I can’t tell whether “to marry him or not”!

Army is famous for its formal parties! Any seriously funny party anecdote or faux pa you recall?
As a new bride in my husband’s unit, I was given a challenge of cooking lunch for all officers and ladies in the unit mess. I prepared the lunch and when the CO came into the mess, I went to him and said (the way mess havaldar used to say everyday) “Shriman, bhojan prastut hai”. My husband wanted to go underground with embarrassment.

Having been married for so many years does packing, moving and unpacking still seem like a daunting task to you?
OH VERY MUCH! It is one my worst nightmares. Thankfully, we don’t have a lot of furniture, but even with the rest of the things, it seems very frightening. Trunks, cartons, bubble wraps… I get panic attacks just thinking about it. Even if for the entire year I keep thinking that we don’t have enough stuff at home, at the time of packing every purchase made in those 12 months seems like a waste of money.

Before learning about EZMove, how did you choose a particular Packers and movers? How has your experience been with them? Would you be willing to try EZMove for your next move?
We chose a Packers& Movers on the recommendation of friends who had moved just two weeks before us. They came, they packed, they moved! Experience was good. I checked EZMove recently and I am really intrigued by what offers they have for armed forces’ families.

Do you have any hilarious moving day story to share? And lastly, since you are a moving pro, could you share a few tips or tricks with our readers?
It was anything but a happy occasion for us. It was an emotional day when we packed up our first house that we had painstakingly set up. Even the stray cat who had delivered kittens in our house was pissed and she was looking at us with eyes that labelled us No.1 betrayers of her trust. I am not a pro yet (though I know many who are capable of doing it alone and quite meticulously) and I am forever looking for tips and tricks. Got no wisdom to share now, maybe after 10 years…!

We at wish Anamika the very best for her blog!


moving day mistakes

5 moving day mistakes to avoid for a hassle free relocation

To err is human, but making mistakes on moving day can burn a big hole in your pocket. Don’t just survive, moving day – own it! And here are some tips which will help you during the day when tension is running high and tempers are running short!

5 moving day mistakes to avoid for a hassle free relocation

Being way behind your packing schedule

In spite of all the checklists, you’ve seen and downloaded and made – the one thing many people forget to account for is the amount of time it will take to pack up and move house. What first time movers and sometimes, even veterans don’t realize is that – it requires some amount of prep time before you get into the groove where you can pack in a jiffy! Deluding yourself with thoughts like “Oh! I can just dump them in a box and they’ll reach safely” is the perfect recipe for headaches on the D-day!

To avoid leaving packing for the final moving day, here are a couple of pointers

  • Before you begin packing make a timeline – FOLLOW IT.
  • Begin packing as soon as you finalize a packers and movers.
  • Begin packing from the areas in your home that are the hardest to sort out and pack.
  • Don’t leave any packing for the last minute

Forget to pack an essentials box

Most people, who don’t plan a move properly, end up not packing an essentials box – which really comes in handy when you begin to settle down at the new place!

Fresh change of clothes, medicines, toiletries, tool box, some packets of food and other sundry items, which are most essential when moving house.

So think of all the items that you will not be able to survive without for even a day and include them in your moving day survival box. Just so you don’t forger, put it on your checklist.

Leaving “quick” tasks for the morning

D-day is the most unpredictable day when moving home or office. Anything that can go wrong – may go wrong! Packing is tough and maybe after doing it for a couple of days, you’ll be tempted to leave a few quick jobs for later! You’ll convince yourself, that you’ll get up early and they’re no harm in this! You couldn’t be more wrong!

Don’t leave anything for the last minute as your alarm may fail to go off or the packers and movers may show up earlier, or you may just not be feeling too well! Everything is unpredictable! So, stay ahead of the curve, by completing all the quick tasks before hand!

Turning your back on moving day safety

The best piece of advice anyone can give you – is to stay safe during that roller coaster of 24 hours when moving home.

Babies, small children and pets – have a knack of getting into dangerous situations. Make sure they stay away from all the madness. Designate a family member to look after them in a safe place – away from it all. You too will be less distracted when you know they are one hundred percent safe.

Don’t block the paths and hallways, as they were would be a lot of footfalls – and someone may trip. Drop the frills and dress in tracks so that you’re comfortable on your feet.

