Top 10 things to do in Mumbai

Mumbai– The land where dreams comes true, or so they say! The mesmerizing skyline, the bustling crowd and the world of opportunities all contribute to the phrase-“Yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan”.

Mumbai has loads to offer, thus ensuring that you never have to get bored! You can admire the mysterious Ajanta and Ellora caves or the mystique magnificence of European architecture that dots Mumbai, or just spend time by the Juhu Beach. But what are the top 10 things that you must, must do whilst in Mumbai?

Visit Gateway of India

The big, bold Gateway of India arch faces towards Mumbai harbor, and is the famous symbol of the city itself. Bustling with energy it has a bevy of people ranging from giant balloon sellers and photographers to Indian and foreign tourists to the omnipresent Bhel puri chaat makers. Take the royal Victoria ride (horse drawn carriages) around the Oval Maidan and enjoy the evening breeze.


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Beautiful Beaches

Mumbai being situated on the western coast and surrounded by Arabian Sea, has been gifted with some of the most beautiful beaches. Visiting these beaches is a must with friends and families. It is a welcome break from the chaotic life of Mumbai. The top three beaches to visit in Mumbai are Chowpatty Beach, Juhu Beach and Aksa Beach which gives you a picture of a colourful carnival complete with Ferris wheels, astrologers, pony rides and screaming children.

SidhiVinayak temple

A standing testament of beauty and architecture, SidhiVinayk temple is one of the most beautiful temples situated in Mumbai. If you have a wish, you should visit SidhiVinayak temple with devotion and Lord Ganesha will surely make it come true!

It’s a Street Shopping Fling!

Street shopping in Mumbai is more or less a gamble, you either win or could get cheated but you still get the joy of bargaining. The streets of Mumbai are among the best spots to shop in the entire country. Junk jewellery, chic fashionable dresses or flashy gifts Mumbai’s shopping arcades like Hill Road, Linkin Road and Fashion Street never disappoint!


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Night life calling

There may be range of tourist spots to visit in Mumbai, but in addition to it Mumbai’s night life is the most happening in India. With a thumping mix of music, amazing themed bars and food, Mumbai is a rival to many European countries when it comes to the night life. So after the humdrum of a hard working day you know where to head!

Visit to Haji Ali

One of the top 10 attractions in Mumbai, is the Haji Ali mosque – situated in the middle of the ocean. A serene walk on the 500 yard long yard way to reach the mosque is surely worth it. So make a point to visit this spiritual place to take blessing from the revered saint Pir Haji Ali Bukhari whose tomb it is.

Trip to Elephanta caves

Are you free this weekend and need a place to enjoy with your friends and family? A ferry to the Elephanta caves sounds just a perfect get away. The ‘wow factor’ about this place is, that these caves are crafted by hand. Elephanta caves are famous for its astonishing architecture from the days of yore. Trekking towards Kailasa temple is absolutely adventurous and a good break from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai life!


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Write those Foodie diaries

If you are a complete foodie and you are in Mumbai, one thing you cannot miss is the ‘street food’. Mumbai is known for the street food sold by its bevy of portable stalls and hawkers. At times you’ll feel munching from these stalls is better than all those fancy restaurants. So snacking in the evenings from the roadside should definitely be on your list.

A view of the jewel

A beautiful D shaped viewing gallery along the Marine Drive called the Queen’s necklace. It is a famous hanging out spot. The view from the sea is breath taking. If you wish to enjoy the serenity it is recommended that you take a walk on the walking strip at the southern end of Marine Drive.

Film City

Film city is a pilgrimage for all the budding talent in India and also a major spot for tourists. It is huge and can be an entire day trip. So plan accordingly and step behind the scenes to see the making of some of the best block buster movies of Bollywood.

Although there are many places and so much to do in this city, but here were the list of top 10 things that you absolutely must do in Mumbai. So lights, camera, action! Welcome to the city of dreams “Yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan”.

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