Your step-by-step guide to avoid moving Frauds

In India, moving industry is moving at a quick speed – amounting its total yearly turnover more than billions, according to estimate. But, the industry till date is highly unorganized, and as a result of which it has set of aligned issues – finally turning end users or customers the ultimate sufferers. One of the issues with the industry is presence of moving frauds in India.

Why moving Frauds are on the rise in India

Simple office set-up: It is easy to set up independent offices by anyone, the resource availability is not a problem and most importantly the offices can be run using a simplistic work model – Set up an office anywhere, give it a name, employ some local unemployed folks, train them with basic stuffs and start operation. Minimal investment, maximum returns!

Rise of nuclear family – The transition of people from villages to cities and forming family to live and work alone has given a boost in the development of packers and movers companies in India. People are regularly in the need to relocate and hence they need relocation companies who can assit them move quickly

Besides, the absence of a systemic way to hire moving companies, the need to urgently relocate, the ignorance on the part of consumers, and lack of awareness programs initiated to check the moving frauds result in the rise of regularized moving frauds

Types of moving frauds in India

Moving frauds can be of different types and any types; depending on the nature of relocation, the company responsible for frauds and awareness of consumers who hired the moving service. However, the usual types of moving frauds are –

Hostage frauds – Convincing customers to hire a company and then taking hostage of the belongings of the customers till the latter decides to pay double the amount decided initially

Hidden cost frauds – Companies lure customers providing a great to sound invoice and then hikes the price before delivery saying these are hidden cost unmentioned in the initial estimate

Collecting deposit and vanishing – Companies keep deposit before providing a certain solution but do not come up to provide the service. As a consumer, you should not provide any upfront since it is enough to understand for the moving company that your items are with them, so why they need any cash in advance

Taking someone else’s name – There are companies who sound like familiar companies and people trust them. But later come to know these are actually fake companies who tried to manipulate a customer by masking

How to avoid moving frauds in India

Investigate the moving and packers and movers company in India

  • Ask for an estimate
  • Compare quotations
  • Ask for testimonial
  • Go to online comparison sites to compare reputation of the companies

Choose a company that sounds honest, does not provide any guarantee, provide logical quotation, has a reputed history and has been recommended by people who you know personally.

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