Handing over your valuables to the movers

Many Indians keep some amount of jewellery at home. Despite all the preparations and planning, last minute goof ups can happen and you may just have loaded all your “khandani” jewels into a truck – and before you realize it – it’s pulled out of your driveway! Even important documents along with other valuables should always be carried in person.

Avoid the above mistakes and you should have a relatively hassle free day! Look on the bright sight! New house, new place– new possibilities!  Cheer up, because moving day is round the corner and it will all be over soon!


Things to know before moving from Bangalore to Mumbai

While Bangalore is still the Silicon Valley of India and a wonderful city to live in, moving to Mumbai – can better one’s career prospects. Sometimes, you don’t even have a choice in the matter – because well – the company you work for decides you are more needed in Mumbai. Mumbai is still considered a city where all dreams can come true! Therefore it comes as no surprise that so many people plan a move to Mumbai every year!

Moving to a new city permanently – is not quite as simple as hopping onto a flight. A huge number of things need to be handled and checked off, before you can than think of dusting your hands!

Points to keep in mind when moving from Bangalore to Mumbai

Know thy city: The biblical saying “Know Thy Neighbor” could very well apply to a city as well, don’t you think? When compared to Bangalore (once a pensioner’s paradise like Pune) life in Mumbai is very, very hectic. The huge amounts of travel distance and the “Mumbai madness” takes some getting used to.  So keep calm and carry on! It gets better and you really begin to feel the Mumbai magic!

A Place called Home: The real estate prices of Mumbai are legendary – no wait – they are actually sky rocketing! Renting a place in Mumbai is a costly affair and even then you could end up living in a matchbox, so to speak. Most affordable housing options are limited to Navi Mumbai, Thane, or any other upcoming suburb. Pune too will one day become a Mumbai suburb- the way things are going!

The Final Move: Moving or shifting from Bangalore to Mumbai can now be hassle free, thanks to good moving companies like EZMove. Professional and reliable packers and movers can help to make you life easier when relocating to Mumbai.

Early bird gets the worm: You can never plan enough, when it comes to relocating to a new city. Start planning your move at least 6 to 8 weeks in advance. This will give you ample time to get organized so that no last minute tasks are left!

Hire professional packers and movers: While getting friends to help or roping in your neighborhood packer and mover worked may have worked while you were single, once you have set up house – it’s time to call in the professionals. All your belongings, delicate crockery and furniture should be professionally packed if you want them to arrive safe and sound in Mumbai!

Preliminary Site survey: Any good and professional packers and movers will do a preliminary site survey to understand the quantum of work involved in the final move. proprietary portal makes this very easy by providing you automated online quotes! And the best part is that it’s free! Our web portal aggregates quotes from verified and reliable packers and movers – so that you find the best quote sitting in the comfort of your home! And did we mention the best part? Yes, it’s completely free!

The best deal isn’t always the cheapest one: Price shouldn’t be the only factor determining which packer and movers you finalize! Surveying the market to find the best value proposition is always the better option. The ease of business allows many unscrupulous and on the fly moving companies to flourish. These vendors will give you a deal – too good to be true – and then will cut corners when it comes to packaging material and safe transport of your goods. helps to weed out these detractors by allowing only pre-vetted and verified vendors to send you the best quotes.

The only time to bulk up: Indian roads are always on the mend! So you can imagine the number of ‘jhatkas’ your stuff will be get before it reaches its final destination. A bumpy ride, speed breakers, loading and unloading can be toll-taking on your fragile crockery!  In many cases transporters send another vechicle to pick up your stuff, and yet another to deliver them. So, don’t hire a moving company that scrimps on bubble wrap and packaging material. After all your beautiful handpicked furniture and your wedding china – both deserve the best!

Time your Move: Discuss timelines and how long it will take for the moving company to transport all your goods from Bangalore to Mumbai safely. This is all the more important if you are moving with family and pets. Planning their stay in a new city is also a tremendous task.

Rain on your parade: Bangalore is a city notorious for sudden climate changes. Mumbai too can experience light drizzle showers without warning. Keeping these climatic changes in mind will help you to plan better. While it may be quicker to move house in the spring and summer – monsoons are a pain.

