What to cook when moving

Recipes you can make when your kitchen is being packed

Packing the kitchen means to pack and store appliances in moving boxes. You will not be able to access any appliance or refrigerated food stuff. You get limited time to cook as you also have to pack rest of the house.

I am sharing some quick and delicious recipes that you can make using  a hot plate. Hot plates are versatile and a super useful kitchen tool.  They are light weight and can easily be packed at the very end.  And all you needone pan and pot when it comes to these recipes. You can create delicious and nutritious meals even when your kitchen is being packed.

1. Creamy Vegetable Soup
You can use leftover vegetables of your choice like carrot, capsicum, beans, steam them together with the spice of your choice. Creamy vegetable soup is a quick recipe that you can prepare using a hot plate. Just chop them all and add to your pan to boil. Add your choice of seasonings and salt and voila! You can enjoy this soup with yummy sandwiches.

2. Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Brush one side of bread slice with melted butter, assemble cheese slices on top of bread, now top with another piece of bread. Brush some more butter on top. The grilled sandwich can be cooked in 2-3 minutes. You can prepare this comfort food on a pan on your hot plate.

3. Mixed Roasted Vegetables and Pasta
Take some vegetables of your choice and roast it in 2 tablespoons on olive oil and season the vegetables in a pan. Cook whole wheat pasta in a separate pot. Drain them and add to the roasted vegetables and stir. Top it will yummy shredded mozzarella cheese and spices.

4. Banana French Toast
Banana french toast will make a yummy and healthy snacks during the hectic moving task. To prepare a french toast, you need to start with preparing banana sauce. Take a pan, melt butter, add banana pieces and brown sugar. Take a mixing bowl and add 4 eggs, few teaspoons of milk, few drops of vanilla extract mix well. Take a pan, add butter and dip the bread in egg mixture. Take a pan and cook bread on both sides for 2-3 minutes. Take out the french toast and top it with yummy banana sauce.

5. Eggs
The healthiest and quickest recipes can be prepared on hot plates, you just need few eggs, and a frying pan. You can add some finely chopped vegetable to the omelet mix to make it more healthy. My personal favorite is seasoned scrambled eggs.

You can always mix and match the ingredients of your choice to make a yummy starter and meals even when your kitchen is not fully set up.