Why turn down the thought of seeking a friend’s help for the move?

You are only a couple of weeks away from the day you plan to move to another place.
You have started packing some of the belongings on your own. And at some point, you are wondering how come you have collected these many items since the day you moved in to your current place.

So, the fact is that you have a lot of stuff yet to pack and you are in dire need to get someone’s help in this regard. Here’s when you can should contact a professional movers and packers service to ensure all items reach the new destination safely and on time, however, you decide to call a friend or a relative to help you move the stuff to the new place.

Based on the many stories we have heard over the years, here we have got for you a compiled list of all issues you are likely to witness while taking a friend’s help for the moving job.

  • Obligation: Even if you can complete the movement in the most hassle-free way or not but the fact is the event will put you under obligation. It’s a huge favor, isn’t it? And you may have to be ready for returning the favor any time later.
  • Time: In today’s world, time is money! Think again, is your friend ready to spend a whole day or may be several days in helping you move your stuff? He or she may have own plans ready. Do you really want them to invest their valuable time handling your luggage?
  • Safety and wellness: What if your friend tries to move the sofa all alone and sprains his back. Will you be paying for his visit to the doctor? What if a more severe accident happens to him or to any of your family members while handling the stuff?  You may feel this is quite dramatic, but such things do happen!
  • Damage to goods: Now this is a serious matter for you. Certainly your friend or relative, you have asked for help, isn’t trained for the job and it is likely that he may damage some goods unintentionally. And the bad part is, you will not be able to ask him to pay for the damage, which would not be the case if you hire a professional movers and packers’ team. Even worse, if your friend or relative causes significant damage, this may affect your friendship.
  • Privacy: Do you really want your friend to see all your belongings and see how clean it is under the bed when you together moved it out?

The main reason you may prefer calling a friend to help you move is to save some money, but if you truly evaluate the above factors and estimate the total time required then you will realize how hiring pros is a right decision.

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