Are you planning a move from Bangalore to Mumbai? Looking for a good professional packers and movers? Leave your relocation worries to us here, at while you just gear up to enjoy the wonderful bustling city of Mumbai!

how to unpack

How to unpack and organize after you’re done moving

So, you’ve survived moving day! But troubles aren’t over yet, are they? You still have to unpack all your belongings and settle down, right? How and where to begin, when your new home looks like a warehouse!

Logically, you should unpack and prepare the rooms according to importance! Pretty simple!

Start with the Bedroom

What would you crave after an exhausting day of loading, unloading and dealing with the stress of moving – a place to sleep! When you feel as drained as your phone battery – is there any reason to have second thoughts about unpacking the bedroom!

Don’t fret about unpacking your actual bed, if it’s getting late – just flop your mattresses on the floor and cover with a clean bedsheet! Never underestimate the power of sleeping on clean sheets!!

Next is obviously the Kitchen

If you can do it simultaneously – great! Else it is best to finish of the bedroom and head straight for the kitchen!

Kitchen is obviously a priority as even soon as you feel exhausted you need to grab a bite or a glass of refreshing cold water! Focus on the essentials first and get out your stove or a hot plate. After you’re done unpacking the utensils, get some staple grains like dals and rice in a couple of boxes – so that cooking can commence.

Appliances can wait – bit if absolutely must set up your mixer grinder, refrigerator and oven. Toasters and other small appliances can be opened and set up as the unpacking progresses.


Well, assuming that the basic bathroom setup would already be existing – you would just need to unpack your essentials bag. Getting your toothbrush, toothpaste and soap in place – will help save your sanity in the morning!

Dining Area

After your kitchen and bathroom are set up, you can think of setting up your dining area so that you have a place to sit down to eat! Having a dining table in place – really helps to make the house come together!

Drawing room

Yes, it’s obviously the last priority as who has time to relax and lounge around when a house is to be unpacked! Setting up your entertainment centre, and sofas will make you feel that finally the house has begun to look like a home!

Storage area

Keep moving everything that you don’t really need to the storage area your new house. Store away any trunks and boxes which you feel will come useful the next time you consider a move.

Packing and moving has a deadline – so people tend to be more organized! But, unpacking can be laid back – so much so that people can take over a month to finally settle in.

While it is advisable to take a slow pace, don’t keep putting it off out of laziness. Once the house is fully set up then only can you begin to feel that you are settling in into your new life!

Here are a couple of pointers which should help to make your unpacking easier:

  • If it is going to take two minutes, just do it! Do not put off for tomorrow what you can do today.
  • If you have labeled the boxes, then first place all the boxes in their respective rooms.
  • Be sure to dispose of packing materials properly. Sometimes the workers themselves are willing to take them away so resell. Someone’s trash is another’s treasure!
  • Don’t forget to clean up on a regular basis as the dust from all the boxes can tend to accumulate.

Hope you found these tips helpful! In case you are looking for packers and movers, do think of getting a quote from

packers and movers

Things to know while moving from Bangalore to Delhi

Things to know while moving from Bangalore to Delhi

Moving house is part and parcel of life. We may need to move from one location to another due to many reasons. It could be anything like a job change or a transfer or for higher education.

While the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is a beautiful and lively city to live in, people do move out of the city, for better opportunities elsewhere. If you are among those who are planning to move from Bangalore to Delhi, then there are many important and useful things to keep in mind.

Below are some important things to keep in mind while making the move from Bangalore to Delhi.

Locate a Suitable House

It is important to visit Delhi before the actual relocation, as this will help you to identify a suitable house of your requirement in a locality of your choice. If you have located a house in advance then you will have a place to shift and keep your luggage and household goods once they reach Delhi.

Prepare a list of things to be shifted

It is easy to move from one city to another if you are an individual, you usually won’t have many belongings to carry. But, in case you are shifting with your family, then it is obvious that you need to shift a lot of household items and personal belongings. It is always advisable to prepare a list of essential things that you would want to take along with you. This list will be extremely helpful during the actual shifting process.

Hire professional packers and movers

Nowadays, professional packers and movers are a great help to move all your belongings safely and easily. You can hire professional moving company online and they will do the job for you. They have teams of experts and they have immense experience of helping hundreds of households shift almost every day.

