Top 10 tips for moving house – An Infographic

Moving can be hectic and tiring! You will always have something pending, something leftover! So, to help you out in this tiring time, we bring you an amazing info graphic on the top 10 things to check off your list when moving house.

You should surely prepare an ‘Essentials’ carton that contains important items such as remote controls, shelf supports, bed legs, keys, telephone charger, telephone handset, furniture assembly instructions.

Be sure to make a note of any precious items that may need special care to move. Also list the contents on the side of the carton for easy viewing while cartons are stacked and in a notebook as well.

If you have a pet, arrange to have them stay somewhere during moving day. Be sure to arrange your pet’s safe transport to your new home. To protect your files do a quick backup of important files on your computer just in case something happens to it in transit.

Notify your service providers like your milkman and newspaper guy that you’ll be moving and give them a date you want the service to stop. Similarly notify the bank of your address change so that your documents can be forwarded to the right address
Find a safe place to store your valuables on moving day. Be sure to insure anything that’s valuable and has a chance of getting damaged.


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Keep these handy hints and tips in mind while moving house and it will surely make it a better experience for you.

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