Things unique to the city of Mumbai – An Infographic

Every city has its own unique landscape that defines it. Mumbai, the commercial capital of India is famous for many things! Mumbaikars or the local Mumbai residents, see these things every day, hence find them mundane; however there are many things that really surprise new migrants and tourists about this wonderful city.
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Take for example the Mumbai locals – the lifeline of Mumbai. It is legendary that the number of people per square meter in a train at peak hour is so high that it has developed its own term. Yes, indeed it is called a “super-dense-crush-load”, with an average Mumbaikar spending about 2 hours daily in this situation!

For Mumbaikars, used to this body crushing density, even a 8′ x 10′ clustered room is as good as a Hall! Living is pigeon sized apartments, overlooking a rare patch of park; they awaken to the sounds of laughter with elderly people doing a stress busting exercise called “Laughter Yoga”.

In case you are planning to move to Mumbai, be ready for “canoodling”. “Canoodling” is officially Mumbai’s PDA (Public Display of Affection)! If you were to take a walk down Bandra Bandstand or Carter Road—the two most public promenades known as Lovers’ Lane—you will witness couples publicly smooching and “canoodling”. This PDA is a result of the lack of space or a crash pad being readily available to youngsters!

The typical Mumbaikar’s day begins with Wada pav for breakfast, grabbed hurriedly on the way to catch a train. The Mumbai’s famous dabbawallas, are 5,000 illiterate delivery men that ensure that 200,000 identical steel lunch “dabbas” are transported piping hot to hungry office goers at lunch time. This amazing feat ensures that you never go hungry, with hardly an error in every six million deliveries.

Besides the legendary local trains and the spanking new monorail, what are also famous as modes of transport are the Mumbai’s vintage black and yellow cabs and the Double Decker buses! The cabs may be just cobbled together, but will be brightly decked with ceiling mirrors and chandeliers, red velvet seat covers with animal print trimmings, incense sticks and religious art arranged at the dashboard; they are a trip in more ways than one! The Double Decker buses will chug along huffing and puffing – but a ride on the top can be gleeful!

And if you do ever get tired from the din of this otherwise mesmerizing city, a cup of “cutting chai” is available almost every nook and corner to refresh you!

So, does this wonderful city excite you? Are you planning to move to Mumbai? Reach out to us at and we can help you make a hassle free move!

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