Begin the packing on time

The most important part is to do all the packing on time. In addition to this, you’ll want to ensure that the packed things are not damaged during the transit, so they will need to be properly loaded in the truck.

Schedule the packing team to begin the packing a few days earlier. This will ensure a smooth move when the movers arrive. The packing team experts will select the appropriate packing material for each and every good that you want to transport.

These basic things will help you to have a great moving experience from Bangalore to Delhi and you will be able to settle down quickly and easily at your new home.


Army Wife Aditi

Always On The Move – Army Wife Aditi Mathur Kumar

Aditi Mathur Kumar is an author, blogger, traveler, digital media girl and an army wife all rolled into one! Juggling a corporate job and an army husband just didn’t seem worth it, so Aditi decided to take the unbeaten path! And ain’t she glad she did! Enjoying the company of her hubby, while typing away on her laptop – Aditi is now able to enjoy the best of both worlds and the perfect work life balance! Every working woman’s dream come true!

Today, she chit chats with us about what army life has to offer for those married to the olive green.

Is the army life all you hoped it would be? Did you have any exposure to army life before you got married?

Before getting married, I had very little information or exposure to the army wife life, so I did not know what to hope for exactly. According to my very limited and superficial knowledge based purely on Bollywood movies and a couple of army wife teachers in my school, I hoped it would be very opposite of boring, and that it defiantly is. The army wife life is exciting, and it keeps you on your toes – which is a good thing. The army ingrains a certain strength and courage in the wives as well, just by association and it is a beautiful thing for me. Also, the pride that comes with it is unmatched.   

Was leaving behind a fast moving career in advertising for the quintessential life in cant tough? How did you adjust? 

Quitting my job wasn’t tough at all, and I haven’t regretted it ever. Advertising was super fun and I had big career plans, but when it came to picking one out of the two, I chose staying with the husband. It helped that I was in the Digital Advertising field and had plenty of opportunities to work from home on project basis, and honestly I am not sure how I’d feel about leaving behind a career I worked so hard for, if I did not have this advantage. I know I am not fit to teach, and most other corporate jobs require you to be stationed in one city which I can’t commit to. So already being in the internet advertising world was a blessing for me. Also, I took to writing in my free time and it is working out good so far, haha.

What you miss most about your life before army? What are things about army life that you enjoy the most?

I sometimes miss living in Delhi/Gurgaon because of the exposure, opportunities, access and quality of life (my kind of life, that is – fast, fun and productive with friends close by, good schools for my kid etc. Might not be everyone’s idea of a quality life, I understand).  The things about Army life that I enjoy the most are the green cantt area and the opportunity to explore India with every new station.

What are some things about army life that you love to hate?

The recent outbursts about the functioning of the Army on all news channels and social media upset me a lot. I read somewhere that if we as a nation, sincerely want to extend our support for the Armed Forces, the best way to start is by ensuring our soldiers have the wherewithal to do what our nation asks them to do. And by assuring the soldier who goes to safeguard our borders in extreme conditions that he doesn’t have to worry also about watching his back. The Indian Army is constantly fighting a battle against terrorism and can do without this dirty name calling and blame games.

You wrote your first book when you were pregnant and your husband was deployed. Most women would have been anxious and unhappy. How did you manage to stay motivated and write a best selling novel at the same time?

This question makes me feel so good about myself, ha! The thing is, I had stopped all my freelance work as soon as my second trimester started – mostly because my family didn’t want me working all day. But then my husband urged me to write the book I always wanted to write, saying this was the best time to do it. Fear of boredom motivated me, in a way and full credit goes t my husband for pushing me. I’m glad I wrote it then, otherwise it would have been pushed back to a few more years because writing an article as a new mom is tough enough, a book would have been impossible for me.

Being a travel blogger and an army wife, you must have seen many beautiful places in India. Which cities across India have you lived in? Which places appealed the most to you and why?

I’ve lived in quite a few cities, and have loved the experience of settling down in every new city and town. But my favorite place to live still remains Delhi/NCR for the reasons I mentioned above. A lot of people say that Delhi is too crowded, too fast and too unsafe – all of which is true, but I still like it because I have family and close friends there, and that is all that matters.

