Top 10 tips for settling down in Bangalore

Bangalore or Bengaluru is one of the most popular cities for people looking to settle down – be it NRIs returning home after a long stint abroad, or young IT professionals’ campus placed!

If you have just landed in the city courtesy a job change or for your professional or personal commitments, here are some amazing tips that will help you settle right in!

Enjoy the weather
Bangalore has the best weather in India. Unlike the metros of Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai, summers in Bangalore are short and pleasant and winters are not too harsh. Rains make this beautiful Garden City even greener! This is one of those few lovely cities that are pleasant all the year round.

Cosmopolitan culture
If you are coming from a smaller town, be ready for a city that is cosmopolitan in nature. The pluses are that you can get by without knowing the local language. Here vegetable vendors and auto-drivers can speak in a language of your choice Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and even sometimes a bit of broken English.


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Take advantage of the job opportunities

The Silicon Valley of the East houses every major software giant, finance and healthcare majors, and virtually every kind of business. It has also slowly become the startup capital of India. You can keep look for a new job or switch jobs without ever having to relocate to another city! It’s also easy for a couple to find jobs in the same city.

Educational hub
With scores of educational institutions including an IIM, an IIIT an NLSlU opportunities in higher studies and academics also abound. A plethora of international schools will provide the best education for your toddler.

Indulge yourself
Dance, tennis or skating your kids can sign up for all of these classes present in every locality. Explore new cuisines like Japanese, Italian, Mexican or Thai. There is the omnipresent “Sagars” too, with mouthwatering South Indian dishes.

Shop till you drop
Multiplexes, shopping malls, factory outlets, designer boutiques and offbeat stuff – Bangalore has it all! So don’t hold back the shopaholic in you!

Expand your horizons
Whether you are a foodie or a shopaholic, an environment conscious citizen or a Free Mason, you will not find it hard to find likeminded group of people in Bangalore to get together with. There is a group for everything – starting from baking to terrace gardening to recycling to kid’s books! So go out and make some new friends!

Be prepared for the maddening traffic
A city with no mass transport system in place and the Metro still in the construction stages, traffic is surely Bangalore’s biggest problem. The daily commute to and fro from work will be a nightmare, which a rain can make worse!


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Curb your expenses
Cost of living in Bangalore is on the higher side. Salaries don’t go up as fast as the rent! With groceries and eating out be prepared to for shocking bills!

Be prepared for allergies
Many people complain about Bangalore being a capital for allergies. Sinus, wheezing, and all kinds of allergies flare up between June and February which is a major part of the year. Food and water allergies are not uncommon.
Punctuality or the lack of it!

From electricians to plumbers to carpenters and cabs – none of them will turn up on time. The laidback relaxed pace of the city coupled with traffic woes make sure you never stick to your schedule.

While there are both pros and cons of living in this city the balance clearly tilts in favor of being in Bangalore! If you have been contemplating a move, it’s time to pack your bags and jump on the next bus, train or plane!

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