Army Wife Aditi


What is your first reaction when your hubby tells you that you’re moving? Have you ever had to move, out of the blue, without any warning? How’s that been like?

Yes, a few times. But when you’re married to the olive green, you need to learn to expect sudden moves. That is one lesson I learnt pretty fast as an Army Wife, and sudden moves doesn’t surprise me anymore. I might get upset at times because of being away, missed birthdays and other occasions, but never surprised. Packing the entire house up and setting up a new place are a different story, though.

Which is the biggest hurdle you feel when packing and moving your entire house so many times?

The fact that I can’t buy fancy furniture that might not handle being moved across the country every few years or so, is my biggest hurdle. I have a lot of things, but everything is bought keeping durability in mind, and during this, design and trends take a hit. I am always stalking furniture websites for offers, though, just for fun. As far as packing is concerned, I am always scared about damage to my crockery but thankfully nothing has been broken as yet.

Do you use packing and moving services when shifting? If yes, How do you finalize on a particular vendor? How has your experience been with the packers and movers that you have used?

Yes, always! Hiring professionals who know what they are doing is always better than stressing it out yourself and ending up in some sort of damage to your furniture, clothes or other items. I always go by local recommendations and online reviews. I finalize the vendor only after comparing a few potential ones on various points like price, reviews, policies etc. is a digital aggregator for packers and movers across India. Would you be open to trying our platform the next time you plan a move?

Definitely. Have already read a few good reviews about it and for the next move, I’m going to put in my compare list.

Being an army life must have made you a moving pro. Do you have any special tips and tricks to share with us?

I’m hardly a pro, but my one advice is: please hire professional mover and packers whenever you can, and don’t dismiss the idea just because you think it is too expensive. Because it’s not, and is totally worth it.

We at wish Aditi the very best in all her future travels and projects!

Are you an army personnel or spouse, always on the lookout for trustworthy packers and movers? Let us help you by making your relocation completely hassle free.

army wives

Messing with the Mrs – An Army Wife’s Life!

As Indians, we all love and admire our armed forces and our dashing officers in their brassoed ranks. Supporting these amazing men are the equally strong  silent ranks of the army. Yes, I am talking about the army wives – the ones who uproot their entire lives, just to support their soldier.

They have a tough life themselves. The constant house moving, far flung postings and separation from their hubbies does take a toll on them! But as someone said, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Shuchi Singh Kalra, however does one better! She chops them up and makes a mean martini!

Despite having studied medicine, Shuchi Singh Kalra has managed to carve out a successful career for herself as a writer. Taking the constraints of her husband’s job in her stride, she has managed to set up and successfully run the Pixie Dust Writing Studio.


‘Done With Men’ was her first novel in 2014 followed by her second book ‘I’m Big. So What!?’ in 2016. Today she shares with us the ups and downs of army life, followed by some pro moving tips!

How has army life been treating you? Could you tell us how many places you have in India have relocated to?

Frequent moves and the opportunity to set up home in different corners of the country is what I love most about the Army life. Many people I know look at me sympathetically whenever I tell them that we are moving, but nothing excites me more than being a nomad. So far, I have lived in Baroda, Udhampur (J&K), Patiala, Ambala, Secunderabad, Mhow, Leh, Bathinda and Jodhpur. I have moved 8 times so far, in different capacities.

Which of the places that you moved to did you enjoyed the most and why? 

Each place has something unique to offer but I think I had the most fun in Leh because it was like an extended vacation. Comforts and facilities were scarce, there was no internet or even running water but the sheer beauty of the surroundings more than made up for it. It was there that I wrote my second book.

Constantly moving to a new place does take a toll on friendships. Have you been able to keep in touch with friends made along the way?

I am very selective about the friends I make and while I’ve had a good time with many, there are only one or two that I’ve wanted to keep in touch with.

How does it feel living this “nomad” kind of life? How different is it from everyone else’s? Which one would you have preferred?

It is very different and sometimes it is difficult for family and friends to understand too. It is exciting but not convenient, there is novelty but there are long periods of uncertainty and instability too. Despite everything, I wouldn’t trade this lifestyle for anything else.

Despite being an army wife, you have successfully managed to carve out a career for yourself. What are the challenges and obstacles you have face?

The foremost challenge is to get a decent internet connection wherever we end up. Once that is sorted, I am pretty much on track with my work. Army spouses also have a lot of organisational commitments so those sometimes come in the way, but I have somehow learnt to put my foot down whenever necessary.

When you come to know that you have been posted elsewhere, what is your first thought?

My first thought is to hop onto Google and check out all the nice places to eat and see in and around the city.

Does packing, moving and unpacking still seem like a daunting task to you?

It is daunting, exhausting even, but I’m used to it now. It is a good excuse to throw away all the hoarded stuff and deep cleanse the household which is otherwise rarely possible.

Before learning about EZMove, how did you choose a particular Packers and Movers? How has your experience been with them? Would you be willing to try EZMove for your next move?

I have tried packers and movers only once and my experience with them wasn’t that great. They tend to dump stuff in boxes in a very unorganized manner and we ended up with a lot of damaged goods. I’d love to try EZMove for my next posting though – something tells me it’s going to be different.

Do you have any funny anecdote or hilarious moving story?

It’s not really funny but there was this time I decided to be super-organized and Martha Steward-ish with the packing. I numbered the boxes and maintained a diary with a list of each minor item in those boxes, all of which were meticulously numbered. Upon reaching the destination, I realized I had left the diary behind in the old house so I had no clue how and where to look for stuff.

Lastly, since you are a moving pro, could you share a few tips or tricks with our readers?

Do the above and make sure you carry the goddamn diary with you. Better still, make a list of items and tape it on the box for backup.

We at wish Shuchi the very best in all her future endeavors!

Are you an army personnel or spouse, always on the lookout for trustworthy packers and movers? Let us help you by making your relocation completely hassle free.

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Top Seven Things To Do in Ludhiana

Top Seven Things To Do in Ludhiana

Ludhiana is a lively, vibrant and historical city in the state of Punjab. Located on the old banks of the Sutlej river, the city enjoys a very favourable climatic conditions throughout the year.

If you want to see old India that still retains its heritage charms, Ludhiana is the city you should not miss. Here are some places that you can visit while you are in Ludhiana.

Lodhi Fort
Built by Sikandar Lodhi around 500 years ago, the fort was once the residence of the Muslim ruler and displayed his military prowess. Though the fort is partly in ruins today, you will still experience the history and heritage.

Punjab Agricultural University Museum
Also called the Ajaib Ghar, this is a place you should not miss if you want to experience the lives of people in Ludhiana during the 18th and 19th centuries. The museum also hosts the colourful Kisan Mela once a year.

Gurudwara Charan Kamal
One of the greatest Sikh shrines, Gurudwara Charan Kamal is the lengendary spot where Guru Govind Singh took a sip of water from the pond and fell asleep. Best time to visit this great shrine is during the December when the annual fair is held.

Phillaur Fort
The magnificent fort dates back to the reigns of Sher Shah Suri. It was later converted into a military fort along with a post office. The fort now houses a police training academy and a finger print bureau.

Tiger Zoo
Established in 1993, here one can see tigers freely wandering rather than in a cage. Black bucks, sambhars, rabbits and lots of peacocks can also be seen. It is a good picnic spot for the children. All in all a good family outing can be planned to this place!

Hardy’s amusement park
Another children’s delight! Maybe the only park of it’s kind in Ludhiana, it is a must visit for families. Rides and pools keep the children very happy during summer – the best time to visit!

Phir-I-Dastgir Shrine
The Pir-I-Dastgir shrine is located in the north-western part of the city of Ludhiana. Also known as the Abdul Kadir Galani it is located within the Ludhiana Fort. A must visit for history buffs!

These are some of the must do things when you are in the Punjabi city of Ludhiana. Not in Ludhiana? Don’t worry we have you covered! See our posts on Things To Do in Pune, Things To Do in Mumbai and Things To Do In Gurgaon.

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Places To Explore In Indore

Places To Explore In Indore

Like every other Indian city Indore too has a rich culture, history and awesome cuisine of its own. Never been to Indore? You sure are missing out on a lot! Moving to Indore? Well! Aren’t you in for a treat!

Breakfast with Poha and Jalebi
Indore is where foodies find lots of delightful picks to pick from. The city’s most popular breakfast and probably the one you would also like is Poha and Jalebi. During your stay in the city, the most awesome spot to be at with a hungry belly is 56 Dukan. Be sure to thank us after you’ve had your fill!

Gandhi Hall
Built in 1904, Gandhi Hall serves as a major venue for culture and art exhibitions. It can accommodate a total of 2000 people at one go. The hall is a good venue to explore and pursue the artist in you, during your stay in Indore.

Rajwada is an iconic structure of Indore, built around two centuries ago by Holker dynasty. It is also popularly known as Holker Palace. It is popular for its spectacular architecture – which is a mix of Mughal, Maratha and French. The palace is used for cultural and art exhibitions.

Are you an architecture or history buff? If so, Indore will be your paradise! Exquisite examples of Maratha architectural style can be found in the Chattris of Indore. Chhattris are the cenotaphs built in the memory of the Holkar rulers. These cenotaphs are linked by common prayer halls, which also have delicately carved arches and pillars.

Central Museum
The Central Museum houses artifacts which gives its visitors a glimpse for the history of Indore. On display are several old coins from the Holkar regime and pre Independence era. Highlight of the museum are stone sculpture of Hindu deities and Jain saints which are several centuries old.

Kanch Mandir
The Kanch Mandir is a popular Jain temple. The temple is beautifully decorated with mirrors, with the floors, roof and walls all being covered with mirrors. Devotees and visitors are expected to maintain silence inside the temple.

Lal Bagh Palace
One of the most spectacular buildings, Lal Bagh Palace was built by Maharaja Shivaji Rao Holkar. The Palace was inhabited by the Holkars until 1978. Exhibits of contemporary Indian and Italian paintings and sculptures can be found on display. The Palace is open to visitors between 10:00 am and 05:00 pm on nominal charges.

These are some of the must do things when you are in the historical city of Indore. Not in Indore? Don’t worry we have you covered! See our posts on Things To Do in Pune, Things To Do in Mumbai and Things To Do In Gurgaon.

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Wonderful Places To See In Coimbatore

Coimbatore is known as “The Manchester of India”, thanks to the textile industry that laid the foundation for India’s rapid growth in this sector.

Besides textiles, it also has many feathers in its hat. It is one of the fastest growing tier-II cities in India. Hosting a number of start-ups Coimbatore has made a mark in the commerce, education and healthcare sectors.

Some quick facts about the city of Coimbatore
It is the second largest city in Tamil Nadu
It has a number of ancient and sprawling textile mills, engineering & automobile industry, healthcare and educational institutions
The city has many spiritual centers and an attractive place for visitors
The city is very well connected with major towns of India via train, bus and flight

If you want to see glimpses of a rapidly growing India – Coimbatore is a good pick. As a visitor, you have a number of things to see and do here.

Valankulam Lake
If you love photography, this is a must see place while you are in Coimbatore. The lake offers some great views – rare migratory birds, beautiful landscapes, and a serene, tranquil environment!

Gass Museum in the Forest College vicinity
This place is a treasure trove for people who love to take selfies with animals. Worry not! These animals are dead, stuffed and preserved. If you want to see varieties of antique wildlife treasure preserved, don’t miss this place!

Monkey Falls
For those who love watching nature, listening to the sound of waterfalls, Monkey Falls is the place to head to. True to its name, you should be careful about carrying eatables as monkeys abound.

If a road trip delights you, an uphill adventure to Valparai is what you need. The entire trip brings you closer to nature. The serene atmosphere makes your entire truly memorable.

Kari Speedway- For F1 freaks
Have 10 bucks? Get in to enjoy the most thrilling ride of your life – yes in a bus! Board Bus No. 7 that tarts from Gandhi Park to give you the ride of your life around town in less than an hour and half.

Race course
The Race Course at Coimbatore is a locals favorite for morning and evening walks.

Isha Yoga Center
Yoga at the Spanda Hall will cleanse your body and mind leaving you refreshed. It’s unique dome shaped structure breathes relaxation`and meditation.

These are some of the must do things when you are in the beautiful city of Coimbatore. Not in Coimbatore? Don’t worry we have you covered! See our posts on Things To Do in Pune, Things To Do in Mumbai and Things To Do In Gurgaon.

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